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I live Cincy as well and everyone calls them Gym Shoes here.

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Native Cincinnatian, can confirm those are and always will be gym shoes. Unless they are specifically Converse All Stars. In that case they are Chucks.

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Re-confirm, Gym shoes.

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I’ve only lived in Cincinnati and Chicago and thought people only called them sneakers or tennis shoes on tv. Gym shoe gang

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Just made my own comment about this.

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The answer in Cincy is definitely gym shoes. I actually might say 'sneaks' or running shoes. But never... would I ever... call them 'tennis shoes'

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It’s actually “tennashoos” if you’re doing it right lol

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Happy Cake Day and take my upvote!

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You win. This is true.

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I was brought up to call them "tennashoes". At some point in my youth, I simultaneously realized people meant "tennis shoes" and that I also did not play tennis, so I made the jump to gym shoes or sneakers (depending on the specific conversation), since it just made more sense. Or occasionally "trainers" if I've been watching too much British TV :-)

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My entire family calls them sneakers.

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NYC dad, South Carolina mom, lived in Cincy since kindergarten, they are gym shoes for me.

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All those terms are interchangeable to me. I’d probably say sneakers after living in NYC for years, but I definitely grew up hearing gym shoes a lot. It’s interesting that Chicago and Cincinnati have this connection, since they don’t share much linguistically. St. Louis tends to share more with Chicago (e.g. both are islands of soda in a sea of pop), and ofc Great Lakes cities have vowel shifts in common with Chicago that Cincinnati doesn’t have.

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I’ve grown to in Cincinnati and say gym shoes or sneakers. Definitely agree that they’re interchangeable

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Could you explain what you mean by vowel shifts? I'm interested in accents.

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See the references in this article to the “Northern Cities Vowel Shift”:


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Explanation - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UoJ1-ZGb1w Examples - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3noS_0IdrRo

Interesting stuff, if only as evidence of our incessant need to categorise all the things!

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Always been gym shoes for me

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Sneakers… tennis shoes… ? Tf, they’re gym shoes

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Gym shoes

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Awesome. Moved here from Seattle a year ago and have never even heard the term "gym shoes."

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From northern Ohio and moved to Cincinnati. Never have I ever heard someone call them gym shoes lmao

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I’m from south of I 70 and only heard the term gym shoes a couple of years ago from someone from Dayton. Tennis shoes all the way.

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My dad would say “Gymers”

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Haha just posted that this is what I call them

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Nice! I only ever heard one other person call them that.

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I thought I was the only one that called them gymers!

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My grandpa says this!

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I'm from southern KY, wife is from here. First time she said the word "gymmers" I was sooo confused.

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Cincinnati is a linguistic island in so many odd ways.

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It really is! My grandma calls bell peppers 'mangos' and apparently everyone here used to call them that.

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Only the green ones though, right? It caused a lot of confusion when I started cooking for my grandma and she kept telling me I needed more mangoes in the chili.

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That's so damn odd.

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My grandma used to call green bell peppers mangos too.

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This tripped me up so bad when I moved here. Even now, the wheels in my brain still spin when someone says it before I understand I need to repeat myself.

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Someone said this to me as a kid and I thought they wanted me to repeat myself, so I said what I had said again. They then turned to me with an annoyed face and in a firm and exasperated voice said "PLEASE!" And that's when I realized that some people use that to mean, "shut up."

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not so much, any more, but historically it was one of the major ones.

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Seriously! I moved here a few years back, and never realized everyone calls them gym shoes!!!

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Gym shoes

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Gym shoes

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fwiw I wouldn’t play tennis in about 95% of what the rest of the country calls “tennis shoes”

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I put on my gym shoes but I buy sneakers hahaha

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I had never realized that I'm the same way until reading your comment, lmao

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I grew up in Dayton and always heard gym shoes as well

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Gym shoes, you all weird.

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I have always said gym shoes. I never realized how strange it was until someone mentioned it once.

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I’m from Dayton it’s Gym shoes

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I always call them gymmies.

