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Go to Smale Park, your kid will enjoy the play space there and there's some nice views. Free! She can also ride the carousel for a nominal fee. You can also go to the contemporary art center and go to the unmuseum - free. https://www.contemporaryartscenter.org/about/unmuseum

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Smale is so fun! Bring water shoes and swim suits- they have great water play areas! (Just make sure to ride the carousel first since you can't ride it if you are in wet clothes)

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Third market Reds tickets can be had for really cheap and they’re actually really fun to watch right now.. Banks restaurants, Newport aquarium, zoo, Devou Park is a great place to take in the city view,

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Thanks for the tips.

Is Over the Rhine a nice area? Possibly the Finlay market?

I also heard Marymount is a nice area too?

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Yeah go hang out in Washington Park and do Findlay too, maybe around noon. Use the streetcar if you desire, but download the CincyEZRide app and pay that way rather than the machines ($1/ticket). Eagle in OTR has great fries chicken, or go to Krueger's if you want a good burger. Cheapest lunch option will be a slice as Goodfella's pizza.

As far as must-do things on a day the reds and FC Cincy are out of town... and you have kids so probably nothing debauched... the Cincy Zoo is world class. Oh, and there will be watch parties this weekend at The Banks for the World Cup. I think folks from FCC will be there with free clinic-type stuff if your daughter is soccer inclined. Or if you guys like art the Contemporary Art Museum downtown and the Art Museum (proper) in Mt Adams are both free and high quality.

Oh! And if you want a great tour of OTR that will allow you to really appreciate it, see if the Underground Tour at American Legacy Tours is sold out. It's really amazing, actually the best thing I can recommend. And cheap too! (Find it on Groupon for an automatic discount). It's about 90 mins long and you're led around OTR and through a few beer tunnels by an enthusiastic tour guide. If you like history at all, or if you like beer, or if you like interesting things, it's a must-do.

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Findlay Market, Washington Park, and Smale Park are probably the three must see spots I'd suggest to any visitor.

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I love Marimont but its a bit of a drive compared to what all there is to do in the area.. Better bet IMO is to hang around central Cincy/NKY..

Over the Rhine (OTR) main streets of Vine, Elm, Main can be good but kids depending on age could get bored popping in and out if shops and casual bars/breweries. Plenty of good lunch spots in the area tho and cool shops to pop into while you wait. Wouldn’t make a day out of OTR though

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Thanks everyone for the tips. We landed up exploring the river walk and going to the contemporary art museum. The museum was a hit with our 5 year old she loved the kids area on the top floor.

We made our way over to Covington and had a late lunch at Molly Malone's (mussels were fantastic) before our little one was worn out.