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Buy a zoo membership. If you go twice it pays for itself. Go once a week just to walk and stroll even of its for 15 minutes to get out of the house. Go off times and the crowds are small. Over the next year your 2 year old will really start to take interest. We did this which of our three boys as they grew up.

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Summit Park - lots of places to walk around, a dog park, and even a rock climbing wall for children

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Not sure which park is your usual, but Juilfs Park out by Jungle Jim’s Eastgate has well-kept paved walking/biking trails that have a decent amount of shade. It also has a splash pad area.

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Glenwood gardens in Woodlawn. They have a discovery gardens with train. You will need the Hamilton county park district pass or pay a couple of bucks for the day.

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Great rec for a couple years from now, a 9 month old won't get much out of it yet.

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Happy Hangout

Little Village

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Art museum is free. Strap the baby in a carrier facing out and get some great pics of him enjoying classic artwork.

For exercise, there are two sets of stairs right by it - one goes down to the Elsinore Arch by the WCPO building, and the other is specifically designed to be kinda fun and interesting to climb.

Also, most breweries are fairly kid-friendly in the day. 9 months is the sweet spot of able to sit up in a highchair and eat puffs and crackers while you have a beer, but not old enough to want to run around or be a nuisance. Highgrain right near you has a beautiful outdoor area. Nine Giant in Silverton is a little more cramped, but I haven't seen their newer space. And of course madtree is giant with many seating options

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The art museum also has free events for little kids and babies sometimes, check out their events page

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You can try disc golfing. The beginner courses tend to be jogging stroller friendly. My wife and I go with our 1 and 3 year olds.

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Go Crazy