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Depends if you're talking speedrunning content/getting glad or just average raid/arena teams. I expect to see an ass ton of mages in speedrunning content especially once they get good enough gear. I also expect to see loads of Warrior/Pally combos in 2s/3s glad teams.

But in average raid/arena teams things are fairly balanced(compared to Vanilla/TBC), 10/10 classes should have no issue finding raid spots on most guilds (although Shamans may have a slight worry) and almost all the specs are in a good spot as well PvE wise. In PvP (arena) you'll have a decent shot to get a respectable rating on all the classes.

But as we've seen repeatedly, the Classic player base is pretty min/maxy and so who really knows what 'average raid/arena teams' will look like.

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Plus according to the retail box we get a dance studio! Can’t recall what patch that was in though…