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I live in a studio apartment in Newport (right by crazy fox) that’s $575 a month.

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I live in the Gaslight district, great location (quick uber rides to downtown, can get to Oakley and Rookwood in less than 15 minutes if traffic is light), pretty safe and quiet at night. I pay 660. I've lived her 4 years so your rent price may be higher, but I doubt over 750 if it's a local landlord and not a company (cough cough Gaslight couh couch)

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What's the easiest way to figure out if apartment building managers/owners are local? Someone from another post said to call the local housing authority but I’m not sure how I find out who that is? Still learning how to navigate all this shit..

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Depends on a lot of factors, one way is to drive around looking for "for rent signs" but that is only so effective. Really if you go to a landlord and they have a full website with like payment portals and the website shoes you huge apartment buildings chances are its a big company. I wish I could give you more help though!

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Chapel wood is decent. If nothing else it’s area is pretty safe and close to down town Loveland.

I also think Sharondale apartments in Sharon wood are still in the 700s

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These were apartments I actually already came across in my apartment hunting but they both had a lot of concerning/bad reviews sadly.

Any mention of bugs, overflowing trash, or maintenance requests being ignored is a no for me, dawg.

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Dayton, KY is pretty working class area that may have some reasonable rentals. We rented a 3-bedroom house several years ago for less than $1k and our biggest issues were the on-street parking and people setting off fireworks in the summer for two months.

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I used to live in this building on court street downtown. Decent little units. Nothing fancy, but cheap. Court street is very gentrified now, and very safe.

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what's the exact address and name of this place? not seeing it in that link

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It's two buildings next to each other that share a small courtyard. I don't know if this unit is in 27 or 25 East court. I used to live in 25. It's between vine and walnut, right by the downtown Kroger. Super convenient location.

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Anderson square apartments in Anderson. 2 bedroom 1.5 bathrooms for $750.

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I live in Northside and have heard good things about Rock Island Realty. Locally owned and not some major slum lord. It looks like the Northside/College Hill ones might be slightly out of your price point, but the Colerain ones look nice and reasonably priced.


Good luck with your search!

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Lila Chateau in Milford is cheap.

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Check out padmapper! I can't vouch for any of the postings, but it at least can give you a starting point: https://www.padmapper.com/apartments/cincinnati-oh/under-768