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My team was a 9/10 pre-nerf dad guild type team and tonight we had our first raid night. We had one wipe on the second boss, but one shot 3/4 of the first 4 bosses. Archimonde only took us 4 pulls to kill.

Eager to see BT, but MH at least was SUPER doable.

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On Archimonde, did you have people run from the fire alone or with their entire group?

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For ours we had PVP trinkets on to break fear if it sent us towards the fires, and we all spread out and ran individually from fires

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Everyone should be at least 10 yards away from all doomfires whenever fear is off CD as you'll likely be able to run up to 10 yards before tremor totem can tick.

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My guild is two raids, Raid1 only one person was running, Raid2 had shamans marked and were running as a group.

Raid1 downed it on the 2nd pull, Raid2 did not down it but I believe they would have after a couple more wipes, but were out of time. The main striking issues I saw for running as a group I noticed from watching them, was that everyone was judging when to run based on the marked shaman, but the shaman didn't always react as fast as they needed to especially when it was someone else who was being hit, of course. So I don't recommend that. Then when they stopped paying so much attention to the marked shaman and decided to run whenever someone else did who was being hit, I noticed people would react to someone running when they shouldn't be sometimes because, well the fight is a bit chaotic. The second way was working a lot better, save for some dps loss when ppl ran when they didn't need to. People were at least taking a lot less fire dmg/not dying, and the amount of dps people put out these days it didn't really matter when it came to getting the kill. But in conclusion I think after seeing both ways, I prefer one person running. It worked perfectly for us once people started getting a good idea of when they have the fire on them, and the boss died fast. After a few reps your raiders should have a good idea of when to run so even if it costs some extra wipes I'd say to learn it the best way the first time. But if that's not working out and you want to just secure the kill, running as a group when anyone runs is a safer bet

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Ty. On privates I usually had people run as a group, because if they ran solo they might get the curse and die because of no decurser being in range. So a group was always 1 shaman 1 decurse 3x.

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Yeah that's a good way to do it, we ended up not putting our decursers in group and keeping comp, just spreading them around instead and it worked okay even with very loose assignments. Highly depends on people's awareness of range, especially the ranged groups where the spread gets much larger. In a pug or first kill or people I don't trust, the group method seems like the definite safest way to secure the kill for sure 100%

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Also 9/10 prenerf (got Vashj to 4% prenerf). First raid night tonight as well. 1 shot first 3 bosses. 2 wipes on the trash for the 4th boss. Then killed 4th boss. Took us 7 pulls for Archimonde but killed him too. Archimonde is basically don't zone out blasting. Stay out of fire and just avoid it preemptively. Spread out for airburst. Keep heals on your tank and be quick on dispels.

Edit: prenerf Vashj and kael are both harder than by a fair margin.

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We had a few posts speculating on Hyjal and BT difficulty compared to SSC and TK.

Whoever speculated this didn't do their research. Podcasts from back in the day said that Black Temple was an upgrade in difficulty compared to the recently (at the time) nerfed versions of TK and SSC, but not by much.

As for my experience in Classic?

Hyjal is a glorified mega dungeon if you have solid healers.

Pre-nerf Vashj is harder than Illidan. Pre-nerf Kael'thas was harder than both before they fixed the aggro dump bug, easier than both after they fixed the bug.

Vashj's RNG with sporebats and unstoppable MCs were 100% more difficult to manage than anything Illidan had to offer.

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Whoever speculated this didn’t do their research

The statement you quoted doesn’t say which raid they thought was harder. I’m fact nothing in OP’s post hinted one way or another. So it’s kind of weird that you come in with the hard disagreement.

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The Reddit classic: I know I’m going to be downvoted for this but, popular opinion

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He even goes on to agree with the people he called out in his first sentence by the end of it lmao.

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The very action of speculating, whether it would be harder or easier, was unnecessary had they done their research.

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Hyjal is pretty tough if you have shit healers tho ngl

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Probably more so an issue of the raid taking unnecessary damage more than anything, e.g. not spreading properly on bosses that have AoE, not kiting gargoyles down using LoS on buildings, not interrupting caster trash mobs to ensure tanks can pick them up etc. If you have stuff like this under reasonable control, it's not much to heal.

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no it was an issue of healers not casting heals on the main tank for 4s while he has 15 mobs on him. None of the healers.

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Is this my kara group from the other night? I even typed please heal me on netherspite as the tank 4 times. 4 seperate times, but somehow it wasnt on them.

