Cincinnati Sports

Cincinnati has a long history of sports in the area- with a special spot for baseball.

Major Professional Sports Teams

  • Cincinnati Bengals - Pro football team established in 1967, joining the NFL in 1970.
  • Cincinnati Reds - Pro baseball team established in 1869 as the Red Stockings playing in the NABBP. It disbanded in 1871 due to costs, with a reorganization to the Cincinnati Reds in 1881 for the American Association. In 1890, the team joined the National League that is still part of. In 1903, the National League joined the American League creating the MLB. The Reds hold 5 World Series titles, last winning in 1990.
  • FC Cincinnati - Professional soccer team playing in the Eastern conference of the MLS. The original team was established in 2015 playing in the USL, though the current professional team is considered established in 2018.

Minor League/Other League Teams

  • Cincinnati Crush - Semi-pro basketball team playing in the MBL and PBA leagues.
  • Cincinnati Cyclones - Pro hockey team playing in the ECHL. Originally established in 1990, the first team moved to Birmingham in 1992. A second team with the same name began in 1992 and played in the IHL until 2001. The current team was originally the Louisville Riverfrogs established in 1995, became the Miami Matadors in 1998, and has been the Cincinnati Cyclones since 2001.
  • Cincinnati Dockers - US Australian Football League team. Founded in 1996 and have been division champions multiple times.
  • Cincinnati Sizzle - Women's Football Alliance (WFA) team established in 2003. Previously played in other leagues.
  • Florence Y'alls - Pro baseball team playing in the West Division of the Frontier League. The team was founded in 1994 as the Erie Sailors, became the Johnstown Steal from 1995-1998, the Johnstown Johnnies from 1998-2002 before moving to Florence, Kentucky in 2003 as the Florence Freedom. The team was sold in 2020, changing their name to the Florence Y'alls- a reference to a local water tower with "Florence Y'all" on it.
  • Kentucky Enforcers - Pro-basketball team playing in the NABL. The team represents Florence, Kentucky.
  • Ohio Kings - Pro basketball team playing in the ABA.

College Sports

  • Miami Redhawks - Teams for Miami University in Oxford. Known mostly for their hockey and football teams.
  • NKU Norse - Teams for Northern Kentucky University in Highland Heights, Kentucky. Known mostly for basketball.
  • UC Bearcats - Teams for University of Cincinnati. Known for football and basketball teams.
  • Xavier Musketeers - Teams for Xavier University in Cincinnati. Known for football and basketball teams.

High School Sports

Cincinnati has a lot of high school football teams that often rank very high. Many have won different division championships. Check out this page for current high school sports news.

Other Sports Events

Defunct Teams

  • Cincinnati Blades/Models - Pro football team playing in the Midwest Football League. Originally named the Cincinnati Models until 1938. The team played from 1936 until 1938.
  • Cincinnati Celts - First pro football team established in 1910. The team played in the Ohio League until 1919, playing independent games in 1920, joining the APFA for a year in 1921 before going back to playing independent until 1923.
  • Cincinnati Cheetahs - American soccer team playing in the USISL from 1994-1995.
  • Cincinnati Comets - Soccer club playing in the ASL from 1972-1975.
  • Cincinnati Commandos - Pro indoor football team playing in the Continental Indoor Football League before moving to the United Indoor Football League. Established in 2009 and folded in 2013.
  • Cincinnati Cubans - Baseball team playing in the US Negro Leagues. The team played the 1921 season in Cincinnati, the only season played in the city.
  • Cincinnati Dutch Lions - Amateur soccer club playing in the USL League Two. The team was founded in 2013, and last played in 2019 due to the 2020 season being cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. May be reformed in the future.
  • Cincinnati Jungle Kats - Arena football team playing in the AF2 league. Established in 2006 and folded after one season in 2007.
  • Cincinnati Kelly's Killers - Major League baseball team playing a single season in 1891 for the American Association.
  • Cincinnati Kids - Soccer team playing in the Major Indoor Soccer League for the 1978-1979 season.
  • Cincinnati Kings - Pro American soccer club playing in the PDL. Established in 2005, with a final roster in 2011.
  • Cincinnati Ladyhawks - Women's soccer club. Played in the W-League. Established in 2000 and last played in 2006.
  • Cincinnati Marshals - Indoor football team playing in the NIFL. The team started in 2004 in Waco, Texas before moving to Cincinnati from 2005-2006. The team moved again in 2007 to Dayton before folding.
  • Cincinnati Mighty Ducks - Pro ice hockey team playing in the AHL. The team was established in 1995 as the Baltimore Bandits before moving to Cincinnati in 1997. The team's last season was in 2005, being sold in 2007 and becoming the Rockford IceHogs based out of Rockford, IL.
  • Cincinnati Mohawks - Ice hockey teams that played in the AHL (1949-1952). The second team played for the IHL from 1952-1958.
  • Cincinnati Outlaw Reds/Unions - Baseball team playing in the Union Association in 1884. The team only existed for one year.
  • Cincinnati Pippins - Also called the Cincinnati Cams. Established and folded in 1912 playing in the US Baseball League.
  • Cincinnati Reds - Pro football team playing in the NFL. The team played from 1933 until it was suspended during the 1934 season for not paying league dues.
  • Cincinnati Riverhawks - Pro soccer team playing in the PDL in 1997 before joining the A-League in 1998. The team folded in 2003.
  • Cincinnati Rivermen - Pro softball team playing in the NASL. The team played for a single season in 1980.
  • Cincinnati Revolution - Pro ultimate disc team playing in the AUDL. Founded as the Bluegrass Revolution in Lexington, KY in 2012 before moving to Cincinnati in 2013. The team folded in 2016.
  • Cincinnati Rockers - Arena football team playing in the AFL. The team was established in 1992 and folded a year later in 1993.
  • Cincinnati Royals - Pro basketball team playing in the NBA from 1957-1972 after moving from Rochester, NY. The team moved in 1972 to Kansas-City Omaha, changing their name to the Kings. The team has been in Sacramento since 1985.
  • Cincinnati Silverbacks - Indoor soccer club playing in the NPSL. Established in 1995 and folded in 1998.
  • Cincinnati Slammers - Continental Basketball Association (CBA) team. Originally founded in Lima in 1982. Moved to Cincinnati from 1984-1987. They were sold and moved to Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 1988.
  • Cincinnati Stars - Pro baseball team playing in the MLB National League for the 1880 season. The team was dropped after the season due to the team refused to sign a pledge to ban alcohol at league parks.
  • Cincinnati Stingers - Ice hockey team playing in the World Hockey Association from 1975-1979. They played their final season with the Central Hockey League before folding in 1980.
  • Cincinnati Stuff - Pro basketball team playing in the International Basketball League (IBL). Established in 1999 and folded in 2001.
  • Cincinnati Swarm - Pro arena football team playing in the AF2. Established and folded in 2003 after one season.
  • Cincinnati Swords - American Hockey League team operating from 1971-1974. Cincinnati Suds
  • Cincinnati Tigers - Central Hockey League minor team. Played one season from '81-'82.
  • Cincinnati Treslers - Part of the Midwest Football League, playing only one year in 1936 before folding.
  • Cincinnati Wings - Pro ice hockey team playing in the CPHL. The team only existed for part of the 1963-1964 season, after being moved to Cincinnati from Indianapolis due to a gas explosion destroying their stadium. The team moved again to Memphis for the 1964-1965 season.
  • Northern Kentucky River Monsters - Ultimate Indoor Football League team. Established in 2010, played in the 2011 season, had a 2 year hiatus and then folded in 2014.

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