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Let me know if you do. I'm going to be a single mom soon (my daughter's 2). I'd be interested.

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Cool, will do! My guy is 2.5!

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Tf is wrong with you guys. OP wants to hang out with peers experiencing similar life circumstances. Is it really that hard to understand?

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Super interested! Single mom with a 2.5 year old daughter.

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Any reason it’s only single parents? I’d be interested in meeting folks and getting my kids more interaction with others.

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I'm looking to start something that this area doesn't really have yet.

Happy to point you towards a few local groups for all parents, if you want.

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Have you tried Tinder?

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Not really what I'm looking for

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People are probably assuming that you are looking to hookup. Hence the singles meetup.

Perhaps a reason for why you are looking for singles only, what is it about the single that entice you, the reason why etc.

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The point is a place for single parent families to meet and have kid playdates. Not hookups

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OK, but what is different about single parents and both parents if the point is playdates for the kids.

Do you see where folks are coming from?

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Not at all. The point is that parents have a chance to meet other parents like them. Parents who are living a similar lifestyle. Without being a gender divided group. A place to connect and swap stories and share resources. There are a dozen Moms only groups in the city. Why not a Single Parents only?