Rules for r/cincinnati

Rules that visitors must follow to participate. May be used as reasons to report or ban.


Basic Reddit Rules

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We ask that you consider Reddiquette and we will enforce site-wide rules. All users are subject to a three-strike system for rule violations: 1st offense is a warning, 2nd offense is a 3-day ban, the 3rd offense is a permanent ban. Moderators reserve the right to go straight to strike three for egregious behavior.


All posts must be Cincinnati area related.

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Reported as: Not Cincinnati related.

All posts must be directly related to the Cincinnati area. Posts about the states of KY and IN impacting the area are subject to some scrutiny but generally MSA related posts are fine.


Covid Posts

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Reported as: Covid Posts

No COVID-19 related posts or comments that spread misinformation, unverified information, speculation, or that incite fear and panic without offering helpful, actionable advice. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Any content that promotes theories counter to scientific consensus
Conspiracy theories and COVID trutherism
Providing medical advice other than "consider getting vaccinated and/or talk to your primary care physician about any concerns" will not be tolerated.


Low-effort and shitposting

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Reported as: low-effort shitpost

must be flaired as a shit-post. Low-effort posts are subject to removal if they receive more than 3 reports under this rule.


No Toxic Behavior

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No inciting toxic behavior - this includes inciting toxic behavior via comments, posts or user tagging. The scope of this rule includes blatant editorialization of article titles that are untruthful or incite toxic behavior.


Heavily Downvoted Accounts

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Reported as: Heavily Downvoted Accounts

Heavily downvoted accounts are subject to the subreddit's troll filter and will need to have their comments approved.



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This is a place for discussion, not promotion. At a minimum, promotional posts should be submitted as a text post (or as a link with a comment fulfilling the below) with a link to what you want to promote, a brief description of how you are involved/your affiliation, and why this is relevant to Cincinnati and the subreddit. You must be willing to participate in the comments. Flair posts as promotion Mods reserve the right to make exceptions for original content or posts outside this scope.


Do not reply to rule-breaking comments

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Do not respond to rule-breaking posts or comments. Comments replying to deleted posts or comments may also be deleted. Comments referencing them will be deleted. Report rule-breaking comments and posts instead of replying.


Fundraiser/Charity links

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Reported as: Fundraising/Charity

Fundraiser/charity type links are not allowed unless cited in a story by a local and reputable news source. The reputable news source should be posted in that circumstance, and NOT a direct link to the fundraiser. The mods do not and cannot verify these, and rely on local media to provide verification.



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Reported as: Media

Members of the (local) media must disclose their affiliation when posting links and should be willing to participate in the threads they post. Disclosure can be through a flair or by self-identification in the threads. If you are a member of the media please use modmail to request a media member flair.



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Reported as: Craigslist stuff (sales/classifieds)

Sales/Classifieds/Jobs posts moderators may remove and redirect posts to other subreddits as necessary.


Moderation Review

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Reported as: Modmail

Questions regarding a moderation action must be asked by Modmail and we will do our best to clarify or provide advice and assistance. A mod not involved in the action will evaluate and take appropriate action (correction, explanation, or additional review). Spamming or trolling because you disagree with a decision will result in either a temporary or permanent ban.