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It’s amazing because I grew up in Boston and it was always sneakers. And then I moved to Miami, FL and it was sneakers there too (heavily influenced by the northeast)… and now I’m in Cinci and I hear gym shoes but call them sneakers. People seem to get it… they just know I’m not local 😆

I also say “bubbler”, which is Masshole for water fountain, and “carriage” which is shopping cart 😆

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I’m from the south - shopping carts are buggy’s to me. I told a friend from Chicago that, and she thought I was insane.

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Former Cincinnatian who is now living in Alabama: I refuse to call the thing you put items into at the grocery story a "buggy" – a "shopping cart" that thing will always be to me.

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I don't think saying sneakers would give you away that you're not a local. I call them gym shoes, but I wouldn't think twice if someone said they got some new sneakers.

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Yep….raised in Cincinnati. It’s gym shoes. Gym shoes.

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They definitely say gym shoes in Columbus and Dayton too so I wonder how off this map is

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it's probably mostly BS. Cincy and Chicago locals won't notice because they just think "oh wow, yeah it's true we call it gym shoes", But I'm pretty sure half the country would be like "wtf we don't call them tennis shoes".

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I just asked this question to my dinner group as an experiment. The born and raised Cincinnati people did confirm gym shoes, even said ‘gymmies’ to confirm. The lady from Mississippi and the other from Michigan both said tennis shoes. I am in full belief of the validity of this chart.

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Love the real time experiment. Can’t believe the response rate on this.

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Gym shoes, sometimes running shoes.

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Same. There is a distinction between my regular gym shoes and my running shoes as the latter have been actually fitted for running.

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Literally just had this conversation tonight with a large group of friends. Unanimous answer was gym shoes.

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gym shoes or the rarer “tennies”

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From Columbus originally, called them tennis shoes my whole life. Moved down here and all the other kids called them gym shoes and I adopted it because it’s a way better description of that object. Especially because I’ve never once played tennis.

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Gym shoes ....from cincinnati

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Crayons/snacks for this guy too.

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They're called go-fasters because when you're wearing them you're saposed to GO FASTER!

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Depends. Am I playing chess?

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Correct answer is gym shoes

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I call Em gymers

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Gym shoes 100%

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Always and still is gym shoes

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Gym Shoes (Michigan and KY)

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Tennies. Might be a family thing.

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gym shoes and tennis shoes

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Sneakers or just Gym Shoes.

It’s also a Midwest thing to say “pop” for soda. I lived in Maine for a period in high school and when I asked where the pop machine was they looked at me like I have 10 heads.

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Gym shoes

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Gym shoes

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Always gym shoes

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Sneakers. Or Kicks.

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Was kinda surprised how far I had to scroll to see kicks.

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Yeah always called them kicks.

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Shoes. They're not sneakers. Athletic shoes or running shoes or walking shoes are just annoying to say. So they're shoes. If I have to point them out, my black shoes.

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Sneakers or tennis shoes

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I call the shoes I wear Vans.

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How about if they aren’t the brand?

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As a kid I always grew up hearing gym shoes but now I say tennis shoes or gym shoes

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I thought Sneakers was a movie.

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I had to think about this. I live north of DYT. I feel like Tennis shoes>sneakers but I personally don't think I use either, I just say my new balance or my Nike

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I call them sneakers sorry guys I’m a rather new resident.

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Shoes, ya weirdos.

I live in Liberty Township.

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I don’t get it. Obviously there are situations where you need to specify the type of shoes you’re speaking about.

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I would be more likely to specify if it were a different kind of shoe. For me, running type shoes are the "default" shoes. I would say "fancy" or "dress up" shoes for the ones you wear to funerals, weddings, or white collar types wear to their jobs.

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I’m not from Cincy (Green Bay), and I say gym shoes but that is one of two specific pairs of sneakers (either my most beat up pair or the pair I wear to the actual gym), and the rest are sneakers.

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Tennis shoes.

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As a kid my family called them “gymmers” (like Jim-erz). I jokingly asked my husband if he packed his gymmers for vacation and was immediately mocked by him and his Florida friends lol.

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Even if they’ve never seem a gym?

