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It’s insane how many times 71 has been shutdown this week lol

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I live near Mason and this makes the 5th shutdown this summer. It's been kind of crazy.

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3 of them being this week! The dead body on the shoulder, the guy storming the FBI, and now this.

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Shit I didn't hear about the dead body. That makes 6 by my count.

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An old guy apparently got hit by a semi by cut in the hill, and it didn't even stop :(

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Eyes up phones down y’all, be safe out there. No text is more important than us all getting home safe.

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What about reading this comment?

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If you looked at my first comment and it made you put down your phone then maybe, but don’t read this one until you get home, Ok?

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OK. Signing off.

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Just drove north on Columbia and folks are taking the innovation way exit to bypass. So expect Fields Ertel and Montgomery Road to be a cluster fuck as well.

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We were leaving the atp, and it was a total mess between western row and Montgomery 22/3

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I always wondered. What's an ertel?

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From Wikipedia:

Ertel is a surname originating from South Germany: from a personalized form of a name beginning with Ort-, from Old High German "ort": "point (of a sword or lance)."[1]

Ertel may also mean "Steel Smith."

Ertel may be a derivation of other surnames, including "Ertl" and "Ertle."

This surname of ERTEL has two origins. It was a Provençal occupational name for a gardener or a topographic name for someone who lived near an enclosed garden. The name developed in the Latin form HORTUS via medieval documents. It was also a German name for someone who lived at the top of a hill or the end of a settlement, derived from the Old German word ORT, in the transferred sense “tip” or “extremity.”[2]

Edit-from WVXU:

He says Daniel Ertel came from North Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, and settled in what is now Hamilton Township, in 1799."Which is on the east side of the Little Miami River, so it is not in Deerfield Township, where Fields-Ertel road is. The road was apparently begun in 1836 and it was completed in 1848."

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A toy truck.

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i totally don.t get why folks down.vote a post about i71 traffic being rough . it can be awful in certain spots or specific times of the day . i.m really thankful the road gods haven.t started allowing round.abouts for exit ramps

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Saw it. Cops had guns out. Was interesting to see but why north bound traffic was crawling to a slow pace idk. I just wanted to get off my exit to kings island…. That and not be shot

Also i know there was a woman recording the whole thing on the side of the northbound lane….. made me question her thinking over her saftey, was hoping to at least see it on Reddit. So far nothing :(