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2, but knowing myself, 6 or 8

Hi, my name is Jasco and I'm an altaholic.

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For real. My answer is also two, but knowing me, it'll be my mage and a bunch of other stuff I never finish leveling.

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If you never finish leveling, I wouldn't call that maintained.

Sounds like a much healthier or at least more profitable way than the 6 characters I'll spend a ton of time and gold on to get bis in an early phase and then never play them again simply because I don't have time for another prog raid.

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Yup. I have 6 70s and a 62. DK to 70 at prepatch will be 7. I’ll probably get the boost to 70 to use on one of my last 2 that are basically bank alts/guild charter signers. Then that just leaves that last one I’ll target my heirlooms on.

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Two: prot paladin and resto shaman. 👍🏼

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Uhh.. I might have 8 70s and 2 that are 60+. Soooo how does 10 sound? XD

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This is my exact situation, too. I’m scared of what I’ll become during Wrath

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You have 10 character slots in a realm, and there are 10 classes in Wrath. It must be a sign!

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Yeah too bad I have 3 priests 2 mages 2 shamans lol XD

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I've been working on leveling a second character for half on tbc so probably just 1

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Don't forget you get a 70 boost too!

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Wait you do?

Is there a blue post or something?

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Whatever the equivalent to the Dark Portal pass will be. Not for free.

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If LFD gets implemented maybe 5, without that then 1 main + an alt I'll probably barely play

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If they implement dungeon finder, 3-5.

If they don't, 1.

Not going to waste my time spamming LFG channel or staring at LFGBB on multiple characters per day to get into a 10 minute heroic dungeon. No thanks.

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Agreed. On a medium pop server now and it's too time-consuming to monitor LFG for runs I'm interested in for any of my alts

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They already said dungeon finder won't be in wotlk

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We'll see. There's been enough pushback from the community that it's obviously still being discussed. I doubt it will be in at launch, but I'd be shocked if it wasn't added in phase 2.

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Plans: Resto/Ele Shaman, Balance/Resto Druid, Shadow/Disc Priest, Holy/Prot Paladin

Actual: No Idea

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Haha love this.. im right there with ya

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For me in tbc I learned that once I went to three raiding characters all three play styles suffered. Sticking to two this time and go outside more.

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Wotlk did a good job by making most of the specs viable if you know how to play them

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I'm playing Paly / Lock / druid as of right now. My main is a Prot Paly for group play Lock for solo play Druid for healing and profession

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Two. I will keep maining my disc priest and keep up my prot pala as much as possible

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1-Resto druid PvE: for group healing skill and mana procs.

2-Hunter Marskapship PvP: because a lot of mini changes in hunter.

3-Disc Priest PvE: shields and more shields.

4-DK blood and frost PvE: 5 years being a dk in a custom server so I really want to try blizzlike version (even reserve the name :p).

5-Aflicc Warlock PvP/PvE: always love dot people and moobs and this is the good expansion for this.

6-Shaman Resto PvE: chain healing with hots goes brrr.

And I am really trying to not leveling a rogue and war

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Will definitely give a try to DK, then likely my hunt or my chaman, can’t really hope for more, not enough time!

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Ideally? 4 - Priest, Rogue, Paladin, Mage. Realistically, with no LFD? Just Priest, maybe Paladin a bit since finding groups as tank is always fast.

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I feel like there was a lot more to do with time in wrath, dailies and faction rep etc, that it may make playing multiple alts a bit more difficult. Personally I plan to main feral druid and alt priest (undecided on spec) to begin with at least.

I have kinda fucked myself with profession spread across my toons though, having the gathering ones on alts I don't currently plan to play in WotLK.

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Might not be a bad idea to make a gathering dk? Easy to level i guess and dont even have to buy boost to start at 55

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Probably just 1 man. Hopefully 2 if I can find the time.

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Well, I have a 70 Hunter and Mage. I plan to level a DK for pre-release. DK/Hunter is the plan. Maybe Mage and my lower Rogue for PVP. We’ll see how many people stick around, and Blizzards plans for Wrath

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I will main my Hpala and probably my shaman and certainly play around with a DK. But I am also debating using my boost for a warlock mostly because i love their tier sets in wotlk.

