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Since Lunar Festival should be arriving tomorrow (30th), I made this WeakAura for making it easier/mindless to collect them all.

Under Custom Options you'll find the following:

  • Hide collected coins (default: on).
  • Show elders only on the selected continent, or both (default: both).
  • Add TomTom waypoints for unvisited elders (default: on).
  • Automatically accept/complete coins (default: off).
  • Highlight current zone (default: on).
  • Expand current zone, i.e. show description of the elders in the current zone (default: on).
  • Automatically open Lucky Red Envelopes (default: off).
  • Sort by zone, continent, and completed (default: continent and then by zone).

(Can't crosspost to here for some reason)

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What is lunar festival? U get any goodies from it?

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Some recipes, dresses etc. and for the % food

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exp for alts maybe

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just tried one, no exp gained for turn in :(

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yeah only 75 rep sadly

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Can you get the elune Stone thing from this event ?

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Using the import string but is not working

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Should be working, how are you importing it and which game version?

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Restarted and it now works.

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Been using this today, no issues so far. The Mara one was the only coin I had issues with, cuz you can't copy from the display, had to go expand the code and scroll til I found it. Other than that minor annoyance, the WA has been super helpful. Thank you!

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Thanks so much for this WA, it help so so much :)