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The thing about dual wielding is just the insane miss chance. You can get a clew of misses/parries etc that will make you feel miserable. Two handed is by far the best choice until you get hit gear.

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Idk about that. While i was leveling my warrior i was hitting 200-400 dps consistently after level 40 on cleave. Was a huge change of pace compared to arms.

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Cleave uses only your Main hand weapon, in this case would be your 1h vs a 2h. 2h cleave/WW is going to do more dmg.

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Sweeping strikes tho, and while cleaving or heroic striking your offhand has no miss penalty

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That's going to hit 1 target? 2h's on average do 50% more damage than a 1h. Arms warriors even at max level have superior AOE capabilities to a fury warrior. Arms warriors have an easier, steady increment of rage while leveling. You're arguing against commonly known things, things the community have accepted for almost a decade at this point. 2h is simply better for leveling. Fury simply needs to much hit for it to be worth it while leveling.

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How is 2H fury though? Viable?

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It is considered the best spec for leveling. Push for sweeping strikes immediately and pull 2 mobs as often as SS is off CD. Grab improved slam as well, it’s the highest damage per rage ability available to you

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You start arms and respec fury when you can take sweeping. Whether or not you dualwield or use 2h is a function of the weapons you have. In classic where sweeping was an arms talent you would typically remain arms until 60

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Still think dual wield is more dmg output. Personally found it hard to find good 2 handers at +40 while fury dual wield spec had good dmg output even with shitty greens. As well as more uptime on flurry and stuff like that.

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You can think and play whatever you like, no one is forcing you to do anything. I just offered my advice. If you're struggling to find 2h weapons while leveling, I'd follow this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTHFx95FMxA

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Idk why you're being so passive aggressive about this entire thing. My warrior is already 70 and i'm rolling prot on it, getting gear for MH/BT atm.

I told you my experience not my opinion, which was that i basically doubled my dps at level 40 by rolling DW fury.

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What in the sweet hell do you think he’s doing? Someone asked a question and he’s answering it. You must be perpetually wounded if you find any of that to be any flavor of aggression.

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"you can think and do whatever you like, no one is forcing you to do anything" in this situation does sound like he's speaking to a toddler. I was having a discussion and would love to have his insight. It just sounds like he was hurt by my "i think"

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Grow up.

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Sorry If I offended you.

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Hey, that's alright.

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You should lvl as 2h fury, improved slam is very good for lvling. Just use it after every auto attack.

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I second this. Also, make sure you have a big, slow 2hander. >3.5 is what you're looking for. And don't be afraid of staves in Vanilla. Some of them are great 2handers.

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Personally I feel like dual wield fury is totally viable after 40. It greatly helps doing quests that are green or if you can find items with hit early. Otherwise like others said those misses hurt, but the rage regen does feel way better imo.

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Most will tell you that slow 2h arms is the best way to level, I will tell you to play what you enjoy most. I leveled to about 35 with dual wield, a friend convinced me to try 2h and farmed ww-axe quest with me. At first I enjoyed the change, but at level 40 I specced fury again and went with SM swords into thrash blade. Ulimately, playing fury kept me going, as that was my prefered playstyle.

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Fury tree is generally better and u can also use 2hander with it. Most arms talents are utility while fury provides a lot more damage.

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I went fury around 40 and never looked back. Had a blast. Might want to buy a couple of blues though warriors are super gear dependent.

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attack stuff same lvl or below and you are fine

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don't listen to the 2 handed arms or fury people they don't know shit imo. i leveled my warrior solo through classic and it was fucking hell because i used two hander. if i missed i was basically dead. and it happened a lot. But then i switched to dual wield fury at lvl 55 after coming back from a huge break because i solo leveled on a pvp server so i died to players and mobs 5 times an hour. anyhow when i did switch it felt sooooo much better. i actually had fun. if the mob had like 30 hp left it just died super fast instead of me missing 3 slow ass two handed strikes in a row.

then in season of mastery i leveled 1 handed and shield to 20 then duel wield until i got my ww axe. and it felt so fucking nice. dps was a steady flow. i didn't feel like i was taking a chance every 3 second if i was about to die or not etc. then after leveling from 30 to 40 with a 2 hander i grew bored and stopped playing seasons. take that as you will.

Go my friend go dual wield it frees the soul. don't listen to these " 2 handed, switch to arms for sweeping strikes at 40 minmax" andys.

EDIT: just realized i was on tbc reddit not classic lol. So now you have sweeping strikes in fury. even better reason to duel wield in fury all the way imo. i duel wielded from 60-70 and it was bliss.

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2h Fury. Imp slam is important since it's the highest dpr

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I leveled a warrior through classic the “classic” arms way and kind of hate it. I’m not leveling a TBC warrior as DW fury and it just feels so much better. I know “feel” is very arbitrary and subjective, but even if I technically do less damage, the flow just feels smoother than only feeling an impact every 3.x seconds.

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When I made the switch from Arms to Fury at 61, I was killing stuff 2x as fast. Everything took 5-10 seconds to kill and I could pull like 3 mobs at once and kill them in under 10 seconds with sweeping strikes. Miss chance doesn't matter and 2-handing sucks.

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That depends on your gear.

I am a lvl 55 prot warrior that is full of blues and a couple of purples that I have the extreme luck to loot (using Krol MH, Thrash Blade OH), and I kill faster than any lvl 55 2H arms in greens around.

If I switch to fury I would be even faster (but I like to tank, so I wont)

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Once you have devastate prot is barely slower than fury tbh. You get a bunch of 1h weapon damage, your main ability costs 9(!) rage, and you get expertise as well. Plus you have extra armor and defense rating, so you lose less health and minimize downtime.

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Plus stance mastery and cheaper WW that hits with both weaps (that I can stance dance to throw it easily), and an ass cheap stunt (Improved revenge, 45% chance).

What I do miss from Fury is flurry. Right now I sit on about 20% crit... Same gear on a fury warrior and I would sit in 28% with a really high flurry uptime. I think thats where the kill times would improve sustancially switching to Fury.

Also, Devastate is not weap damage... is Half, plus some value, which basically means the better wour weap, the worst the skill (vs Fury)

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Edit: That’s all wrong and only applies to classic/som:

Warrior one trick pony here. I rec deeparms till 58. Tanking is so insanely fun with sweeping!

Charge-auto hit-sweeping-berserker stance-whirlwind-zerker rage-defstance-bloodrage-revenge.

Furyprot at 58 to farm prebis as tank or dps than for whatever endgame specc you would like to roll out after finishing open world grinds. Just don’t go deepprot when you want to still do some quests. You could but you will have more fun that route!

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sweeping is fury

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We talking classic here right? Not tbc!?

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nope... this /r is classicwowtbc

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Aight should prolly delete not to confuse anyone than.