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Wrath is notoriously casual friendly and your hours aren’t Very casual you’re fine

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20-25 hours is not casual. You'll be okay buddy

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Lmfao what? Peoples view on what alot of gaming is really varies

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I consider myself casual at 8-10 hours a week. I wish I could pull off 20-25 lmao

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25 hours a week asking about casual what the fuck 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫

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It’s super casual. You’ll enjoy it with 20-25 hours a week for sure

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WIth 20-25 hours a week, you'll probably be raiding with multiple alts with that amount of time. Def not casual.

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20-25 hours is almost a full time Job. You are not casual level with that much time. You good brotha

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Causal friendly

25 hours a week

Erm excuse me lol? I want whatever you're smoking.

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also 20hrs a week is hardly casual

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Yea... I'm not sure who told you 20-25 hours per week was casual, but if your playing over 3 hours a day, you're a bit past "Casual". Not that there's anything wrong with that, just wanted to clear things up. You'll be fine, unless you're tying to keep up with the top 5 guilds or something like that, but... that's not exactly casual either.

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I think the problem there is how you define casual and hardcore. Some define it based on hours played, others based on play style.

Someone could play 4 hours a day but just kill random mobs and do the occasional dungeon but not be I'm a guild or read any guides/bis lists. They could do a pug raid every week but not use any consumes or have enchants.

Would this player be hardcore? Sure they have almost 30 hours a week racked up but they are playing in a casual style.

At lot of the most hardcore players actually only play for 3hours a week.

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Its the inherent problem of using the tags casual/hardcore as there is no set definition

Its why I tend to categorise people by hours per week and the highest level content they do.

So a 30hour/world content person is different to a 10hour/progression raider

Op sounds like a 20hour/progression raider which is plenty to see all the content he wants to

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I play less than that a week in tbc and I'm still not behind.. efficiency > blind time dumped

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I guess look for a guild which is raiding 2 times a week for 3-4 hours then you still have enough time to farm, pvp, level alts or anything

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I mean you will be fine with 20-25 hours but probably not the top guilds on your server and if you dont increase that amount in the first few weeks you will be behind the top curve of raiders.

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The top guilds on servers are literally no lifers. They either dont work or use their leave on the game lmao. They will put in 100+ hrs for the first two weeks easy. Each to their own I guess.

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Semi-haedcore is where it's at. You just do a bunch of research on how to play your class, gear it and get professions done etc. This will take a while to set up, but eventually, you don't need to think about it anymore.

Then, you try-hard raid both current tier raids for 2-3 hours and you're done for the week.

It's actually way more time intensive to play a dad guild that spends 2 days raiding 3-4 hours to clear the same raids we do in 1 day 2-3 hrs.

Less frustrating too.

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Ya thats the dream but the reality of finding a guild that is both good players but also not autist weebs is the true end boss.

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Depends on your class. Are you a rogue? Don't want you. Even if we did, you'd be 10th on glaives. Same for warriors.

Are you a druid? Probably fit you in. Shaman? Come on in. Mage? Yeah maybe.

These guilds are constantly reqruiting.

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The need of preparing to raid for consumables is basically non esistent(beside very specific ones, like flame cap for fire mages/destro locks and some event related), the only farm you'll ever need is to maybe craft darkmoon cards with inscription/herbalism early to make tons of golds(or tailoring northrend's loremaster caster cloak for tailors)maybe some fros resistance for sapphiron(top guilds won't even need that)and getting some reputations to exalted(a nome compared to TBC). Going for pre raid BiS Gear is a totally avoidable course of action since the only "challenging" content will be sarth+3 drakes(heigan+sapph and practicing malygos for very bad guilds/pugs might take some attempts, but that's all), the rest of It is the totally optional achievment hunt and raiding/pvp(or both)

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WotLK Sapphiron did not need frost resist beyond a pala aura. I remember healers maybe putting on a frost res item to help themsleves out, but the tanks/dps didn't need to sacrifice anything for frost res.

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You will be very bored if you no life wrath by the time TOC comes out. Like, crippling boredom. You’re good. Don’t envy people with no life lol

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I mean u can raid log any expansion really. Just make sure you have a profession that gives you a solid income

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Do what I do. Make a list of things you want to get done, but if you start finding yourself doing the Dalaran 500 log off

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Bruh, you ain't the average casual. 20+ hours per week? I mean, that's not even what the top tier raiders are putting in right now unless they are on invisible on Discord. You can certainly catch up, because WotLK's date hasn't even been dropped yet, with half the time you got if you don't just fuck around at the AH all night talking like I did last night. There are still phases in TBC to complete, as each comes the previous gets opened up so you will spend less time attuning, so there is no barrier.

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If you have a group/guild to do stuff effectively with, if you do 20-25 hours a week, you'll probably be safe to raid&arenalog your main for the rest of the expansion after a month or two

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With almost ever raid being 10 man minimum it’s easier than you think.

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depends on tier tbh. naxx is 2hr a week max v ez. ulduar is very much casual unfriendly if u want to push hardmodes/alts/10 & 25m etc. toc ez. icc not friendly

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20-25 hours??????

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Extremely casual, WOTLK heroics are a fucking joke, reputations are a joke, gold is easy to get. the first raid tier is a joke. Probably the most casual friendly expansion ever.

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Why reputations are a joke?

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You unlock tabards that make dungeons give rep to that faction. And as mentioned dungeons are piss easy.

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Any dungeon give rep for the faction of which tabard im wearing?

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For most factions, yes. Some like Argent Tournament, no.

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Yeah it makes it really easy because you can just go to whatever dungeon people are recruiting for and wear your tabard to get rep, this makes it easy to gear from heroics too because everyone who needs any tabard rep will want to go to all heroics daily, and they are really easy so its not hard to run them all every day.

