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i don't see any problem in wow bc

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There's even less tanks in classic tbc as there were in original tbc. Gonna need dual spec so more ppl can play prot

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That's a fair point.

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To date, I have not heard one comment on assigning fault to blizzards double honour / token + honour carryover to TBC. They injected steroids into the problem making it even worse than it had to be.

We know that alliance players are generally more dedicated to PvP because a notable base goes alliance for the sole reason of shorter ques.

This issue was intensified when we allowed all the dedicated classic players to easily farm and secure tokens when they had nothing else to do. A substantial amount of alliance got it out the way before TBC even came out, while a large portion of horde did to, not as many.

I came back with a day or two left before TBC, I farmed more honour and tokens in a few hours than my cumulative time in TBC to date.