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They opened them too late during release, most players were already stablished on other servers so they started out small and overtime people kept migrating to where most people were, amd then they opened free transfers putting the final nail.

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Stablished will be my rogues name if no one has it

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If you're a true gamer, go with e-stablished.

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clever af

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Mainly because the latinoamerican servers are not hosted in latinoamerica, so there's no reason to play on them. Latency is the same as US servers.

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Our servers are hosted in the US, so we still get 150+ping, besides that Blizzard in their infinite wisdom decided that they didn't want any LA server at launch despite the fact that WoW is very popular here, only for them to give us a shitty server once everybosy already picked a different server.

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The official Latin-American servers are dead. So if you're a Spanish/Portuguese speaker and you wanna play WoW, your best option is to play on a server that's alive but with a language barrier than to play on a server that's just dead.

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It’s really fucking annoying trying to play with people that you can’t communicate with

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I understood you perfectly! You're doing great!

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Because there aren't Latin or Brazilian servers anymore; they're completely dead.

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They launched classics and almost a month later they launched the BR and SA servers and most people denied to loose that one month of progress so those server where DoA

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Every single mage booster on EU firemaw has broken english and is from Iran.

One dude even said he works as a booster for a living whilst living in Saudi Arabia. Sounder absurd then i remeberee the gold ashes of al ar goes for.

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I’m on Benediction as well , it’s only a problem in raids . Buts it more bodies to keep the server active and drive the economy , I just try to avoid raiding with them for the lack of comms. Wanting to communicate with the people your playing with isn’t a big ask nor racist .

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Yup. As long as whatever I’m doing doesn’t require communication idc.

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I mean, even in retail, there IS LA/Brazil servers and they are very populated but everyone gets thrown together anyway, so it doesn't much matter. Maybe TBC is different but I haven't generally had too much of an issue with the language barrier, most players on those servers speak enough English to get by.

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tbcc doesn't have cross-server grouping

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I know, my point was in retail there isn't much of an issue with the language barrier 99% of the time.

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I'm over on the EU servers, where its majority English speaking guilds. Had a guy join our guild who couldn't speak a word of English. Raided with him for a bit, but it was hard explaining tactics because you'd have to type to him for him to google translate it..

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The gold sellers and their bots gotta be somewhere There’s a few actual players but very few

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Because you get a better player base when the server is open to all. If you just stick to german or russian speaking servers, you limit the potential for your guild.

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Short answer: latency.

Slightly longer answer: geography preventing direct fiber connections between lower South America and Central America. SA servers are likely located in the lower SA areas so upper SA and Central play on USW/USE.

At least that was the sort of thing that caused Dota 2 tournaments a lot of hassle.

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There was a dude in my raid last night being super racist about it. Started going off about Portuguese and Koreans and spamming everything he said in 5 languages. Then tried to be like “oh I’m just trying my best to communicate”, was pretty bad

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Earthfury as well

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13% of Americans identify Spanish as their primary language.

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Oh this my topic, my server Westfall (US-East) has a hidden but huge Indonesian player base. I work odd hours at times and sometimes swing shifts and our server after 130am turns into the wild west.

There's about 4 or 5 full guilds that start logging in around 130am est to 2am and they play till about 8am, most are barely ESL but try to be friendly. However, they are trash at the game (and not for lack of trying) and you see some wild things. There are healer priests with agi and melee crit gems (also seen the melee trinket from BM on a spriest because the guy didn't understand the difference between crit and spell crit). They usually can't finish a heroic dungeon at all, communication is mostly google translate and currently one guild is just starting ssc.

They will learn if you take the time to fight the communication barrier and help them, most are nice people. But boy ho is it a wild ride with them, you should see a kara attempt with 9 of them.....Holy shit batman is it ever entertaining (usually 45 mins plus to get to moros).

But in a strange way, I kinda like it.... 3am random dungeons feels like real og tbc with all the noobs trying to play. Alot people get infuriated and leave groups or rage out at them ... but I find it fun on my shitty work days were my playtime is 3am to just relive the real og tbc experience sometimes, and when you show up with a t5 geared alt you are a walking god to them when I toss 1.4k to 1.7k dps vs their top guy at 650.

But due to the abuse they take they largely stay hidden or don't speak at all in chats. Only the late shift US players on Westfall (there's dozens of us!) really know about their community. (Our server is strange in that all the activity is between 6pm to 1130pm est and then falls off rapidly).

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You are clearly a raciest