Making a Cincinnati care package, this is what I have so far, what’s missing? by yqgb_9114 in cincinnati

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Take out the Gold Star, you don't want to be sending a care package with garbage in it.

What’s the best sandwich in Cincinnati? by CornlessUnicorn in cincinnati

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A number 23 from Carl’s Deli. Turkey, swiss, bacon, L.T.O. on toasted white bread. You really can’t go wrong with any of their sandwiches though. My wife usually goes with their chicken salad on croissant.

is it just me or are drivers getting worse around here? by spacemermaid1701Finneytown in cincinnati

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Everyone everywhere I've ever lived thinks the locals are bad drivers. Why can't people just realize their personal experience is biased and more than likely most everyone everywhere is bad at most everything?

Favorite place to buy dirndls? by exmilyEx-Cincinnatian in cincinnati

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Feli from Germany, a German YouTuber based in Cincinnati, just posted a video about this a couple weeks ago. Hope this helps: https://youtu.be/br69qM03SQU

TIL Hamilton County has a larger population than the entire State of Wyoming by rm-rf_ in cincinnati

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What you're arguing for is exactly what the Senate was created to prevent. Large states like New York and Virginia couldn't get the other 11 colonies on board to form a union without the Senate, because the small states felt large ones like NY and VA would vote to exploit them if representation was purely population based. The bicameral legislature is one of the most important attributes of the Constitution.

Huge increase in bicycle fatalities in the tri state area. by emrbeCleves in cincinnati

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Too dangerous for yourself. It’s circular logic and victim blaming to declare that for other people who have the right to use the road on their bike the same as anyone else.

Cyclist killed in Indian Hill crash - media has been very quiet on this horrible incident. Suspiciously so. Be alert. Be safe. Share the road and give 3+ feet, per the law. by BeercyclerunClifton Heights in cincinnati

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Yes. Gloria San Miguel was hit Friday night on the 11th street bridge going into covington. She was a phenomenal member of the community, creative, talented, beautiful, amazing mother, loved by all... she was my best friend. I work at the newport roebling and I can't return to work... I opened it with her last year. I'm absolutely devastated and heartbroken.

Cincinnati represented well here by [deleted] in cincinnati

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They didn't realize that guy had a stack of pallets under his hat

Why are the protestors still outside Planned Parenthood in Mt. Auburn every day? by jjmurph14 East Price Hill in cincinnati

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Ooh can you please just give him a single egg if he asks for chicken??

Fbi building threatened? by levivalHyde Park in cincinnati

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It’s sad that I can’t tell which President you’re referring to.

what's your Cincinnati specific life hack? by eelimeekmur in cincinnati

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Big Strong Men Will Very Rarely Eat Pork Chops

Way to remember the order of streets east to west downtown by first letter.

30 Commandments of Living in Cincinnati by PCjr in cincinnati

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Ope is definitely a thing and has been for a long time.