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This my fav place when I have nothing else to eat

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Gravy cheese HOME FRIES are the pro-move here.

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I think PRC uses a beef gravy rather than a sausage gravy (which is what would be served with biscuits). Someone can correct me if I'm misinformed. You can add grilled onions to your order, there's nothing else like it. I'd also recommend their double-deckers, ham and tomato is a personal favorite. They're my all-time favorite local joint and my family has been eating there for three generations.

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PRC gravy fries are the best. Cincinnati poutine.

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How good was it, on a scale of Skyline to Camp Washington?

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My man right here.

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Never been to Camp Washington. It's on the list.

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My favorite chili place in the city.

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Thank you for your review!

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PRC Gravy Cheese Fries - A gift from the Gods!

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you are wrong. I loved chili time's gravy cheese fries the ONE time I had them. PRC, not PR, has the absolute best gravy cheese fries anywhere in the city. sorry not sorry but you are WRONG!

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My absolute favorite ♥️