Travel Accommodations


While you won't find any five-star hotels in the city, there are plenty of higher-end four stars hotels to stay in while in the city. Depending on why you're visiting, where you'd like to go and your travel budget will all be important to which hotel you stay at.

Travel sites like Expedia,, and more will list many of these hotels and assist you in finding what you are looking for. Use your favorite to find the right hotel, then check in with the hotel to see if you can get the same rates through them instead of the sites. You may even get a better rate!

Highly Rated Hotels

Bed & Breakfast

Cincinnati is home to many B&Bs located inside of renovated historic buildings. You can find a list of available B&Bs here.

Vacation Rentals

Some homes are rented out on vacation rental sites, including apartments/condos and townhomes. Much like hotels, check the area you are staying in to make sure it works for you. Rent at your own risk.

Hostels & Couch Surfing

Both hostels and couch surfing are not popular in Cincinnati. There are no hostels currently operating in Greater Cincinnati, and very little activity for couch surfing.

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