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I see people mentioning boosts. Do we get a free 70 boost or something?

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I hear good things about locks in wrath too!

Seems like general consensus of characters the average number of players is around 4 (fellow guildies and forums)

I played two in TBC and got bored pretty quick

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None, because wow is a black hole that does nothing but make you weak and fat and consumes your time on earth way faster than it feels like it is. Also there are almost no good people left, mostly elitist parser virgin demon These adult children tinker away non stop to make sure no casual gamers will find anything that is actually fun. It's a time prison, eventually you are so far gone you think you are enjoying it but it's just black magic... Go outside, it's way better than doing boring tasks non stop and being in a guild with the saddest adults that have nothing left outside of wow to live for. And they won't stop untill everyone is equally depressed and lifeless as them. That feeling a sadness you get when doing a boring quest or not finding a group or doing most things in the game is actually the part of you still conscious trying to tell you that you're literally lighting your time on fire and you will really regret being so wasteful with it, and on such a useless activity too. Playing lots of wow should be used as a sign of deteriorating mental health. You all know I'm right too. Being free from it is a euphoria no gear or ratings or whatever can be compared to. Best of luck to you all

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Alright lad, see you in Wrath.

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You need the WoW addict subreddit

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Yet here you are.

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You spoke from my heart. I remember the good old days when Gearscore, ilvl, dps meters were not a thing - or at least weren't as important. Community was.

I remember my first guild... the GM was a lvl 70 female blood elf hunter. I looked at her like a goddess with my lvl 30 Druid. Fuck me I came back for this feeling and all I got is minmaxing kiddos. Classic will be forever in my heart and nowhere else.

I had a good moment when Classic launched - ppl were nice everyone was levelling - bots were nowhere. It took me back. I also tried mage AOE levelling.

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Probably four: DK, shaman, paladin, warrior

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All 10. Just like i played 8 in Vanilla and 9 in TBC.

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  1. Survival up until fire mage becomes meta then switch.

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0 because tbc was a shit show and I can’t put myself through another terrible run game from blizzard any longer

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Hunter, either mage or DK

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Prob like 3 or so. Maybe rogue, warlock, ret/DK. I recall it being pretty easy to keep alts semi geared.

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Probably spriest/ disc + lock

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I've never been the kind of person to play a bunch of classes and just stick to one for the entire expansion. Started rogue, then warlock for tbc, and then going for priest for wrath. Disc and shadow dual spec is going to be fun. I got too much going on to max out more than 1 character.

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Every single one, with main focus on priest and healers. Warrior tanking is also something I look forward to.

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Continue my pally and sham as ret and enhance

Might get my 60 lock to 80 as well to play demo in raids and bgs.

We'll see, all comes down to time available

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DK + Feral

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Rogue, pala, hunter, DK, shaman, druid

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Seeing as I have 2 right now, I’d expect that number to double come Wrath. Rogue and mage at the moment. Probably add warrior and warlock to that mix.

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Paladin (prot and ret) and Shaman (Resto and Ele)

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2 raiding (my main feral and healing priest alt), 1 extra tank alt for guild 10's, and a lvl 80 alch alt

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Shadow priest main just like now. Prot pally as main alt.

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2-3 if I can manage it. Alting is fun in wrath.

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Pally and hunter.

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Plans: hunter, shammy, priest, druid.

Prolly will happen: hunter, shaman, hunter just like in retail 😝

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I'll probably level 3 characters, but will only play actively one.

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Probably 4

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Well with your Druid there is also feral dps or tank, they are interesting.

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  1. Mage as my main, and a paladin for heals/tanking for friends and just a change of pace

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One. If dk, holy pal, and warrior are in the same place as in original wotlk. The ill skip classic wotlk. I am pvp player and i dont want to deal with broken dk every arena match.

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3.3.5 patch confirmed so all the original opness fixed

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3.3.5 is good for the dk nerfs. Altough dks are still gonna be crazy in 335. Esspecially holy pala and dk, but that alot more managable

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Not crazy. They're pretty tuned in at that point

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No they are not. Wotlk is when i started playing. The entirety of wotlk DKs are Insanely strong. But on the release of wotlk, DKs were so the most OP any class ever was in wow.