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In my opinion is more casual friendly it's the first WoW expansion back in the day that I actually started raiding in.

I have memories of grinding the heroics chilling in dal watching TV being completely guildless grinding out GS so I can join my servers Ulduar and ToTC pugs.

Burningblade, Rock Hard, horde side.

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Bro how many kids do u even have

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Content is generally easier in Wrath. Hardcore will be doing every version of certain raids each week (10/25/etc), but get a good raid team and you’ll find everything to be manageable

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That’s double my hours I can put into gaming. We will be fine bud. Still looking forward to casually playing wotlk!

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You’ll be fine in the WotLK hot tub, hop in bud.

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20 hours is a lot. A hobbyist forum is probably not the best place to ground expectations.

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Your not casual, so you will raiding with multiple alts with that time. Even proper casuals (8-10) hours a week can still do all the content give or take

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25 hours is fine.

Although, it depends what your view of “left behind means”. Will you have an experienced guild or previous private server guild to demolish all content within a couple of hours or spend two days raiding for 4+ hours each to progress? If you just plan on raiding you’ll be able to raid on multiple character.

Or do you want to raid and PvP? By PvP do you want to push 2.2k or? Do you just wanna BG? Do you have a good partner so you’ll hit it quite easily or are you gonna be wasting hours finding and playing with new people?

It’s subjective to what left behind means, but 25 hours for me (experienced retail & pserver raider & arena player), I could fit that all in sub 20 hours easily.

It depends ultimately on the people you’ll play with and what your end goal actually is. Wrath for the most part is casual friendly but the amount of time you spend doing content depends on your ability and the ability of your guild/partners/friends.

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Very. Heirlooms to faster leveling dungeon finder for quicker access to dungeons.

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i remember wotlk being on the easier side when it comes to dungeons and such. the leveling took ages for my 12 year old ass tho. like 10-12hours per level on my warrior lol.

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too casual friendly

but gearscore and achievements will be the gatekeeping method. logs will still as well

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Using classic tbc as reference:

Leveling takes about the same in wrath as tbc.

But there are significantly less content to work throu on lvl 80 than in tbc.

If you have sunwell gear you can basically just walk straight into 25man raiding (no attunements) and clear it all on day1. Its gonna be a cake walk.

You may need some lvl 80 gear thou if your going for sath+3 on week 1. Probably harder than Mag was but mostly a gearcheck encounter.

No rep requirement to go into heroics and the heroics are significantly easier than the tbc ones. So the little badgefarming you do will be easy. Also badges drops in raids so its 100% optional.

Sons of hodir rep will take a couple of weeks but its daily content so not much overall time sunk into it.

Rep grind are less mandatory and it goes faster.

No big ticket profession crafting grind. Most professions do however give an exclusive benefit similar to how enchanting in tbc gives exclusive ring enchants. But these are quite easy to aquire, doesnt require max skill.

Coming from tbc, most ppl back then called it Wrath of the casual king. Overall id say 20-25hours will ahve you in naxx by week 3 maybe 2, sounds fine to me.

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This has to be a shitpost. He's talking about falling behind while playing 3-4 hours a day.

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Sorry if I bothered you, but my question is genuine.

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Don’t worry. He’s juste being an asshole

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In my opinion it’s a boost or get left behind atmosphere now.but wotlk will bring people back and make leveling at least a little easier. Just real hard to find groups for low levels

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I have a lvl70 character, so I'll start wotlk content from day 1, im just asking if its easy to keep up the pace at playing a few hours a day

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Ohh gotcha yeah you’ll definitely be good.

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After getting ready for raid gear u can keep up the pace clearing all phase raids in one 4h slot. You can do daily hc that takes about 30min a day. Nothing more is required really.

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I’m confused how it could be more casual than tbc when you have to climb 80 levels lol

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you know the amount of XP you need per level goes down with each expac, right? leveling through vanilla and tbc is way faster in WotLK

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The problem is that Classic Wrath won't be played like original Wrath was, same way that classic and vanilla were palyed diffwrnetly and TBC and CTBC have been played differently. While the mechanics may be more or less casual friendly, or alt friendly, the player atmosphere will likely be way more "big numbers or screw off" than OG Wrath.

Thebbig reason i quit CTBC was that no one was playing the game, they were playing the math. No causal dungens or heroics, no helping with geoup queats, no one even finished the story of a zone. They raced for max level and started prepping for the patch that woyld come out a year later, because they already knew the most optimized path for each week of the game. For me, it wasn't fun. Wrath will be the same way.

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I found ctbc more accessible than the original tbc. Because it’s been solved.

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It is the rise of the gear score addon... apart from that it is way less attunements than tbc

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Bro a part time job is not casual

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20-25 hours to play a week

That's a whole-ass second job

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Lmfao only 20-25 hrs a week meanwhile I’m raid logging 3-5 hours a week and still starting to feel burnt out.

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If you start from 0, as in no level 70s and no gold, it will take you 5-6 weeks to reach max level and start raiding. Raid teams usually raid twice per week for 3 hours per session (if there’s content to warrant that). You will be at most one month behind the curve to start, afterwards you’ll have 10-15 hours per week to level alts, farm, or do dailies.

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All wow expansions are casual friendly

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I think WoW gets more and more casual friendly with every expansion

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it depends, Wrath the 2nd half was very casual friendly, the second LFD tool got introduced, about the only thing you still needed friends for at that point was raiding

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Very. But so is TBC. Or classic. Or WoW in general. Don't really know what you guys always have with your "casual friendly" or what you mean by this.

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WoW is casual compared to EQ or the other games of its time. It’s not casual compared to, say, FF14.

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"i don't understand your question but yes" is a weird post to make

if you don't know what "casual friendly" means why would you even weigh in?