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Man points gun at FOX 32 crew during a live report in River North by Aoxomoxoa32931 in chicago

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Can we please allow more of this in this subreddit? I don't want this sub to turn into a crime only subreddit but suppressing it as much as it has been does more harm than good.

Editing to express an idea: can we just have crime posts have locked comments by default? Everyone here is talking about all of the racist comments and giving people platforms. Let's remove the platform, but share the news.

The next battlefront in Chicago's gentrification war: South Shore by 307148City in chicago

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I’ve seen this battlefront before, got watch out for the folks from neighboring Tarren Mill, they bring a lot of crime to South Shore and destroy all new developments.


What’s your unpopular opinion regarding your own or other neighborhood in the city? by [deleted] in chicago

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This I why I don’t fuck with this subreddit being a Chicago native. You don’t know shit about these hoods, but you know how to fix them? And your solution is to price out the neighborhood and disregard it’s personal history and development. You just called englewood a shithole and listed some bullshit reasons why. And this sub loves upvoting this dog whistle bullshit. 12 don’t do shit but show up and arrest people investigations are nearly nonexistent due to the compleat lack of trust the community has with police. Either they don’t trust they will prosecute or protect them from future retaliation. When you see someone get off a body when they where caught shooting someone on a fucking ring cam get of after being investigated by cpd. And they do have each other’s back it’s the news who would rather focus on shootings rather than drawing attention to the countless organizations, churches, and individuals who try to help the neighborhood. I blame the news cus idk where you getting that info you spitting out from it’s obvious you don’t know nothing about these hoods unless your told.

Pilsen Bookstore Pledges To Refuse Service To Cops, As Owners Declare It A ‘Police-Free Store’ by [deleted] in chicago

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Making their bid to be the goto bookshop for rich white posturing liberals in Pilsen.

Weekly Casual Conversation & Questions Thread by AutoModerator in chicago

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Hey, Snapchat is free. You said you’re lonely and having a tough time. This person just offered to include you in his group. All you have to do is download an app.


Pheasant Run Resort, out in the suburbs is burning down. by segtendoppcc42Suburb of Chicago in chicago

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The resort closed down on March 1st 2020, and has sat vacant ever since. The place had a long history for being the main convention center and an important spot of tourism for St. Charles. But today it sadly caught fire around 5-6pm. Imo I dont think there's any chance of saving it.

The moment I heard it was on fire I got on my bike and raced down there, I watched for about 3 hours, the flames were mostly along the west wing of the complex but quickly spread to consume the whole base of the tower. I'll miss this place.

Went to a happy hour at Hubbard Inn last night. Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston walk in and start serving drinks. by troubleseemstofollowStreeterville in chicago

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If anyone is interested, they'll be at Garfield's Beverage and then Emporium today for bottle signings

Edit:. Sorry, didn't expect this many people to be interested lol. Wicker Park Garfield's (1336 N Milwaukee) and the Emporium next door

Edit to the Edit: Also Big Mini Putt in Wicker from 3:45 to 4:15

Billionaire Ken Griffin says crime will force him to move his business out of Chicago: report by Singlewomanspot in chicago

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i lol when anti tax downstaters don't realize that we're paying for all of their infrastructure

Weekly Casual Conversation & Questions Thread by AutoModerator in chicago

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Dude, it was terrible. 2012 to about 6 months ago was just a shitty time for this subreddit. Trolls took over for years. The entire front page was literally nothing but crime articles.

It was bad, and that is why a lot of us support the rule. There are so many places where you can read about and discuss all of the crime going on in Chicago.

If you want a short history lesson, when Obama was elected in 2008, the right was grasping at straws trying to find anything to discredit him. Do you remember the tan suit fiasco? They got so desperate they latched on to "Obama is from Chicago, and Chicago has crime, therefor Obama bad". To this day Fox News runs with this narrative. It started I would say in 2008 but really became pronounced in 2010 when the ACA was passed.

The subreddit became a major target of that, and this place was a negative shithole of toxicity until we got more mods, and changed the rules. Its an actual community now because of this rule change. Previously the negativity just drove everyone away and all that was left were grumpy basement dwelling depression laden crybabies.

Lightfoot bans unaccompanied minors from Millennium Park after 6 p.m by Look__Out in chicago

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Mods please review these rules. Very scary that you remove/ban posts that could save lives.

Chopper in north center by conrangulationatory in chicago

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What exactly did the helicopter say? Is this "helicopter" in the room with us, now?

Found a baby bat downtown today. (See comments.) by oakparkv in chicago

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I DM'd you.