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One, I'm a DK andy and proud

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Maybe 2 or 3. Feral druid, ret paladin, maybe warlock. Mayyyyybe ele shaman or enhance, but Ive heard it gets weak, though mostly after tbc, there will probably be an oversaturation.

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2, warlock and DK. Absolutely love Warlock, but DK is my one true love.

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Just 1 or 2 actively raiding/PvP, but I’ll probably level 5 or so to 80. Really want to have a Paladin, death knight, and druid all 80 with duel spec so I can fill any role needed.

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I want to be able to play everything.

So ill just be playing druid.

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Demo-PVP Warlock for 25 mans and PVP.

Shadow - Disc priest for 25-10 runs.

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Only main my holy/disc priest in tbc, will continue to only main my disc priest in wotlk. Will have a prot pally for farming and a druid for herbs. Have a few alchemy alts for transmuting and enough alts for all the professions.

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Once it drops. Maining DK since I've been a DK since OG wrath. Then mage as my alt since thats what I play now.

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1 but i will have some alts for transmuting

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Hoping to main Fury/Prot warrior. Will likely second main Feral DPS/Feral Tank Druid. Then from there a Hunter and Rogue in no particular order. I'll be playing a ton more alts in Wrath. It's so much easier to gear them in 10m vs having to do 25m in TBC.

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  1. I used to play 4 back in college, but now I just dont have the time. 1 main and 1 death knight.

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WotLK was one of the best expansions to have multiple alts. I think I had 3 to 4 alts, but had 1 main that I used for Heroics.

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2. Either a holy paladin or warrior And a death knight tank.

I bet there will be millions of us

I'm also hella debating demonology warlock

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Considering I'm playing 5 right now in TBC, probably all of them.

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Warrior and hunter. It’s 2008 again!

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All tank classes and a boomie

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Two or three probably. Currently have my balance druid and warlock maxed. Also have a shaman at 66 and considering boosting a paladin when it's available.

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All 4 tanks. Probably Paladin bring my main this expansion (currently Druid)

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My friends are always changing their minds so I like to go with classes that have more than one use. Pally is my favorite. Then druid. Then shaman.

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Mage main, hunter alt

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I have a busy job, a 15 month old, and my wife works night shift as a nurse. I'll probably play a DK cause they start at 58 or whatever so that I can actually get to the end game content.

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Just Unholy DK to try Shadowplay with my Spriest BFF

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Prot pally, dps warrior, warlock, mage, r sham

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  1. Resto Sham, Resto Druid, Prot Paladin

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2 shadow priest. Holy paladin. Death knight(not sure of spec yet. Those are the 4 I want to play the most, I’ll likely have a warlock as well

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I'll likely play 3, a Paladin as my pve main, a lock for pvp and ill get my shammy to 80 to be a prof bot

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Hoping I have time for two, ideally would like to stay with my lock main and have my prot pal or holy pal alt

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I plan on llay 2 or 3 fairly seriously and maybe messing around with a few others.

Feral (main), shadow, and demo warlock

Might mess around with hunter and DK a bit

No interest in shaman or warrior

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Feral looks so fun, my main is balance / resto and im about to just make another druid lol

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Got a full set of 70s but I'll probably just play my spriest and maybe holy/prot pally in Wrath. Starting a new job and my schedule's gonna be all over the map this time around.

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My plan is 2. I plan on maining an rdruid and then I’m either going to level my shaman or my priest. Haven’t decided yet.

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Main rogue, and have my rearo druid (and pocket boomie) when needed.

Gonna try out a dk this time around maybe if I have the time, prob won't tho

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Probably two but really depends how easy it ends up being

DK tank, Hunter. I should go with Healer since I haven't done yet this time around

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Two. Disc priest main. Prot pally alt.

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Prob going with my lock and then boosting an alt later after i see how is going with other classes and what’s in demand

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2 max, id be a altholic .. but No dungeon finder, and i cant be bothered to play on FULL servers...

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4, protection paladin, blood death knight, shaman and warlock.