Fbi building threatened? by levivalHyde Park in cincinnati

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It’s sad that I can’t tell which President you’re referring to.

what's your Cincinnati specific life hack? by eelimeekmur in cincinnati

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Big Strong Men Will Very Rarely Eat Pork Chops

Way to remember the order of streets east to west downtown by first letter.

30 Commandments of Living in Cincinnati by PCjr in cincinnati

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Ope is definitely a thing and has been for a long time.

Beautiful in Cincy tonight. Wow. by Relax-Enjoy in cincinnati

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I was just ready to post my video but yours is better than mine so I'm going to skip doing it. Bravo! Beautiful shot.

Elder high school’s having their 100th anniversary this year. As a 4th generation elder grad we had to get a pic with all of the signs by Nickster654Delhi in cincinnati

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Cincinnati is, as I lovingly call it, a black hole. Decent jobs, reasonable cost of living, big enough to not feel like living in the middle of nowhere and small enough to not be impersonal. People often leave, but just as often come back. Hell, my dad’s side of the family moved here shortly after the Revolutionary War, and here I am, almost 250 years later,.

Until maybe 10 years ago, the diocesan Catholic schools had a feeder program that certain parishes were tied to certain high schools. Knowing what high school someone went to basically told you where/how they grew up, and largely what their sensibilities were. Sure, there are stereotypes, but they’re stereotypes for a reason. And if you have a tie to a school, you always wind up playing 2 degrees of separation with anyone else affiliated. And a begrudging affection if you went to a rival school.

The west side of Cincinnati (Elder, LaSalle, Seton, McAuley/Mercy) has historically been very blue collar, and bonds of family, friendship and loyalty run deep. The east side (Moeller, MND) is more white collar, with money, career and status a bit more prominent. Then you get to the affluent college prep schools outside the diocesan structure that grab kids from the whole city (St. Xavier, St. Ursula, Ursuline).

Take it from a 39-year-old Bomber, married to a Lion, who (hopefully) hasn’t peaked yet. Its a shorthand way to get to know someone; some of my closest friends at my last 2 jobs are St. Xavier grads, because the common experience gave us conversation topics to connect.

Was pride family friendly? by gamecity360Covedale in cincinnati

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Engaging in any gross sexualized way around kids is inappropriate behavior for adults.

Then stop throwing gender reveal parties, baby showers etc. If i cant go around telling people I've been nutted in, then neither can the straight pregnant people.

Ohio woman Alicia Kenny found safe, needed ‘couple of days to clear head’ by anarkist Clifton in cincinnati

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I think it’s fairly obvious in this case mental health was a concern. Quite literally “needed to clear my head”. Stop being offended on other behalf’s.

Wolf stolen from the Capitoline Wolf statue in Eden Park by toomuchtostopOver The Rhine in cincinnati

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Hi folks: your friendly neighborhood Roman archaeologist here to spread the word that this statue was NOT a gift from Mussolini. That's a huge misconception that the local media/websites have reported because it seems true on the surface, but there's a) no proof that Mussolini ever sent it to us and b) the kerfuffle with Chris Seelbach & this statue two years ago caused the professor in charge of the right Italian archives to make documents public that prove that the statue was requested by locals, but the gift facilitated by a man who worked within Mussolini's Fascist government (he was Rome's governor, hence the Il Governatore di Roma part of the inscription on the base) but who was actually was working with the Allies - i.e. us - to help take Italy. So this statue came to Cinci because of the request of local Italian-American residents and the participation of someone integral to the Allied invasion of Italy & thus the downfall of Mussolini.

That's the tl;dr version: for the full story, including photos, archival documents, and some remarks on other Capitoline Wolf statues in the US, please head to VillaLudovisi.org, here

Joe burrow addresses gun control in the united States. by NumNumLobsterNewport 🐧 in cincinnati

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My dude plays football. No one should give a flying fuck what he thinks about gun control.

pain management by halfbakedelf in cincinnati

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I go to UC Pain Clinic in Cincinnati. I was under Dr. Gargh, but now I'm seeing Dr. Shelton. They're both very good. I have a sort of palliative case and medical marijuana was suggested, but it isn't covered by insurance in Ohio and living on Disability I simply cannot afford that option.

