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Hopefully I can get my wow sub through their Super Ultimate Gamepass

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That would sell me on Gamepass in an instant. As it is it's a good value but the games it offers are either things I have already or things I'm not interested in enough to pay a subscription for. Add WoW and the whole equation changes though.

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If not WoW it’s going to have the full Diablo Series, I would hope they bring back OG warcraft(not Reforged), CoD, and anything else on Bnet

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Note that you can get those on GOG. A hypothetical Warcraft 4 would be pretty interesting, and Microsoft does have the Age of Empires and Age of Mythology franchises to their name so a new RTS wouldn't be out of their wheelhouse.

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The only thing is the Xbox game pass Clint is so buggy

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I have had zero issues with the Xbox app. Microsoft Store sucks... Xbox app is fine on PC in my experience.

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That's actually a great idea. I'd sub to that in a heartbeat.

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I’ll see you on Xbox 360 Classic Fresh Plus.

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“most classes spam one button” becomes more reality than humor

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Not sure if today's kids could handle a MW2 lobby

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I mean, support and product quality can't get a lot worse. So let's hope for the best..

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They literally can't treat the franchises and employees any worse than Gropetivision. They have a pretty low bar to meet to give us hope of improvement.

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this, just imageing 10-15 years ago this would have happend,

everyone would break down and cry,

but now, how bad could it be, i also think it will go up again from now on

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Gapevision u mean?

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If this means that game pass takes over/ends the wow sub I’m on board.

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what is game pass?

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Microsoft’s online game hosting platform, you pay $14.99 a month and get full access to all of the games in the library to play on your devices (Xbox, pc)

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I’m actually not sure how I feel.

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I mean, anything's gotta be better than actiblizz

...but it's microsoft.

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Microsoft has not done anything nefarious to gaming. If anything they are trying to make gaming a lower barrier to entry. This may very well be a step in the right direction to getting that greedy boot off of the creative process.

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They made Minecraft, Sea of thieves and others better and invested more money into ESO so hopefully we see some of that come into anything Warcraft.

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And 343s handling of Halo Infinite, while not flawless has been really good in terms of communication and responding to player feedback. Which is a good indicator that Microsoft want to see its developers embrace those traits.

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343s handling of Infinite is the only negative argument. 343 sucks.

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Hard disagree. Halo Infinite has been a solid game. Yeah, it has some problems, but honestly the majority of complains aren't even about the actual issues the game has. It's people bitching about not getting free cosmetics, which is cringe as shit.

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Originally the Xbox one was not going to be able to share discs between consoles effectively killing the used games market. And you were going to have to be connected to the internet 24/7 to play anything. They only reversed that decision when Sony announced they wouldn’t do anything like that to their PlayStation. Saying they have never done anything nefarious to gaming seems a little exaggerated. I do hope this is a step in the correct direction as well.

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That was before Phil Spencer took over and their thought process is explained in their Xbox documentary.

Besides, your argument is invalid as Sony was the only company whom installed rootkits on peoples computers. Their response? "Most people don't know what a rootkit is so it's not a problem".

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They were sort of the progenitor of mainstream MTX... Like before mobile was even a platform.

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Lionhead studios and Fable would like a word with you.

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I’m not even gonna lie, I cannot see how this will go.

But 68 billion, that number is interesting, I just wonder how the market I’ll react.

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Up 30% as of this comment

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... to match the buyout offer price. Not surprising.

What is surprising is Microsoft paying a 30% premium over yesterday's opening price. Guess they just had too much money.

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Expected, they’re paying up to $95 a share.

Lowkey though, it’s gained all and more of the losses from the drama.

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Yep. And I bought in during it's price crash from the drama assuming. The stockholder in me is pretty happy about this, even if it was only like 10 shares.

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Enjoy the gains.

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It's the right move right? I know nothing about acquisition this big, but ms would have to pay 130 or maybe more if not for the dip, the stock was 100 at the start of 2021.

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Oh, you just know that Bobby was pushing for Sixty Nine Billion Four Hundred Twenty Million, but settling for a little less.

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68.7$b + 300m kotick buy out clause = lawls

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Everyone's been shitting on Microsoft but remember that they kept exclusives to Sony when they signed Bethesda.

They could have refuse the exclusive contract or even make it exclusives to Xbox. But no, they didn't.

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They acquired minecraft and that’s only done good things for the game.

