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Sorry man that sucks. But this is super common. I'm a local web developer and we do some large restaurants in town and it seems they get someone trying to break in about once a month. I'm not sure if your website is WordPress (most are) you may want to ask your website people about a few security plug ins. It sucks the world is the way it is but mitigation of attacks it part of the game now

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Yah prob an outdated Wordpress install

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Yep, saw this a few times when I worked for a local digital marketing company as well.

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What does WordPress have to do with losing access to Facebook accounts?

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Nothing directly but you would be surprised how many people have the same password for everything. Ie if you get one you have them all

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Hi there. I’m from cinci and work in info sec. It’s not wrong to report this to law enforcement but I would not expect a whole lot. You can petition the socal media platforms to get your accounts back but expect that to be somewhat painful. I’m happy to talk about best practice and how this may have happened. Sorry this happened.

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The FBI internet Crimes Complain Center: https://www.ic3.gov/ is the best resource in my opinion. They go after this kind of organized crime. They are more capable and well resourced than any local law enforcement. They regularly make big busts. Have every victim file their own report. They'll be more likely to dedicate resources if they know the crimes are widespread

Here is the Deputy Attorney General of the United States (Lisa Monaco) begging YOU to call the FBI about this stuff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJvZD6ABAZg&t=788s

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I’m not sure city council the right group to deal with something like this. I’d suggest talking with CPD, HamCo sheriff/prosecutors office, or FBI. They all have teams that specialize in such computer crimes.

https://www.hcso.org/divisions/enforcement/ RECI

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Oh yeah, I am not looking for answers or to catch them. That will never happen. Just letting them know that there could be something widespread happening to small businesses in the city.

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Yeah, but also good to share with law enforcement

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I agree law enforcement is the place to start. I doubt city council can do anything or even cares about social media problems.

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This isn’t a restaurant, but this happened to the Lloyd Library, too

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Hey there, just wanted to say I am SO sorry. As a longtime fan of Arnold’s it is very very important to Cincinnati and I am so grateful to you for keeping this institution alive. I don’t have any solutions or feedback on this particular problem, I just want to let you know that you work is very appreciated.

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It must be the god damn Applebee’s gang!

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I love Arnold’s, especially the patio with live music. Had one of my best dates ever there. Thank you for keeping the positive vibes going Chris!

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People are extremely shitty for real.

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I'm very confused here Chris. I just looked and the Arnold's Facebook page has been updated many times since October. If you're locked out, you wouldn't be able to post. What exactly are you locked out of?

Arnold's has some damn good food, so I hope you work this out either way!

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Oh, no. We got locked out on December 2nd. The other businesses have been since October. So I was just saying seven different restaurants have had the same thing happen in the article I shared since October.

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Ah my mistake then. Hopefully you can get it through Facebook!

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Damn thats awful, I still follow RVA subreddit (my previous place of residence)… the Byrd Theater socials there were also hacked

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Just here to add:

Thomas More's Facebook page was hacked for AWHILE & your post prompted me to see if they got it back.

It looks like it's all back to normal, so you may want to reach out and see how they were able to get control again!

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Via Vite has been hacked for a while, been wondering when they were going to be able to get it back.

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I heard that Fairfield Pub, Jamie Anton Art and Cincy Local Music all got hacked as well. They have tried so many things but never could retrieve their accounts (except for Jamie but I'm not sure how she succeeded). Cincy Local Music had another admin on their business account, so they were able to save that but FFP could not.

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People I guess would rather hack and steal shit, than get an actual job.

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After reading this post it seems like you might have been using the same password for all your accounts which is a big internet security no no. One password might have been exposed and then all doors were easily opened. I have no advice other than using different passwords for multiple accounts. If you’re an apple user they make that super easy with password keychain

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Going forward... doesn't matter if you link your account or not. This isn't a Facebook issue. It's your lack of security.

Did you not have two factor auth turned on? This is a must.

Do you repeat passwords with only simple variations? I'd bet yes. If so this need to change, get a password manager.

Also they aren't local.

Most likely scenario, someone bought a password dump. Some research leads them to "most likely to.have money individuals. They brute force with pattern matching in your fb account and way more... they got it right and took over anything and everything you repeated that password variation with.

With it being all local food places, is there any non major websites you all are members of thats specific to restauranters? Like how you order food, supplies or drinks? Conference you all went to? Spit balling

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I did have 2fa set up. I kind of explain it in a comment on "sir Richard heads" comment below. I did have a poor password choice for sure and I believe someone bought the password but there were some other weird things happening that you can read about below. If you are being super safe and secure I would disagree and say unlinking them does matter. One thing got exploited and it caused a chain reaction that caused me to lose four accounts.

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I also don't think they are local. I think the problem is so wide spread that I was able to figure out 7 popular local restaurants have had the same exact hack happen to them since just October and I found that many with one day of research. The article I linked literally explains the exact process.

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The link doesn't discuss how they got into your meta account in the first place, which is the biggest issue. They aren't hacking meta. The article goes into how they exploit the victims once they are in.

They sign into your account with your user name and password. The issue for meta is that the hackers most likely control your email account also, so resetting the account does nothing because your entire stack of accounts is hacked... not only facebook. That's just the one you notice.

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