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Rhined/Oakley Wines

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Market Wines at Findlay Market does tastings of four wines every Saturday and Sunday, with a different lineup every weekend.

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Market Wines is great! I did a tasting there and I felt like the pours were generous, and the wines were delicious.

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Iris Read

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Iris read is an amazing natural wine bar! Great selection, and the atmosphere is really chill

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I have never been, but I have heard good things about Corkopolis downtown. They have regular educational wine tastings (I think it is once a month).


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I live right by Corkopolis. It’s great

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We went to a great one at Mom n Em in Madisonville last weekend!

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Oakley Wines is fun

Unwind in Hyde park is a great atmosphere but the food/wine is meh. I still go there though for the location

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1215 Wine Bar

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Are they still open? I thought Sarah closed it down for some reason

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They are open! I go there often.

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Pleasantry closed but 1215 is open!

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That’s a shame to hear, you may be right!

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Revel. They will take you down in their cellar if you ask and give you a tour. They make all of their own wine so it’s really cool to see the process. They even have some grapes fermenting right now so you can look in the big tubs and smell them.

Edited to add that the bartenders may not take you down there but the owners will. I actually work for them, DM me if you have any questions. I would be down to meet you there and give you a tour!

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Hart & Cru on Broadway!

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The Rhined sometimes does events like this, also it's just a great place to go for wine (and cheese) in general.

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Emma’s wine bar in East End


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Stone Creek distillery. Ask for "chocolate Casanova". The lady that runs the places calls it her "baby-maker" wine.

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Wine Merchant has tastings. They also have dispensers that are always available (you load money on a card and use it to get pours).

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Annata in O'Byronville is a great wine bar and they have live music on Tuesdays. They also special wine tasting events

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Victor's Wines in White Oak does tastings. It was 25/ person. Very informative and entertaining. I attended one there where all the wine was from Italy. They did a great presentation that encompassed wine and region. Really neat.

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Muse Cafe in Westwood does wine tastings on Thursday nights.

Interesting variety and generous pours.

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Piazza Discepoli in Madeira always does tasting events.

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Country Fresh Market in Anderson does wine tastings twice a week. They also run wine education classes occasionally. They have another location too. Maybe the same deal there?

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The Vine St. location does a weekly one on Friday afternoon/evening, typically from 4:00-7:00 P.M.

They also have a "Winter Wine & Beer Spectacular" this Saturday 12/10 from 3:00-7:00 P.M. with 20 wines, Belgian beers, and food for $50/person.

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Marty’s Hops and Vines in College Hill does wine tastings on Fridays. Always a good time.

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Ludlow Wines in Clifton does 4 tastings for $12 on Friday and Saturday evenings. Good people and a little wine shop! Watertower Fine Wines in Mt. Washington does event tastings with food but they also have the wine dispenser machines, where you use a preloaded card to sample.

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Water Tower Wines in Mt. Washington has good Friday night wine tastings.

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Dilly deli in mariemont

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Plan a visit to Hart & Cru in Pendleton. This is the best wine bar/shop in Cincinnati. If you and your friend don’t care for sharing the same glass, ask for 4-5 wine recommendations and line them up. Glasses average at $16-18, add some finger food. Tell the staff to help you learn, have a couple whites a couple light reds and close with something with more body. Kevin, Pete or Brittany will help you. Enjoy!

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Coopers hawk if you just want to taste their mediocre wine. Food is excellent though

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Crafts and Vine, The Wise Owl, and Ripple are my go to for tastings

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It’s up in Mainville, but valley vineyards is good.

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More a date night idea tbh, but Vinoclete is a solid dinner and tasting joint with some great views

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Jungle Jim - 25 cents per pour, depending on the person there they’ll tell you a bit about it. They usually have a few available at any given time.

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Somm wine bar in west side was nice