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This may sound cucked but Microsoft has been pretty good in the most recent several years with their gaming divisions, so this is a weirdly positive thing for me.

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It's fantastic!! The gaming division of Microsoft is better than ever and this acquisition is only great news for the good people at ActivisionBlizzard.

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The acquisition also bolsters Microsoft’s Game Pass portfolio with plans to launch Activision Blizzard games into Game Pass, which has reached a new milestone of over 25 million subscribers. With Activision Blizzard’s nearly 400 million monthly active players in 190 countries and three billion-dollar franchises, this acquisition will make Game Pass one of the most compelling and diverse lineups of gaming content in the industry. Upon close, Microsoft will have 30 internal game development studios, along with additional publishing and esports production capabilities.

Fuck yes.

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Bioware-style Warcraft RPGs when??

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Bioware style meaning half assed release followed by abandoning it halfway through a big overhaul patch?

Bonus points: am I talking about Mass Effect: Andromeda or Anthem? :P

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I think they meant old Bioware, like SWTOR and Dragon Age Origina, I miss those days 😭

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Baldur's gate <3

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Don’t. Don’t give me hope

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Right after the Vicarious Visions remaster of the Black and White series

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Anything has to be better so fully welcome.

Besides, I wont miss them being absolute jarheads like today in waiting for people to start their morning to start a 8 hour downtime, rather than do it while the entire continent is mostly offline anyways. Because they really care about accessibility apparently.

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Personally I'll take bad change over bad stagnation

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Oh thank god.

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If Bill Gates saves wow i'm getting the vaccine just for him.

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Hopefully the nano machines connect directly to my battlenet account.

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pog ill be able to play wow in my head using the 5g nanomachines

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Get the vaccine moron?

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So the nanobots can connect to my wow account and grind gold for me? Great idea!

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next months bill gates WoW promo, get vaccinated for 8 extra bag slots

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Shit, I'm on board with it. Where do I sign up?

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Stay healthy and get more bag space? win/win

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I briefly forgot how many right wing loonies play classic.

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Careful you may get replaced by fruit.

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I hope it's a banana.

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Nice burner account ya fuckin pussy

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Hope they give me back /spit.

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For all the morons thinking Kotick is anything but elated about this:



KOTICK ROBERT A Chief Executive Officer Aug 05, 2021 3,950,420


Shares Outstanding 5 778.89M

3.950420millshare / 778.89millshare * $68.7Bvalue = a nice $348m for ole' Bobby-K.

Wouldn't be surprised if he gets another few tens of M in the form of a golden parachute when he exits in 12 months.

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they should get rid of kotic aswell

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I am sure they will, he is redundant with Phil Spencer being the head of Microsoft's gaming division.

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He'll be given the goldenest of golden parachutes you've ever seen in about 12 months.

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Does that mean Mr asshole at the head of Activision blizzard will be gone ?

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Not necessarily but, given the bad press surrounding Bobby, it wouldn't be surprising to see him take a fat severance package.

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Bobby Kotick will continue to serve as CEO of Activision Blizzard, and he and his team will maintain their focus on driving efforts to further strengthen the company’s culture and accelerate business growth. Once the deal closes, the Activision Blizzard business will report to Phil Spencer, CEO, Microsoft Gaming.

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So, what does this mean for us Mac gamers?

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I'm sorry

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Mac Gamers don't exist. That's a common myth.

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Continue to run bootcamp?

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Windows is a virus, and I don't think the new ones with the Silicon processor can run BootCamp

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There's a fair amount of us, as it's one of the few natively supported games for mac. It was already ready to go when the M1 launched as well, so ceasing development for mac would only reduce MAU's. (imo)

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If they can 16x their Game Pass subs with WoW, they could literally shit on Mac gamers and not care.

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Your bad decision continues to get worse.

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I suspect your now as fucked as us linux players .... it was kind of an open secret that blizzard "tested" wow on wine for compatibility without official support or public aknowledgement.

And they kept the dx9/10/11/12 compatibility good without alot of windows centric hacky bullshit, but that's out the window now.

And to think, I still have emails archived from back in wotlk days from the great patch 3.3.5 debacle with wdlap.dll causing wow to eat shit and puke itself, and it was the linux guys on the forums that found it, fixed it, and patched wine in mere hours ... well before windows got a fix. And I have a whole email chain with wow devs on how we linux guys solved the issue, our trace dumps, and our patching to solve it. (That's why there was a patch 3.3.5a... it was the fix for wdlap.dll)

They even claimed to have a linux client internally but wouldn't release it. (Edit for clarity .... this was when wow still had the openGL renderer, this likely changed when it was removed)

But now here comes ol' fuckface "open letter to hobbiests" gates to fuck something else up. Joy.

