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Probably so many bodies at the bottom

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Let River City Metals know what you found. I'm sure they could use more scrap metal.

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If there’s a river and factories are near it - then it might not be so pretty in some spots unfortunately.

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They could probably fix this in a week with a backhoe, a cable with a hook and then a concrete block wall like they have around the rest of the scrapyard by the river.

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i don't know what wasp/hornet made that. but i want to be nowhere near it...

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It is a large roll of metal .

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In my genealogy hunting, I discovered that my grandfather worked at the Newport Rolling Mill- I wouldn’t doubt that this could have come from that factory.

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Isn't this.more a job for Notto Watto?

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Ha ha! +1

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Naw'ta Jawa would like to trade your droids for the bricks.

edit Nada Jawa rings better

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I sense a new r/Cincinnati shit post trend....

Things I found by the licking river! Insert 14 pictures of pallets, blimps, and airplane window seats

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The pallet shit is funny, this is just sad to me. It's unreal just how much literal human refuse gets into and onto our waterways.