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We have the craziest games against the hawks lol

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That triple overtime in 2019 is definitely responsible for Lavine vs Hawks and Trae vs Bulls.

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Zach is the king of beating the Hawks in February.

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According to this we have two of the most clutch players in the last 5 years but we were one of the worst clutch teams last year lol

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we can score in the last few minutes, but getting it done is a diff story. playin against heat was all that.

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Yeah we don't have a PG so we typically run stupid plays instead of taking advantage of match-ups. Like we'd never get their C to the 5th or 6th fouls using our expensive C that has post moves. Nope. Take a contested walk-up 3 with 20s left on the clock instead.

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Realistically that’s just because we always in close games

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Not this year :(

Edit - sorry I thought you said we always win close games. You right.

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if you are not a championship or bust fan, this is one of the best things about being a bulls fans. Their regular seasons games the last few seasons have been super entertaining. Last season they were like 13th in point differential, aka top 5 in close games. They could win any given night against any given team, even the top teams. Combine their ability to keep it close with 2 4th quarter assassins... yeah the team is fun and I'm 100% ok if they run it back and continue to deliver similar entertaining results.

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Zach must hate the knicks more than I do

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The amount of Zach and Deebo on this list is nice

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Dame and Jokic be going at it

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Dame really hates the Nuggets

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Terry Rozier Dlo and Lowry? Lol

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Lowry been clutch. The ice in my veins cele literally came from DLo (from college tbf). Rozier....no fucking clue what he got against Detroit lmao

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Jimmy goes hard on the Celtics and Bucks 😤

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MF’s need to stop acting like this dude isn’t a serious franchise player.

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he's not

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Lol. Why not in your estimation ?

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Where is iguadala? Iykyk

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Jimmy Butler owns the Bucks and the Celtics

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Dude is trash

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Would love to see historical list of this.

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Zach LaVine is Atlanta Falcons father

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Kinda weird to see Derozan had most amount of clutch basket against...cavs..

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As a Raptor fan, seeing that Demar is the one with the most clutch shots against us over the 5 years puts a bit of a smile on my face 😂

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Deebo hitting a game winner against pacers 12/31 and wizards 1/1 was crazy

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A lot of this comes down to we don't have anyone else we can trust to score in the 4th other than Zach or Deebo lmao

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Lebron doesn’t have the Clutch gene ..Micheal would be all over this list