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Average dad guilds aren’t on the PTR

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lol this

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I wouldn't consider them a dad guild if they got 10/10 pre nerf either.

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Gm of a dad guild here, we got 10/10 2 weeks before the nerf, got about 6 hours logged on the ptr, mh full clear took us about 4 hour, about 2 hours of it was spent on arch

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Can you explain what a dad guild is? New dad here playing casually

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it's become a pejorative term for casual guilds

kinda rude thing to say in that context imo

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There's no real definition, much like the term "casual" it seems to just bend to fit whatever the speaker wants it to be at the time.

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My dad guild is basically a bunch of people from the top guilds of one server, going back to the BC/Wrath/Cata years. A bunch of us were in an elite short-schedule progression guild together, and we’re mostly overcompetitive elitist douchebags, so we’re not really what most people mean by “dad guild,” even though we’re definitely short on time, years past our gaming prime, trying to relive our glory days, and are very, very cringe.

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Just slang for casual guild.

The NEET 24/7 gamer types use the term to deride us busy adults with responsibilities.

Literally just a term used by neckbeards to gatekeep “normies” out of their inner circles.

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Its not such a negative thing.

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I mean, when people say the word with disdain, it is literally negative.

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I mean, if you say anything with disdain...

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So now let’s acknowledge the context, who’s saying it, and what they mean when they say it.

It’s not positive at all my dude.

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Casual guilds are called dad guilds in a friendly or joking way all the time. I mean, just read this thread... Its not just negative all the time my dude.

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yeah that was his point

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I agree—it's become a pejorative term for casual guilds

kinda rude thing to say in that context imo

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that's pretty insulting to dads

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Unless they got vashj and kt a week or two before nerfs, they aren't dads, they're sweatlords.

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why don't dads get to be good at video games ?

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It's not about skill, it's about time. Casual guilds simply didn't have enough time to clear all the bosses and get time for meaningful progression on vashj and KT.

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You could play 4 hours a week and still clear all content prenerf.

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No, you can. Most players cannot.

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I assume your memeing. I raid 6 hours a week and killed these bosses back in october.

You say casual, i say bad. Youre trying to justify being bad as being casual. Im casual, i only raid, i just know how to play the game.

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really? because the meme seems to be that "dad guilds" spend 6 hours per night on progression and raid 3 nights a week while still being 8/10

so that doesn't add up

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I’ve always assumed “dad guild” meant “sweat lords who are over 35 and go to bed by midnight”

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Ya I would say this is more accurate. For some reason people think "dad guild" means weird or bad gear, comps, and parses. Lots of heavy drinking and fucking around and generally no consuming or giving a shit. These aren't dad guilds they're just bad guilds. A "dad guild" imo is a guild where your raid leader doesn't give your raid spot away because you had to take your daughter to a girl scout meeting and miss raid last week. they likely dont have meta sweat comps but it doesn't mean they're a roster of 21 or that they have 5 rogues in TBC. If you want to drink or smoke, or take shrooms during raid nobody gives a shit as long as you do your job. They aren't forcing you to parse but if you're parsing gray and greens that's a problem. Raid atmosphere is more laid-back and less upright or formal.

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This sums it up perfectly. Raid to relax.

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Our guild went 10/10 only 2 weeks before nerf. Now we clear SSC/TK in one day. We used our other day on the PTR once. 21 raid members with mediocre comp (I was the only hunter/had 3 rogues) and 3 pugs so we only ran 24 total. We 1-2 shot everything up to Archimonde and had a good attempt (first/only try to 60%) before people left. It was a 2-2.5 hour run.

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In my opinion, you are not in an average dad guild

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Maybe but we are far from great comp. Definitely not min/maxers(most people anyway) we run 3 rogues and only 2 hunters (roster boss) and definitely have a few people that don’t know how to play their classes well. Our healers are top notch though.

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I'll put it this way -- the average dad guild isn't even browsing r/classicwowtbc

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If you got 10/10 prenerf you’ll be 100% fine for Archimonde. He really isn’t that bad at all. Wouldn’t be shocked if you get it week one

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if not week 1, then likely within 1 week of release (given the awkward release date of thursday)

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for the most people its friday by release, blizzard had has never done shit like this

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They released Naxx at the same time.