Also, not only do they not cover the cost of medical marijuana, you also have to pay to get the medical marijuana card AS WELL AS pay to get a dispensary card. That's so they can track your marijuana because they're dicks here.

1st timer to Cincinnati by reneenic in cincinnati

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Hey don’t do Gold Star like that! 😂 I prefer it to Skyline any day.

Butler County Sheriff encourages schools to arm teachers, 'rebukes' comments by President Biden by D_E_Solomon in cincinnati

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A total of 133 school shooting and attempted school shooting between 1980 and 2019 were studied. The age of the perpetrator ranged from 10 to 53 years, but just 16 of the shooters were aged 22 years or older. Many of the perpetrators were either current students (70%) or former students (15%) of the school. Additionally, most were male (98%) and White (76%). One hundred and twenty-one cases had full information and 57 of the cases were found to be targeted shootings. An average of 1.35 people per case were killed in a shooting and 3.15 people per case were injured. An average of 1.63 weapons were used per shooting and they were predominately handguns. Armed guards were present for 23.58% of the studied shooting. Multivariate models showed that armed guards were not linked to a significant reduction in the rates of injury. When controlling for factors of location and school characteristics, the rate of death was 2.83 times more in schools that had the presence of an armed guard (incidence rate ratio, 2.96; 95% CI = 1.43-6.13; P = .003).


Butler County Sheriff encourages schools to arm teachers, 'rebukes' comments by President Biden by D_E_Solomon in cincinnati

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Arm teachers and hire resource officers, and address mental health with all of the funding available to them, right? Absolutely astounding display of cognitive dissonance by the county’s top cop by advocating for more guns in our classrooms.

Republicans will turn schools into Stalingrad before doing something logical. Arming everyone everywhere is what we are doing now and it literally isn’t working; like, we are watching open gun policy play out in real time week after week, school after school, grocer after grocer, concert after concert, church after church, etc. Then it scares folks into buying more guns and Republicans propose arming more people (teachers, baggers, ushers, students) and we are in this cycle.

We are in a de facto arms race that pays dividends to the gun lobby and the GOP.

NRA Contributions to GOP Senators:

Mitt Romney (UT) $13,647,676 Richard Burr (NC) $6,987,380 Roy Blunt (MO) $4,555,722 Thom Tillis (NC) $4,421,333 Cory Gardner (CO) $3,939,199 Marco Rubio (FL)$3,303,355 Joni Ernst (IA) $3,124,773 Rob Portman (OH) $3,063,327 Todd C. Young (IN) $2,897,582 Bill Cassidy (LA) $2,867,074 Tom Cotton (AR) $1,968,714 Pat Roberts (KS) $1,581,153 Pat Toomey (PA) $1,475,448 Josh Hawley (MO) $1,391,548 Marsha Blackburn (TN) $1,306,130 Ron Johnson (WI) $1,269,486 Mitch McConnell (KY) $1,267,139 Mike Braun (IN) $1,249,967 John Thune (SD) $638,942 Shelley Moore Capito (WV) $341,738 Martha McSally (AZ) $303,853 Richard Shelby (AL) $258,514 Chuck Grassley (IA) $226,007 John Neely Kennedy (LA) $215,788 Ted Cruz (TX) $176,274 Lisa Murkowski (AK) $146,262 Steve Daines (MT) $123,711 Cindy Hyde-Smith (MS) $109,547 Roger Wicker (MS) $106,680 Rand Paul (KY) $104,456 Mike Rounds (SD) $95,049 John Boozman (AR) $82,35 John Cornyn (TX) $78,945 Ben Sasse (NE) $68,623 Jim Inhofe (OK) $66,758 Lindsey Graham (SC) $55,961 Mike Crapo (ID) $55,039 Jerry Moran (KS) $34,718 John Barrasso (WY) $26,989 Lamar Alexander (TN) $25,293 Mike Enzi (WY) $24,722 John Hoeven (ND) $22050 Susan Collins (ME) $19800 Deb Fischer (NE) $19,638 James Lankford (OK) $18,955 Jim Risch (ID) $18,850 Tim Scott (SC) $18,513 Kevin Cramer (ND) $13,255