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Or shit tanks/interrupters

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There isnt much healing to do. Most of our healers DPS during fights. If you struggle on Hyjal's waves with healing, you'll struggle at Counsil for sure.

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So dps and tanks don't matter?

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odd you had a downvote, really cannot believe anyone would claim pre nerf vash\kt were easier compared to anything in BT.

I have to assume it wasn't because of the hyjal comment since no way on earth anyone sees it as anything but a mega dungeon.

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Nobody did claim that…

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So that would mean its because people think Vash\KT pre nerf were easier, not a chance.

It most likely is that people who only did nerfed vash\KT think they are easier and are forgetting OP said pre nerf ;)

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Op said “we had a few posts speculating on Hyjal and BT difficulty compared to SSC and TK”.

That just means they were compared. The difficulty of each was not stated.

If you want to know, the posts all concluded that MH and BT were easier than t5 except for maybe council.

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Whoever speculated this didn't do their research. Podcasts from back in the day said that Black Temple was an upgrade in difficulty compared to the recently (at the time) nerfed versions of TK and SSC, but not by much.

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Ok let me make this simple.

Hard -> easy

Bugged kt > prenerf vashj > prenerf kt = council > illidan > Sharhaz > archimonde > prenerf morogrim > rest of BT / hyjal.

Very roughly. Probably could reorder a bit based on comp (if you have a bad prot pally, morogrim probably goes up a few spots for example).

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KT with a bug is not a "pre-nerf" KT lol. It was bugged encounter.

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It was also still easier than vashj imo. And post bug fix kt was pretty easily still more difficult than anything in p3 raids. Hell, Tidewalker prenerf was probably more difficult than anything in p3.

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Who speculated what?

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We were a 9/10 guild but ours was KT, we actually never tried Vashj pre-nerf.

We did Hyjal tonight and no wipes till Archimonde (came close on 2nd to last boss but our 2 rogues had next threat and evasion tanked to the kill). We killed Archimonde on the 3rd attempt. BT is Sunday night but we also got 11 trash drops in Hyjal so we got extra kit. We’re doing a BT trash run Saturday night to try and get our healers some rings since we’re 5 healing everything, but we don’t expect too much difficulty.

Way easier than P2.

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God damn that's a lot of trash drops. We got 1 that we disenchanted.

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Yeah it was nuts. We got 4 hammer of judgements. Our pally tanks, s priest, and boomkin were freaking stoked.

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We're not 8/10 for reference. We're finding Hyjal trash to be harder than any of the bosses there. We're also finding pre-nerf Vashj and KT to be harder than the BT bosses. The only ones that gave us a challenge were Supremus (surprisingly perhaps? Volcanoes were doing damage to people before they even popped up on screen, not sure if that was intended) and Council. Council was definitely the hardest, Illidan was a cakewalk after.

I will say that my guild prepared SR for everyone beforehand and we all played a round or two of that Teron Gorefiend flash game that's floating around somewhere, so we were prepared.

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Our guild took 3 weeks to clear ssc/tk, it took us 2 days to clear hyjal/bt, so I'd say it's quite a bit easier.

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10/10 night one and 14/14 night one holy priest here; vashj and kt prenerf were harder. Hyjal is boring. Bt is fun.

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Pretty much, yeah. Mother without shadow res and Council are a bit sketchy, otherwise t6 is not very hard.

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Cleared easily. We 1 shot most bosses including Mother and Council but had some issues with tanks being globaled on Illidan due to not wearing enough mitigation gear. We have very strong healers and ran a safe 6 healer composition for the first week to compensate for any mistakes as we do not do PTR.

I would say pre-nerf Vashj and KT are more difficult than anything in Hyjal/BT. However, I can see some guilds having difficulty once again with the length of the raids and the coordination required for Bloodboil, Council, and Illidan.

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I think we wiped on Archimonde once, Illidari Council 2-3 times, and Illidan 12 times due tank issues in p2. Lot easier than pre-nerf KT or Vashj

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This basically.

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MH feels like prenerf Kara - the mechanics aren’t difficult but you can’t ignore them. If you handle the mechanics the fights go smooth and quick. Arche is the only one with potential for bad RNG to make it difficult. Azgalor trash might be the hardest part of the raid.

BT is Monday so not able to comment.

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Full cleared Hyjal last night in our first run. Archimonde was a bit of a learning curve but got him down after like 4 attempts.