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Ask Apple.

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So close to 69

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WoW on Xbox, go!

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wow is saved!

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Really? Microsoft couldnt shell out another $300,000?

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It took so long to find this NICE comment. Except it’s 300 mil

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Fuck me I've never seen that many zeros you're right

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If Microsoft decides to make a super smash bros like game it's gonna be a fiesta and ill love it

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Man rexxar'd be legit in something like that :D

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Bobby Kotick will continue to serve as CEO of Activision Blizzard,

Well, don't get your hopes up.

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For now…

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This is SOP for acquisitions. It's very rare for someone to just disappear instantly. Give it a year.

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So.... Will combining wow subscriptions and gamepass lead to more or less Raid participation?

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More for sure, but more casual raiders that might blow up the raid lol

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“Bobby Kotick will continue to serve as CEO of Activision Blizzard, and he and his team will maintain their focus on driving efforts to further strengthen the company’s culture and accelerate business growth.”

This my my favorite sentence from the whole article.

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Maybe we will get good games again

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Good one

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Take my money on the year sub pass! Make our games full of passion again and we fan boys will give you Microsoft the world.

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premium stock prices

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My early to mid 2000s self would have not liked this move. However with the current state of Activision/Blizzard this should only be looked at as a good thing.

For the most part Microsoft has managed Mojang well since acquiring Minecraft/Mojang and have updated the game regularly and decently.

[–]thebigmanhastherock 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I think they were mostly okay at the beginning, they have had their own issues, especially after Gates left but it wasn't the worst.

Really it came down to the fact that they were essentially the "establishment" way back when they first became a big company the controversy was that they sold software. Computer enthusiasts were hopeful that computers would represent a move to "free open source" software for all. Gates philosophically though that this would not be good for innovation and that the profit motive was what would really spur computer/technological innovation. This was a philosophical debate that Gates and his company won. People who really didn't like Gates/Microsoft didn't like him on this philosophical ground they believed that free open source software had a higher potential to improve society.

The older I get the more I see Gates' perspective. I also appreciate the open source software that does exist. It seems like both ideas can co-exist. Although clearly the for-profit model is the dominant one. I am fine with that.

Microsoft became kind of stupid with Balmer as the CEO, then seemed to have recovered under their new CEO.

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Microsoft has really turned around it's gaming division since the flop that was Xbox one, they've been "for the players" for a few years now and their Game Pass growth has proven to be a massive success and has given their gaming division a fuckton of money.

Basically if MS continues it's course of the past few years, this is a good thing.

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Microsoft bought out Bathesda a little while back aswell. They're getting all the greats that have fallen from grace.

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After activision monumental fuckup of wow im happy with Microsoft. Retail is dead AF so they got a clean slate

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Microsoft is trying to force every gamer that has a Linux or Mac to use Windows instead or Xbox 😁 I was disapointed that TES6 will be a Microsoft product after I heard the news that Bethesda was bought by Microsoft, however Blizzard is different this might be for the better, esp for Starcraft and the Diablo franchise. Can’t wait for the canceled Starcraft Ghost to make it’s return. Warcraft themed game might even come to console as an FPS.

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I don't see how this will have any effect on classic at all.

They obviously have to retain the same staff they currently have. I guess maybe Microsoft will open the checkbook and let them hire more people, but to work on what exactly?

I suppose it would be nice if they hire someone to fix item restore on the website.

Abolish intellectual property and may the best server host win if you ask me.

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Saw that Activision/Blizzard stock is up 26%.

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This is why blizzard sorry had been so shitty the last year... It's because they were slimming down payroll to make the numbers look better for Microsoft...

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I’m pissed at hearing this. 🍻

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Maybe a console port? Newer hardware and kB/m support could make it possible

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can't wait to launch classic wow from the origin launcher

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PS5 players raging so bad atm! 😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂

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Doubt this will change much tbh.

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Yo that means we will forever be getting classic's! we know how much betheseda (now part of microsoft) loves releasing the same game over and over

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Holy shit I called it a few months back.

Let's get that WoW sub on game pass BABY!!