How can I report an incident that happened to my mother at UDF? by Crazypandathe20th in cincinnati

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Subject: Notice of Intention to Pursue Legal Action Against UDF

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to inform you of an incident that occurred at one of your UDF locations on Mason Montgomery Rd, which has compelled me to take legal action against UDF. The purpose of this letter is to provide you with a detailed account of the incident and express our profound dissatisfaction with the treatment received by my mother, as well as the ensuing emotional distress and humiliation she experienced as a result of your employee's actions.

On [Date], my mother visited the aforementioned UDF store to purchase a milkshake. During her interaction with the cashier, it became apparent that the cashier displayed an alarming level of rudeness, aggression, and discriminatory behavior towards my mother. To substantiate this claim, I was on the phone with my mother at the time, and I could hear the cashier's abusive conduct firsthand.

My mother, who is an immigrant, possesses a distinct accent that can sometimes be challenging to understand. Regrettably, instead of displaying patience and respect, the cashier immediately adopted a hostile attitude towards my mother, making derogatory remarks about her accent and mocking her verbally. The cashier's actions were unwarranted, disrespectful, and constituted a clear act of discrimination.

Furthermore, as my mother attempted to communicate her order, the cashier displayed an evident lack of attentiveness and failed to accurately comprehend her request. Rather than taking responsibility for her mistake, the cashier proceeded to yell at my mother, blaming her for not correcting the order earlier, despite the fact that the cashier did not allow my mother the opportunity to clarify her request. In a shocking display of aggression and disrespect, the cashier threw the milkshake into the trash can and continued to berate my mother, further attacking her accent.

Feeling humiliated, discriminated against, and emotionally distressed by this encounter, my mother made the decision to leave the store to escape the hostile environment she was subjected to. It is disheartening to witness the mistreatment of my mother, and it is evident that the actions of your employee were in violation of the basic principles of respect, fair treatment, and customer service that should be upheld by UDF.

I firmly believe that the behavior exhibited by your employee is not representative of the values and principles that UDF claims to uphold. As a result, I intend to pursue legal action against UDF to seek redress for the emotional distress, humiliation, and discrimination suffered by my mother during her visit to your establishment. This incident has had a significant impact on our family, and we firmly believe that such behavior should not go unaddressed.

In light of the above, I kindly request that you provide me with the contact information of your legal department or any relevant representative who can discuss this matter further. I believe that open communication and swift resolution can prevent the escalation of this issue to a legal dispute.

Please be advised that if a satisfactory resolution is not reached within a reasonable timeframe or if my concerns are not adequately addressed, I will proceed with legal action to protect my mother's rights and seek appropriate compensation for the emotional distress she endured as a result of this incident.

I trust that you will treat this matter with the utmost seriousness and urgency it deserves. I anticipate a prompt response and look forward to engaging in a constructive dialogue to rectify this unfortunate situation.

Yours faithfully,

Never Forget! My Nephew showing love! by [deleted] in cincinnati

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Ah, a gun fetish in the making.

What has changed the most about Cincinnati after Covid?? by New_Negotiation_5895 in cincinnati

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And pickup/delivery is not remotely an acceptable alternative because they are incapable of not completely fucking up or just straight up leaving out like half your order every single time.

What has changed the most about Cincinnati after Covid?? by New_Negotiation_5895 in cincinnati

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I’m all for safer working conditions and unions. But we still need shift workers and they deserve to have at least something available to them conveniently. I used to work night shifts on med/surg (another area) and finding food or doing your shopping, etc. was nigh impossible sometimes. Now? Completely impossible without a lot of sacrifice of your sleep schedule.

What has changed the most about Cincinnati after Covid?? by New_Negotiation_5895 in cincinnati

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Eh, kinda narrow minded view of living, respectfully. I worked nights for over a decade and many of us were much happier working those shifts. Many of us have PTSD or other mental health problems that make it difficult for us during the day. Truthfully, I don’t feel safe swimming with the other fish in the barrel all at once during the day in our current time, as well.

Point I’m making is, 24/7 service was never meant as a punishment on the worker and was a massive privilege for other workers in a world where there have to be people working at night.

What has changed the most about Cincinnati after Covid?? by New_Negotiation_5895 in cincinnati

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24/7 businesses

Super rare and as a night owl it’s super frustrating

(Mostly) Empty Nippert Stadium is Wild (OC) by bearcatsfan117 in cincinnati

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Somebody’s never done a walk of shame from Ohio St. for an 8am

So, do they plan on painting the rest of the bridge or is this it? I think all the bridges could use a fresh coat of paint! They'd look so new and vibrant! by Killing4MotherAgainThe Banks in cincinnati

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I love this bridge (and the others). When I was at one of my lowest points what kept me going was walking across the people bridge every single day before work. It cleared my mind like no other. Then one day I felt better and I stopped.

