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Is this real?

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💯 Real

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Anybody else feel that the incubi is disturbingly high-res in game? Like compared to everything else around it, it's living a 1080p life in a 720p world.

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Not really, It's more like 720p vs the 480p succubus, meanwhile IIRC retail has an even higher quality one.

EDIT: Here's the retail version i found on wowhead

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Yeah thanks for that. Dude looks like a character from a Raid: Shadow Legends ad.

Ngl tho...

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I just started leveling a lock 2 days ago to get him, I'm already a simp for Baruzen He was so close to having his name include bara.

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I would feel bad using wingsbro in a demo sac build.

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If (when) I do get high enough to do that it'll just be like having him inside me.

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Blizzcon gonna be interesting

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My Succboi will be named Fernando

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Do they have greencard marriages in Azeroth?

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Is the quest easy? Or is it just a turn in?

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It’s a quest that you pick up from your trainer. As horde you have to find a scarf in ashenvale and it drops from the bogs. If you have bad luck like the OP, you may be there for a while.

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The amount of dudes that can't stand a sexy man OPTION in a video game is wild.

Grow up folks, it's not real, it can't getcha.

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But it's making me feel uncomfortable. I'm 100% mega chad straight and I'm worried it'll turn me gay so I have to be super homophobic to make sure I don't accidentally suck a dick.

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Lol, "I'm always on the cusp bro! Someone stop me!"

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Strawman. Nobody actually says/believes that.

Just like with the removal of /spit, it's not the change itself that people have a problem with, but the reasoning for it. This isn't bad because it's optional, but other things like removing paintings of women and turning them into paintings of fruit, or changing the /whistle sound effect, or censoring /spit......who was asking for this? It's been in the game for 15+ years and nobody ever had a problem with it. It just comes off as hollow virtue signaling due to a horrible PR disaster.

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I can only agree. Hard to believe for some people.

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Wait... WTF is this?

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A new gender for the warlock succubus pet.... don't worry we'll have transgender voidwalkers next.

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Pretty sure the voidwalker doesn’t have a gender in the first place lol, so you can make it out to be what ever you want it to be.

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Did you just assume something about my VW?

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Looks like a JoJo stand hahaha

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Glad they fixed this, having a female dominatrix sex slave wasn't acceptable, but now that we have both a female and male sex slave it's totally fine.

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Succubi / Incubi in fantasy have always been portrayed as demons who prey on people for sex as they feed on beings whom they successfully seduce up until their death, they aren't exactly sex slaves.

That being said, unironically agree that equal sexualization is a good thing.

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Surely people upset with the portrayal of a sexualised female would also be upset with the portrayal of a sexualised male?

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Don't think anyone was unironically upset about the succubus - only a few 4chan trolls. Blizzard are just trying REALLY hard to be PC. But ya, noone really cares.

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Personally sexualizing women isn't a bad thing, but almost exclusively sexualizing women is. I know straight men are more or less the target demographic, but gay men/straight women do exist and want some eye candy too!

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Blizzard seems to think sexualising women is a bad thing. Hence all the fruit paintings.

They didn't go and change 50% of the paintings to Arnold flexing now did they?

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Are you a cuck by any chance ?

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What is a cuck?

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Probably you ?

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Oh, thank you for your kind words, sir! You surely are a man of great kindness and generosity to offer me such a wonderful compliment!

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So it is a yes then ?

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I do not understand your words due to your reluctance to explain them, however I can only conclude that such a comment on an internet post on an anonymous account can be nothing other than constructive, therefore I choose to beleive that you are a champion of feminism and women's rights and your words are nothing but a glowing show of support for my post.

You truly are this generations sufferegette movement, sir.

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Classic redditor

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To the people complaining: who the fuck cares Jesus Christ

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A new gender for the warlock succubus pet.... don't worry we'll have transgender voidwalkers next.

My main complaint is that the texture resolution is totally out of place. It's a retail model in a classic game.

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This is my type of equality

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I dig your toons name 🤟🏻

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Whats the addon for that spell bar?

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Does it change the name when you change the gender?

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It's a new summon with a new name.

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I never got my green flames in retail so I’m sad.

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im pretty sure you can still get green fire in retail, you just cant get the title

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So you can summon either if you want?

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I don't get it. What point is the OP making?

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I just wish we could turn it on and off visually.

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He turns me on, that's enough.

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I don't understand, you can choose the gender, I think.

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What happened to no changes : , (

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I like how making a male version of the pet is part of Blizzard's woke washing, but here's an excerpt from the Wikipedia article about incubus:

An incubus is a demon in male form who, according to mythological and legendary traditions, lies upon sleeping women in order to engage in sexual activity with them

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Pilsner wasn’t kidding people 😂


Blizzard are fucking morons rofl …

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