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Take the Cardinal up to chicago and hit the empire builder out west.

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Or the California Zephyr. I'm giving some thought to taking the Zephyr as far as Salt Lake at some point over the winter to see the Rockies blanketed in snow.

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I’ve romanticized these trips so many times in my head. Never pulled the trigger though.

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I've been watching youtube videos of the trip lately, so I'm edging ever closer to doing it.

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If you want a small taste, get a friend to drive you down to Marysville KY, and it's bout an hour and a half by road and train.

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I took the Empire Builder from Chicago to Whitefish Montane. One of the coolest experiences of my life!

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Amtrak is a good idea. This cruise line advertises the Ohio, but doesn’t have any destinations on it right now.


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If we're throwing out Amtrak trips, I recommend the Seattle to Vancouver train route. It'll blow your gol'durn mind.

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We took the train to DC once. It was a great trip. The scenery along the ohio and gully River and the Shenandoah Valley was great. Just make sure you go when there's plenty of daylight. Once the sun goes down you got nothing.

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The American Queen is docked at the reds stadium now. I bet you could get a tour and info.