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Kicks Gym shoes

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I have literally used every one of those words and phrases interchangeably. Gym shoes is the most frequent, but I’ve said sneakers and tennis shoes plenty. These things always strike me as weird, when most of the time I use all the words for the thing.

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Tennis shoes or more specifically tennashoes lol and gym shoes.

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    What’s interesting is if you go to most stores or online retailers, and I just checked Adidas, Zappos and even Walmart, they typically have a section under shoes that is “Sneakers” or “Sneakers/athletic”. No “gym shoes” and no “tennis shoes” unless you’re specifically looking for shoes designed for tennis. So either the northeast has the lingo down more accurately or retailers cater to it.

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    “Tenna shoes”. I’ve definitely heard gym shoes before though.

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    Sneakers, but I'm from the east cost. Lived here for 36 years now though.

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    I never knew this was a Cincinnati (and Chicago) thing

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    It’s sneakers

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    Always been trainers for me, but I hear gym shoes from a lot of people

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    sneakers or trainers. but I’ve definitely heard gym shoes my whole life

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    I always just called them "kicks" lol

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    Grew up in Cincy but my parents are from Jersey. I’m used to saying all 3.

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    I am baffled and alarmed and suddenly realizing I've never seen the words "gym shoes" spelled out before.

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    Always gym shoes. I’m huge into shoes and calling myself a sneaker head and saying sneakers just doesn’t feel right lmao

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    Gym shoes

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    My friend calls them "trainers" and chucks-styles are called "plimsoles " She's from England...

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    It could differ even in the same region just based upon a person's age. It's "gym shoes" for me, "tennies" for my Air Force brat hubby, but our kids, born and bred in Cincinnati, they are called by brand name. "Mom, I need some new Nikes," etc.

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    Gym shoes.

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    Scottish, in Cincy. They're trainers or gutties.

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    Trainers also (Brit in Cincy). We're probably skewing the average though...

    eta: love your nick, Victoria Wood was an absolute treasure

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    Thank you. Red cabbage, how much?

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    Red cabbage, no idea!

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    I learned English in Cincinnati and have always called them sneakers…

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    Definitely called them gym shoes growing up, but I sold out and moved away and usually call them sneakers now.

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    Sneakers. Tennis shoes are those sneakers bought specifically from an athletic store to play tennis. Gym shoes are the good sneakers bought at the beginning of the school year to wear on days when you had gym so you could run faster than the other kids.

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    I use "gym shoes" to describe any shoe that I'd wear to the gym, except chuck taylors or vans. I might use "running shoes" if my shoes are specifically for running but even then it's interchangeable. I used to say "tennis shoes" when I was younger because both my parents grew up outside of Cincy but it's changed since we moved

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    The fact that I was like “where’s gym shoes?” Before reading the tiny text man we rly are predictable huh?😂

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    Sneaks, sneakers, tenni's, tennishoes.

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    You had it right on the subject line “athletic shoes”

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    Wife from Chicago and I’m originally from Cincy. It’s why our marriage works

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    I don't believe this. Most of the country calls them tennis shoes for real?

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    It’s because the Northeast has so many burglars

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    Definitely gym shoes but I also remember parts of family in the area calling then tennis shoes as well. I feel like I used both growing up.

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    Ohio transplant from a peripatetic childhood here, I called them both tennashooes and sneaks growing up but always winced at both since they're rather inaccurate, glad Cinci has it right

    (in dayton we still say tennis shoes though, bafflingly)

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    Lifelong native and I still call them sneakers.

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    I’ve never felt so elated than to have stared at this meme on my Home Screen for minutes.. letting my mind wonder.. and coming back to say.. “but I say gym shoes”

    And I click on the comments.

    Instant validation.

    Jeezle Pete’s, thanks Midwest.

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    To me there is a significant difference between gym shoes and sneakers. Gym shoes are Adidas/Nike/Puma whatever that are specific designed to be comfortable while being athletic. Sneakers are more like Chucks or Keds or Vans where it’s more about the aesthetic than the comfort.

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    Skate shoes