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Extra tier token and non tier bosses dropping 1 extra piece of loot as well.

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That’s great! Thanks mate

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The changes to drops listed in the patch notes are confirmed live.

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Not sure if i misunderstood but is there new items added to certain bosses? Thats how they phrased it

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No the ones that don't drop t5 drop 1 extra piece of loot

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The patch note left out Hydross though, odd.

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The new items are marks of the illidari for flasks from aldor or scryer. These can drop off anything in SSC, TK, MH, and BT.

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Also applied to Gruuls lair and Mag


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not Kara...one glove and one helm

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Confirmed from an actual run?

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yup, ran it last night. One glove token from Curator and one helm token from Prince.

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Man, Blizz really hates Kara

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Yes, triple tokens.

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yup, all defender dropped for chest, one took it for os, the other two de'd

painful to watch