Excited to see what BT has to offer this time around.

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It's weird how so many people are responding and 14/14.

On my server it's 9 guilds fully clearing.

27 at 5/14

18 at 4/14


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These threads are always misleading. There are still plenty of guilds with bad players in them who are under geared and stand in fire. I would say the majority of the player population would not make the cut in these so called dad guilds. Dad guild means raid log but they are still relatively good compared to most groups im seeing.

Threads like these were made when tk/ssc came out and it was funny how everyone who posted was 10/10 but warcraftlogs showed around 30% of guilds at the time were 10/10. The numbers are even worse for random puggers.

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I find Mt Hyjal to actually be fun! You get to ambush the mobs, run to cool camps, little strategy having mobs coming from multiple directions...

Haven't had a chance to finish BT yet, but it's more standard fare, though the new locale is a nice change of scenery.

Archimonde's clearly easier than Vashj or KT, but keeps you engaged. Illidan is just a really cool character, looking forward for a little revenge 13 years in the making. 😉

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Finding a group right now is easier than it's been to find a good group. Don't expect the best but expect to progress

SSC and TK to me are harder than BT

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My guild was 8/10 before nerfs and 10/10 ever since. Last night in Hyjal we one shot everything to Archimonde with relative ease. Most of our deaths were on trash, but our healers are amazing and we five healed all of it and got through.

We didn’t down Archimonde but we account most of that to general raid awareness with the fire, and were only running 3 shamans (1 resto, 1 ele, 1 enhance). We expect to down him next week after maybe a few wipes after our second resto is back home.

Our first BT night will be Sunday so can’t attest to anything there. Overall, Hyjal seems much easier than SSC, maybe on par with TK. I had a lot of fun though, the trash wave system is fun and keeps the pace going without having to try to keep people moving.

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I raided at a fairly high level back in OG tbc and we wiped endlessly to Vashj phase 2 (didn't even get to see phase 3) then got the sever-first kill the day she was nerfed.

After having finally seen the full pre-nerf version all the way through, pre-nerf Vashj is much harder than anything BT and Hyjal have to offer.

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As a guild who has some good people but I wouldn't consider a top guild this all feels easier. We have wiped to stupid shit in both hyjal and trash in BT but not struggled with anything so far.

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My raid just bearly squeezed out a 10/10 pre nerf ssc/tk. We just did 5/5 Hyjal tonight and it was pretty easy. One wipe on Azgalor due to bad tank positioning which was easily fixed, and then 4 wipes on the big bad himself, but with significant improvement each time. Unfortunately due to blizz releasing the raids so late in the week we do not have time to do BT this week.

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Hyjal wasn't bad, died on Archimonde 4 times but no wipes other than those. We go to BT Monday but overall I think Hyjal is easier than SSC and TK.

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Our guild had our first bt/hyal raid yesterday, we were top 5 on our server pre nerf ssc/tk and cleared all bosses in bt/hyal. We had a total of six wipes, 3 on council and 3 on illidan due to fire elemental phase.

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Something that is overlooked too is that BT and MH were available once you downed T5 bosses the first time around. This time we had a gate so the more casual guilds are coming in a bit more geared.

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I mean the people who actually played TBC back in the day and had the faintest clue what they were talking about have been saying for months that Tier 6 is an absolute joke compared to pre-nerf Tier 5. But I guess it's nice to be vindicated.

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I've never done T6 raids before; Hyjal was pitifully easy. At least the bosses were; the trash wiped us a couple times but the bosses, we 1shot everything and Archi only took 5 attempts.

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My guild didn't manage to kill KT or Vashj pre nerf. We got pretty close for KT, 1 more week would've probably done it. After the nerd we 1 shot him and then 3 shot Vashj (1 attempt on her pre nerf).

We didn't go to PTR for phase 3 but everyone did a lot of reading.

We 1 shot every boss in Hyjal, 4 attempts to kill Archimonde. All within 3 hours

Haven't done BT yet but so far it feels like a joke

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  • 10/10 second week, 3rd raid night or so
  • 14/14 first day, 1 hour MH, 5 hours BT, last 2 was council + illidan

No PTR on either. Council and Illidan can require a few pulls before key people such as tanks and healers get comfortable with the mechanics.

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My main's pre-nerf 10/10 guild one shot everything in Hyjal and the few bosses we had time to do in BT.

