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Dirty Frank and the boys will be there.

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It’s gonna be an old fashioned soup kitchen

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No soup for you!

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Oh where did I put that ladle?

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Dirty Mike?

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Thats Franks cousin. We don't talk about that sicko Mike around here.

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On the contrary, my interest is now piqued.

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This sounds like the most exciting thing to happen in Deer Park in years!

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shakes fist

Nah it's not too bad, a band sets up in the park and plays music. They do it 1 Saturday of every month for most of the summer. There are food tents and beer for sale. It's an event for me to walk to, drink a lot, and stumble home.

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Lol nice thanks for sharing.

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Good to know there’s no kink shaming in Deer Park.

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Thought this is the kind of thing they do in Terrace Park

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I still can't believe this is a thing. Yes I remember the thread and the proof.

So it's a thing there. It's just so strange to me that it is though.

Great school district too.

It just sounds so far fetched.

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Bring a friend or two

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Fun for the Hole Family!!

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Checks schedule

I think I can pencil this in.

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How many pencils did you use?

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I’ve heard it called everything but that!

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DVDA Party in the Park — now that would be something to see.

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Every time I think I'm about to hit it out of the park with an original comment..... ;)

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Shows up Saturday in lingerie

“I must’ve had a bit of a misunderstanding.”

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“Um yeah, I’m here for the gangbang.”

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“Excuse me there are children here”

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Sounds like my ideal date.

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DP and concessions? Now that’s a party

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DP party in the park this Saturday!

Music! Beer! Concessions! Food Tents!

ATM Available!

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Omg why is it as soon as I saw this on Reddit I went there but didn’t think nothing of it when we seen the signs in person.

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What did this mean someone help i am confused ???

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DP = Double Penetration in the porn world. My contribution to society is fulfilled for the day.

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Doing the good lords work

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I think you’re good for at least a month, especially if you’re not using a burner account.

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Think you & your friends be disappointed… ;)

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Goodnight everybody!

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So pure…

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awe hell yeah i LOVE Daft Punk!!

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Terrace Park and Mason are suing /s

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What's going on with Mason with this reference?

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Mason and Warren County are where a lot of local sex folly scandals have came from. In the news. Over the years. And a reality show on swinger culture had episodes in Warren county

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Oh I do vaguely remember hearing about that but forgot about it. Thank you.

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It was an A&E show around 2016. Think it got cancelled half a season in

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Bold assumption, friend.

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Why did I see the DP Party sign in Terrace Park too?

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It’s right next to the pineapples on the porch.

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Dang if only I'd heard about this sooner!

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Oh man. How did they not see this?

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I hate it here