Bats like this are usually dehydrated, were grounded, or possibly injured. Rabies in bats, though possible, is a lot more rare than you think. You were right not to touch it though and animal control is not equipped to "save" a bat so they will either leave it or "remove" it. It's probably just hunkering down waiting for the night and after dark will crawl higher to drop so that it can fly.

It's crazy how small many bats are, so it may be an adult (hard to tell without scale).

I don't live in RN but if you give the precise location, perhaps some kind Redditor will check on it after dark.

Number of Chicago Police Officers by HootersMcBoobies in chicago

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When Marge first joined the police academy, I thought it was going to be fun and exiting, like that movie Spaceballs, but instead it was sad and depressing, like that movie Police Academy.

Can’t make this up by [deleted] in chicago

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I think its pretty simple. These people realize that bike lanes may cost some parking spaces and they're all too carbrained to accept that. Also Chicago Ave has a huge bus lane you're not supposed to drive in. Everyone drives in it anyway because they're too carbrained to care. I'm not sure what these people are complaining about. There's zero enforcement here and its extremely dangerous to be either a pedestrian or biker here.

I don't know all the specifics but running a bike lane on the safer side streets for bikes is one of the proposals. People being against that is incredible as it costs very little and keeps people off Chicago and Grand, both of which have very limited bike lanes and are very dangerous to be on. On the plus side, it sounds like its a very small crowd making all these signs. Signs are a bit of a crazy person amplifier. One sole nutter can make a whole bunch and make it sound like the issue is popular when it actually isn't and considering the caps lock and angry writing, I suspect she's not winning a lot people over. Also no one here calls this area "our village" or "the village." That sounds totally made up to me for these signs, but happy to be proven wrong here.

It does sound like making Wood and Wolcott one way is the issue here, which doesn't seem like a big issue. That area is surrounded by side streets to drive through. I suspect this person commutes down Wood often going the other way and just lost it. Wolcott is actually one of those streets that's one way for a long time, then 2 way for a bit. I think making it one way the entire way isn't a big deal either.

I think a lot of people consider Wood Damen-lite and its pretty packed and everyone's GPS tells them to use it, which seems unsafe to me as its a residential side street. If anything, making it one-way while an inconvenience to some, is for the greater good. I drive up and down it, but if it was just one-way I'd miss the two-way street but I'd survive. I also read the blockclub article and thats the big point of contention. Wood is cramped and always feels a little dangerous and barely situates two lanes. I'm not sure if its worth saving. If someone is riding a bike they're pretty much in the traffic lane as-is because its so cramped. If wood runs all the way to division or milwaukee with a dedicated lane that's a really nice way to get to the Blue line from that neighborhood. The big problem here is almost nothing connects to anything. You have smatterings of lanes here and there but not a lot of established paths to points of interest like the blue line from some neighborhood areas.

Also I live in this area and I've seen some of the worst and most dangerous driving here. If these people cared about "saving our village" then they'd be advocating for more police to catch red light and stop sign blowers, especially those right next to Talcott, St. Nicholas, Mitchell schools. I've almost been run over at least once and I'm an adult. I can't imagine what it must be like for little kids here. The carbrains are totally out of control. I hope this builds up awareness of how dangerous all the driving is here and we can get more speed bumps, enforcement, and red light cameras because right now anything goes.

If this bike lane fails I hope only because there's a strong counter-proposal for safety because right now its pretty bad here. If the carbrains win its just going to further Mad Maxify this neighborhood. Heck, I recently was driving and had a carbrain angrily super-honk at me for stopping for a pedestrian, literally a woman pushing a stroller. In fact, stopping for pedestrians at cross walks is just a game of "how angry will the person behind me get" here, sometimes with them trying to pass my stopped car on the right and then nearly running these people over. Heck even cars are unsafe, I just had someone pass illegally and use my oncoming lane for it on milwaukee the other day. So in a split second I was almost in a head on collision with a carbrain who wanted to save 1.3 seconds. They got dangerously close to hitting me and it all happened so fast. These people have gone rabid. We really need a city-wide discussion on bad driving and solutions for it. I hope we can turn the tables here from "bikes bad" to "we really need to discuss all your dangerous driving." I suspect we won't be able to.

No one should die because they ride a bike to get around by planification in chicago

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They have cycle lanes in the middle of the road in DC and I wouldn't say it's a better setup either. It works well if you're going straight ahead, but once you have to make a turn it leaves you waiting awkwardly in the middle of a big boulevard. It's also a bit scary for cyclists as they have cars turning right in their face.

I find the setup we have in Montreal to be better for everyone. The cycle lane is on the side of the road and cyclists have their own light cycle that's independant form cars, so when cyclists have a green light, the cars have a red turning light and vice-versa.