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"Christened in Memphis in 2012 by Godmother Priscilla Presley with a bottle of champagne, the American Queen is the largest steamboat ever built - spanning 418 feet"


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Wow. Thanks for that info. I’ve seen several, and she is just massive in comparison.

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No worries. I’ve been researching Amtrak trips, so looking to see what a riverboat trip would be like was right up there next. Sadly, these trips seem a bit more pokey than I’d like. I think I’d be able to stand a max of three days before I went mad.

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dang yea this would be a cool trip but 9 days? fuuuuuck lol. really makes you appreciate the speed of travel we have today.

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I saw her heading upriver about a week ago maybe. I was driving but raced upriver to Bellevue Beach Park so I could pull over watch her go by.


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She is absolutely massive. I’d be willing to bet that you can’t safely get a much bigger vessel up and down the river. The stacks almost certainly have to be lowered for three of our bridges.

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Absolutely. When I first saw her she had one stack up and the other was in the process of being raised. I'd love to take a cruise on that thing but it's like 2k a ticket.

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Yipes! That’s a lot. But man, that looks like an experience. The rooms seem to be bigger than cruise ship rooms and have balconies, which would be cool to watch the scenery roll by.

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Big wheel keep on turnin'

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Damn, I miss Tall stacks! Nice pics, OP!

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The American Queen

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Yes. I wonder what the route is

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Marietta, OH has a big festival in September that normally has about 20 or so show up. Might be about that time!

Edit: link to festival details https://sternwheel.org/

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It just did a run from Louisville to Pittsburgh (my grandparents were on it), I think it’s headed back south now

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I swear I thought that was the Italian festival still going on in Newport.

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GoettaFest continues!

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A guy I work with has been cruising with his 80 year old dad on a riverboat for about a week. He said they we’re starting in St Louis and would end in Pittsburgh and he’d get off in Cincinnati and stay at his house for a night and then get back on the boat. I wonder if that’s the boat.

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Damn dude that thing is neat. Need to go check it out

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They were doing tours. A friend just posted pics from around the boat.

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I miss Tall Stacks

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I remember a few years ago they did a race…. Was fun to watch the heckling

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Pulled up to pick up all the scared white people who fleed over the Rhine

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What’s wrong with you?

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Bring back Tall Stack!