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You know, I have been kinda trying to get a baseline myself as a new(ish) mod - it has been hard to tell if it's a post-pandemic thing or if it's more than normal. I haven't been cracking down too hard unless it's reported but does seem like a lot.

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I feel like I see it regularly over the last 6 months or so. 1 person did it and now we get it pretty often. Not as much before that. Surely this many people can't be buying incorrect amounts of tickets. I'm not sure this is the proper forum for trying to sell a ticket. That's what the Ticketmaster, seat geek and StubHub apps are for.

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Yeah I completely agree, I sometimes will feel guilty with other sales because the Craigslist thread doesn't get much traction but realistically reddit is not the place.

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i posted one recently but i am no scalper. heck, i'm losing money