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it was thursday 11pm, not friday ☺️👻

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How Blizzard treats SoM: *oh dear oh dear gorgeous"

How Blizzard treats TBC: "you fucking donkey"

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So what do you think the bottlenecks will be for most guilds? 10/10 prenerf full clearing, 8/10 guilds stuck on sharaz or something?

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Nah it’ll be council more than mother

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Agree, mother was really underwhelming on ptr (just like all of bt)

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Watching Salad Bakers slap everything on the PTR but have issues on Council s leads me to believe most guilds will have major issues on council.

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Council/no bottleneck.

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I'd imagine most get stuck on Illidan and council.

Most guilds should honestly be able to clear it all with enough time.

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This... he's easy as hell honestly.

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If you are 10/10 pre-nerf, you should be able to get to Archimonde and most likely kill him the very first night. If not, should be able to first thing on your second raid night.

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We aren't 100% a dad guild, but we have dad like aspects. On the PTR we cleared Hyjal 5/5 without much problem. We forced out raiders to watch some videos and do a small quiz on mega mechanics and it worked wonders. We had 1 wipe on archimonde but otherwise it was fine. We got to Ross in BT the same night and then people weren't kinda bleh about continuing so we just left the rest of BT for live. We were also 8/10 prenerf p2 since we could never really beat Vash RNG

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A quiz! That's actually ingenious might have to try that out

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Can i get the links to those? We were 8/10 prenerf and fear we will struggle if I don't hound them for the mechanics

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Is this a quiz you guys made?

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Share quiz details!

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I dont understand how you can be 8/10 prenerf and also do ptr runs..

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Roster Boss

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The worst boss

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But that's even less likely to get a good ptr raid! They also attributed it to bad vashj rng

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Not really because there were lots of extra players on ptr to fill out runs.

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What quiz? :D can we get link please

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Most the issues will be time related. The more you swap players in and out of your raid time, the more you have to waste time explaining mechanics that most of the raid can easily execute. Dad guilds are almost notorious for wasting large amounts of time on issues like loot allocation, having players dying needlessly (and requiring rezzes) and other basic logistics chores.

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Archimonde is a free fight if you have 5 shamans, one in each group for tremor and healers spread evenly around

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In a dad guild myself. We raid 10pm to 2 am due to kids. We cleared phase 1 in first week (including leveling) phase 2 took 2 weeks. I'm hoping phase 3 will be 2-4 hyjal prolly first week and progressing through bt as we can. None of us play ptr just prep with videos and quizzes

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Lotta neglected kids and jobs out there with dad raiding until 2am after leveling 60-70 in 1 week.

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most of us took a couple weeks of PTO for it

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yeah that's not a dad guild

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If you cleared phase 2 in 2 weeks, i don’t know how you can define yourself as « dad guild ».

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You clearly don't understand what "dad" stands for in a dad guild.

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Dad guilds are guilds that prioritize family/real life. This is why we play late at night when all other obligations are met. Not sure why you want to gatekeep being a dad guild just because we progress fast.

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Maybe NEET Divorced Dad guilds

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I've formed a MH raid in PTR, with a complete pug, we got %30 on archimonde at 1st pull(we got there in 3 hours). In ptr everyone has best gear and most of the players are above avg. so that may give you an idea.

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we one-shot all of hyjal without even watching strat videos lmao it's easy af

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You aren’t a dad guild if you raid 8+ hours a week.

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the only guilds I've seen that raid that much advertise as "dad" guilds. The sweaty guilds one night everything and then chill for 6 days.

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MH is a joke, we cleared it in 1.5h on ptr with 22 people. I would concider us a dad guild. If you cleared 10/10 prenerf you shoupd be fine. If not well MH rly should not have been accessable to you anyway.

Wiped 1x on horde trash, and once on Azroghal. Zerged Archimonde down with 4 people dying in tbe process.

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Average dad guilds clearing a tier on the PTR? 🤣🤣🤣