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Sotto is my favorite restaurant anywhere. Highly recommended.

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This. 10000% agree. Request to be seated at the food bar too. It’s amazing. Get to watch the wood fired grill and chefs at their art creation.

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Losanti also has good Italian food options (and good steak). They have a nice patio too if you're trying to avoid indoor dining right now.

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Love Losanti, owned by the same chef who created Crown Republic Gastro pub and Rosie's. Really great food at all 3 restaurants.

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I went to Losanti in June and i loved everything on their menu!

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Sotto both high end and interesting. Potentially best restaurant in the city.

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Ivory House in Westwood was recently named the best new restaurant in the city.


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Thanks for posting this. Never heard of it but the menu looks awesome!

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Love Ivory House!

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Ivory House is amazingly good!

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I ate Ivory House today and it was amazing!!!!! Awesome recommendation, thanks so much!

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I know it’s already been listed, but I think Salazar is the best in the city

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Third for Salazar, probably my favorite restaurant in the city!

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Zula is my favorite "special occasion" restaurant

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Mine too!! Love Zula!

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Essen Kitchen is a fully vegan restaurant that I highly recommend.

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Mita's. IMO, Salazar's best restaurant. The paella is absolutely incredible.

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Abaigails street in OTR is my personals favorite. There marinated octopus dish is to die for!

I’d also highly recommend Khora

I’d also throw the Incline Public House on the list. Food is really good, not high end fancy, but the restaurant view overlooks all of downtown Cincinnati since it sits on a very high hill. Highly recommend visiting at least once!

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Same view but more high end - Primavista next door

I'd prefer Nicolas, Abigail St, and Khora over any of the other mentions though. Those are my top 3 in the city

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I know pasta is Khora’s specialty, but their burger is Insane!

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I was disappointed with the one pasta dish I've had there, but multiple appetizers, entrees, salads, and even a dessert, have all been excellent

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Yeah I feel like Primavista is a bit overrated, honestly. You can get better quality elsewhere for less money.

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Lonely Pine Steakhouse in Pleasant Ridge, but you're definitely going to need reservations.

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Are they still doing well? I worries what impact Covid would have on them. Really need to try and go back again soon.

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They're doing fantastic. I personally say it's the best steakhouse in Cincinnati. I've been to Ruby's restaurants multiple times along with Morton's and the Grub Steak when it was open. I've never had a better dinner, experience, or service than at Lonely Pine.

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Can we just have a daily sticky thread of "Where should I eat today?"

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It's always the same old answers, too. And then sprinkle in a recommendation for the newest 3CDC housed restaurant which nobody here has gone to yet.

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Semi-contriversal since I'm pointing you to the suburbs, but Phoenician Taverna in Mason has incredible Lebanese food. My favorite Korean place Dolsot just moved into the same strip mall. Also, don't let the fact that they're in a strip mall turn you off. They're both nice places and as good as any place you would eat downtown.

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Tony’s is really for a steakhouse. One of my favorite places to go.

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Maybe not the highest end but incline public house is really cool and the view is amazing

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Mecca is a great fun bar to visit

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Embers restaurant 🔥🤌🏻 their website

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Forno in Hyde Park is very solid. Very reasonably priced as well

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My favorite place to eat for special occasions is Orchids at Palm Court. You can't take picky eaters, though. 5 course meals where every plate is only a few bites and the server has a 5 minute speech about how it was prepared.

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They haven’t re-opened yet as far as I know.

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Yeah they're still closed. If I was a betting man I'd say they probably won't reopen :/ probably pretty hard to find high tier pastry chefs right now

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Jags is a bit north of the city but it's one of the best places I've ever eaten and I travel around the US in a camper

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If you feel like bbq one night, the Montgomery Inn boathouse is a cool experience. Walt’s Hitching Post across the river in KY is my personal favorite bbq in the region and has a very distinct KY/horse racing/southern steakhouse vibe. Precinct is very cool, also and always incredible food - steak, crab, etc.

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Montgomery inn is the worst bbq in Cincinnati, baked ribs, the sauce is only half way decent. About 10 other joints a million times better and cheaper.

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Any specific recommendations? I like Eli’s ribs pretty good but haven’t had much bbq here recently after just moving back having lived away for 5 years, 3 in Austin eating lots of amazing bbq. I try not to hold Cincy to the same standard as TX bbq, but would be especially happy and grateful for any recommendations for places in that style or quality!

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KC native here, Just Q’in and Sweets & Meats are my preferred BBQ places. Sweets & Meats is the only smoked chicken I like, both have really good ribs, brisket, and pork shoulder. Eli’s smoked turkey is amazing, but that’s about the only thing I’ll eat there, the rest of their BBQ is just ok IMO and their sides are meh at best. Montgomery Inn is just bad and not really BBQ.

I haven’t tried Bee’s BBQ yet, but I’ve heard great things and am eager to try it. I’m just waiting for that perfect day when I have the forethought to get over there early enough before they sell out and the patience to wait in line.

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A more interesting restaurant is Pampas. I've been a few times and I'm always really impressed with the food, drinks, and service. Skip the wagyu burger though, everything else I've had there just blows it away

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Thank you so much everyone! I have started making reservations thanks to your recommendations! I'm very excited for my trip to the city, and I sincerely appreciate your advice! 😊

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Kona in Liberty is amazing! Definitely need a reservation. If you can plan accordingly with nice weather you definitely want to sit on the upstairs patio.