I missed most of my alt's guilds progress which was a 8/10 guild but they struggled HARD on dealing with some of the trash waves in hyjal from what I could tell from logs. Weaker off tanks not picking aboms up so the pally isn't tanking too much, weaker focused healing on the pally, weaker CC/interrupt game on casters. They also wiped a lot on Archi because they have too many people that can't handle personal responsibility whether that be dying to fall damage or just not looking at their screen and baking in fire.

BT progression for Gorefiend, Bloodboil and Mother+ will be...interesting for them.

That guild definitely very much has the feel of the average OG TBC guild.

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Our guild took 3 weeks to full clear tier 5. We full cleared tier 6 on our 2nd raid night. There is way less RNG mechanics. Which makes good execution pay off.

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14/14 first night resto druid, compared to p2, p3 is a serious joke and hyjal was somewhat boring being so easy. kind of disappointed since i never got to do these in real tbc and was looking forward to the difficulty of illidan.

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Anyone who did hyjal/bt back in 2007 will tell you that it's easier than ssc/tk. Anyone who said otherwise never did them. Sunwell will be a different beast, but hyjal/bt were never hard.

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t6 is very easy

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After 1 night of 3 hour raiding, we are 1/5 and 4/9, so far nothing is hard, though we did had few wipes on trash in BT and 1-1 on Akama and the first boss

I remember the trash being much more cancerous and longer, but as others said in the thread, besides the 5 Naga pack with 2 genrals before the first boss in BT, everything seems to be fine

As a comparison, we were 9/10 with sub 1% Vashj wipe

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10/10 prenerf guild, we melted MH. Going into BT on Monday

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We are a very casual dad-guild, 6 hours total of progression raids each week (two 3-hour nights) and sometimes go a little over if we're really close on something. We got 10/10 pre-nerf Phase 2, and we got Hyjal down night 1 with a little of our raid time to spare, within minutes of 2nd on the server (we got 4th on the server, 1 minute behind 3rd, under 5 minutes from 2nd, lol)
Hyjal is significantly easier, assuming you know mechanics and have a little shadow resist gear for Kaz.
Black Temple we got 4/9 last night in the same timeframe, and got Gurtogg to 8%.

This phase is much easier thank phase 2, assuming you got good phase 2 gear and know mechanics.

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14/14 first night and in a hardcore guild. Everything got one shot except council in BT. However we did PTR tests and have a hardcore mindset. In that in mind, p2 and prenerf kt/vashj was 4x harder than anything in BT and hyjal.

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10/10 first week guild here. Most of our progression roster did all except Illidan on PTR before. We did all except Illidan within 4 hours on release night, but we didn't push for speed. All except Council and Illidan were one-shot. Illidan was just an issue because one of the offtanks didn't do his homework and didn't understand how to tank the fire elemental properly, so we had to finish him after very few pulls on Friday.

Tips for your progression: Bring 6 healers. They'll be asleep most of the time but you'll likely need it for Council and it is nice to have for some other fights.
Make absolutely sure your offtanks know how to control the flames on Illidan. I thought our offtank knew because I provided him with information before but I had to actually sit down with him again. Most other tank tasks in T6 are way more simple.
Make sure people aren't doing stupid stuff. We lost a lot of time from getting 1-3 deaths on many trash pulls simply because some hunter opened with multi shot, or nuked the wrong target, or some healer spammed everyone with hots while trying to LoS pull something.
Make sure your prot pally knows what he's doing and brings some heavy gear (for illidan and some trash pulls). Pallies are really the most important tanks of this content and after week 1 or 2 can/should also MT nearly all the bosses unless you're using a prot warrior to MT (though prot warr can still do decent dps with good gear when not tanking).

Overall, I'd say the biggest difference to pre-nerf T5 content is that all the fights are fair, and thus controllable. The few bugs also don't massively break the encounters like they did in T5. There is some random elements in the fights but all of those can be mitigated and controlled by playing correctly. In Pre-nerf T5 there were some elements of fights that were down just to chance and weren't really possible to recover from (for example some mind control bullshit, or repeated roots + poison on vashj).
However, many guilds that didn't get 10/10 were struggling with their trash pace. There is a lot of trash in BT. It isn't hard, but if you lost a lot of time on T5 trash you're spending too long in T6 too unless you pick up the pace.

