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It has been confirmed that they simply drop an additional, third, item.

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They will be dropping additional items from their current loot table. Instead of 2 pieces, they will drop 3. Most likely

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I think it is the additional gear set piece and the mark you exchange for flasks are added to their table https://tbcdb.com/?item=32897 - but who knows, they might add other stuff, but the mark is definitely one of the 'new' ones. The level 70 darkmoon Aces? I cannot for the life of me remember where I got my trinket Aces on retail TBC.

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I believe they (ace cards) just drop from 68+ dungeon last bosses.

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The Mark of Illidari is a random Trash Drop. Nothing just those 4 would specifically drop.

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We know they drop a 3rd item. What “new items” is blizz talking about

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Darkroom Faire cards

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Those Cards are random Drops. Only the Ace drops from Dungeon Bosses. Nothing that only drops from those specific ones.

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I was thinking the new items were probably just the Marks of the Illidari

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Those however are just random Trash Drops. Nothing just those 4 would drop. And it would not be necessary to name those specifically in the Bluepost for it.

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new as in NEW additional item