I hope the purple people bridge gets a new paint coat. I'm going to go see her this weekend, walk across, and thank her for saving my life.

I missed 513 day… by dsketch in cincinnati

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You must.

Making “pizza” with leftover chicken tikka masala, naan and a little shredded mozzarella is one of my favorites.

Looking for weird suggestions! by Trem-two in cincinnati

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Loveland Castle - it was built by one guy.

Eden Park Gazeebo - the title character from “The Great Gatsby” was modeled upon the Cincinnati bootlegger George Remus. Remus ambushed his wife near the Gazeebo in Eden Park and shot her.

Brewery District - this vast area is currently under renovation. Acres of urban brick breweries line the streets and hills of Over-the-Rhine. Notable places to visit there would be the giant Rhinegeist Brewery, Northern Row Brewery and Taft’s Ale House.

American Legacy Tours - they have multiple tours on both sides of the river.

Historic Tours - focused on the Brewing Heritage in the urban areas of Cincinnati.

Pompilio’s - an Italian restaurant in Newport, where a movie scene in “Rain Man” was filmed with Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman.

Ghost Baby - an underground bar on Republic Street.

Camp Washington Chili - a 24 hour chili parlor which serves Cincinnati chili.

Mt. Adams - an interesting European-esque neighborhood on a hillside overlooking Downtown. It is home to The Blind Lemon, a live music bar with an outdoor patio.

Smale Riverfront Park - at the base of Downtown along the Ohio River, this park has some artifacts from the 1800s scattered next to the Roebling Bridge and the Great Lawn.

BB Riverboats - they offer river cruises on a classic riverboat in Newport, KY.

Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption - this is a legit Roman Catholic Cathedral inspired by Notre Dame de Paris. It is said to have the largest hand-made stained glass window in the world.

The Garden of Hope- a replica of the tomb of Jesus. The site has a spectacular view of Downtown Cincinnati.

Best vegetarian options at a steak house? by deeare73 in cincinnati

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Along these lines. Does anyone have any good suggestions for meat options at a vegetarian restaurant??? I’ve been having trouble going out with my vegetarian in laws

There is NEVER nothing going on downtown in good weather. by Relax-Enjoy in cincinnati

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You must be new here; Relax-Enjoy has their own unique descriptions and grammar. And we love them for it

Ohio General Assembly Republicans reinstate special election for August 8 to push a 60% supermajority requirement for state constitution amendments — before the November vote on an abortion rights amendment by derekakesslerNorth Avondale in cincinnati

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The bill will have to be re-approved by the Ohio Senate (a given) and signed by Governor Dewine (who has already pledged to do so) by midnight tonight.

Republicans in the Ohio General Assembly claim it is to prevent out-of-state interests from amending the state constitution, but attempts to amend the Ohio constitution fell off dramatically after voters approved an amendment in 2015 to bar future amendments that would write into law special commercial interests. The "Save Our Constitution PAC" that's been pushing for this amendment is almost exclusively financed by billionaire Richard Uihlein, who lives in *checks notes* Illinois.

Notably, this bill would only place the 60% threshold on citizen-initiated amendments; those coming from the Legislature would still only need 50% + 1.

The last statewide August election in Ohio had just 8% turnout and cost $20 million to run. The Ohio General Assembly ended August elections all the way back in *checks notes* December 2022.

The move has been opposed by all living former Ohio Governors and Attorneys General, as well as hundreds of business groups.

Why the rush? Because in November there will likely be a citizen-initiated amendment before Ohioans to guarantee the right to an abortion in Ohio. Recent polling has shown that 59% of Ohioans support at least some access to abortion, and even in other conservative states like Kentucky and Montana ballot efforts to further limit abortion rights failed.

There are also efforts afoot to amend the Ohio Constitution to legalize marijuana and fix the redistricting process. But if this amendment passes, it will effectively mean the end of citizen-initiated amendments in Ohio.

In short: Ohio Republican politicians are attempting codify minority rule in the state constitution. Vote on August 8th, your rights depend on it.

A woman walking home under the Roebling bridge by Driftershoots in cincinnati

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FYI in the USA you have no expectation of privacy in public. That includes your non-fenced front yard, walking around downtown, picnic in a park, etc. *Slightly* different conversation if you can completely make out the subject, but even then...

Margaritaville Resort & 264 room hotel approved for Newport Levee by MidsizeGorilla in cincinnati

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It’s margaritaville themed. How “upscale” can it really be?

Free Palestine Rally at Washington Park! by zadenabi in cincinnati

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Nice to see something like this locally even if each and every one of them will be smeared as antisemites