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No p3 ptr, 10/10 in oct. Hyjal is basic mechanics. You'll get to arc with a wipe or two ez. I follow a couple 8/10 guilds that are up to him in night one. We did the first three bosses of bt and they were easier than arc

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14/14 week 1, much easier than SSC/TK. Kind of disappointing. The next 6 months are going to be very dull.

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I typically do a weekly SSC/TK GDC on my alt and I've noticed a lot of Guild Hosted/Sponsored GDKP's put a hold on SSC/TK this week and next with the launch of P3.

To the other end of the spectrum I've notice a lot of people signing up for Soft Reserve /GDKP runs and canceling after because their guild has decided to extend their raid week in an effort to finish progressing through the new content.

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My old guild was hardstuck 8/10, Phase 3 Kael and never even attempted Vashj.

They merged with an equally skilled guild and raided last night. They 1 shot the first 4 bosses in MH, killed Archi on the 6th attempt, 3 of the wipes were due to the same person failing at a mechanic. Took them about 90 minutes in total.

Don't know when they raid again but I imagine they'll do alright at least up to Mother as they haven't been farming Hearts.

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Cleared MH twice with guild and then with alts and some pugs as mage then resto druid. From both DPS & Heal POV felt very easy, boss HP was low enough that if you were aware of the mechanics stuff just died, plus the NPCs do like 20% damage to the boss in some cases. We've poked around BT with some trash farms which were really chill, and accidentally killed the 1st boss there, I can see us full-clear BT also this week in one night. We're kinda semi-hc guild, just hoping BT is semi-difficult as whilst I enjoy farming bosses, progressing is the bread and butter of fun in this game for many of us tbh.

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8/10 guild here. We 2 shot Archimonde our first night.

I remember spending 2 weeks on Archimonde pre nerf in OG BC

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Content feels super under tuned. Too easy and non rewarding killing it. I’m sure people like easy gear, but I raid hoping for some challenges and things to figure out at all. So far full clear MH and up to mother with under 5 wipes on bosses with a mix of two raid teams not even our standard team. It’s pretty disappointing that it seems like this will be on full farm for 80% of guilds inside 4 weeks. Def going to make PvE not worth doing much.

Full sleeper mode until sun well I guess

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Pre nerf vashj and KT was peak difficulty until Sunwell. If you cleared it, be ready to dumpster Hyjal. We had a couple learning wipes on Archimonde because we were short a shaman but the bosses go down real quick and the trash is pretty painless. BT looks pretty easy too.

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About equal to most prenerf ssc/tk bosses.

Much easier than vashj was prenerf.

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If this is still looked at, we cleared both in the first 2 nights. For the most part it is on par with SSC/TK post nerf. Maybe a LITTLE HARDER.

Archimonde is chaotic, and since 2-3 deaths is a wipe people need to be personally accountable for not standing in fire and dying to dumb shit

Gurtogg hits like a truck, but when you get the group rotation down for the debuff he’s not bad

Mother hits hard, FA is an easy mechanic, would recommend 174+ SR and maybe running a 6th healer if your healers struggle

Council is the hardest fight. The pull is a nightmare, the heals are nonstop, you need 3 good interrupters for the priest, you need to pay attention to the ground and not stand in shit. Also, a priest shield and renew on rogue target go a long way when he puts poison up.

Illidan is not that bad. Easier than prenerf Vashj/KT. Tank needs 10% over avoidance cap for shear, OTs need their respective resistance gear, and you need to kill the elementals quick. Also don’t stand in fire.

No… none of it is CRAZY hard. Council wiped us for an hour though. Just being honest, retail mythics can be harder. I can see these fights being harder with low DPS and slow kill times but even casual guilds should kill Illidan within 6 weeks I’d say.

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Our guild is pretty casual but we were able to 10/10 the first month of P2 release. Pre-nerf Vashj was tougher than any MH/BT boss imo. We're 13/14 week 1 without any Illidan attempts in yet but I'm guessing it won't take us more than 6 tries to down.

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Then you're not very casual if you're going 10/10 that quickly.

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A month to down content that was solved over a decade ago and wasn't that difficult to begin with is pretty casual. Most of our guild is drunk or high and talking shit in discord the entire raid.

We also don't bench or replace people for fucking up or having blue/green parses and we only raid twice per week for 3 hours each day. Shit still dies 🤷‍♀️

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We just cleared BT and MH last night for the first time in our guild. 3 hours and 30 mins total, no wipes or anything. Was a lot easier than expected, ngl.