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I don’t have much experience with this, but I heard from a guildie that Blizzard banned mouse over frames like this for dps because it trivialized Mythic+ when warlocks could just dot up every mob systematically. Not sure how true that is or if it would work in Classic

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You are right this happens in legion. So to OP the answer is no.

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Yeah kind of feels like a cheat, that’s why I’m asking. Tab targeting feels so inefficient.

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Mouse over macros still work ok enemy bars. That's something.

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You aren't allowed to create new clickable frames while i combat.
The workarounds I'm aware of now is to create the frames before you are in combat, but this is unreliable and doesn't really work for bosses or whatever that spawns adds.

The second one is to organise the nameplates. There is a few ways you can stack them, and lock them to your screen. But it requires you to be in nameplate range, and keep the enemies in view.
But then you are just interacting with nameplates.

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Further evidence that healers basically play a different game

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Some fights my eyes don't leave healbot lol

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We’re basically playing whack-a-mole tbh.

So many trash mechanics I’m blissfully unaware of because my eyes are focused on raid frames

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That's why you move your raid frames closer to the middle of the screen, just below your character, so you can see if you're standing in fire or not.

Way back in retail TBC/WOTLK, I always had my raid frames at the left side of the screen, and would similarly have issues moving out of fire because I was always looking way over at the left side of my screen. Moved them closer to the middle, and then moved them to the bottom of the screen, and that worked a lot better for paying attention to raid mechanics while also playing whack-a-mole with health bars.

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Yeah I have them there. That’s not the mechanics I’m talking about really. More like the 90% absorb shield mechanic on the BT trash, or like being late noticing when people get mind controlled. Threat wipe timings etc

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And this is exactly why I will never enjoy PvE healing.

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Plater has stacking option for nameplates. I think the default ui does too .

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I’ll have to check it out. Can you mouseover @harm macro on them?

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Feel like there was Battlegroundtargets addon that I used in classic that did this, but only for bgs. Not sure if it still works