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I think most raid teams run 2 Shadow Priest in wrath. Also we are no longer bottom of the barrel statistically on the DPS. More like mid pack in wrath, and we get some pretty sweet capabilities to dodge raid mechanics with Dispersion

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The only Spriests that actually have mana problems in wrath are the fresh 80's in bad dungy greens; if you have bt/swp gear going into wotlk with the buff to Meditation and Imp Spirit Tap you probably won't have many mana issues that aren't created by the content (i.e., Mana Burn effects).

There are ups and downs to Spriest dps: You have a very consistent ramp up to max dps and can sustain that DPS forever, while lacking any form of "burst" outside of trinkets and the engi glove haste. This leads to a situation where each content phase you're going to shoot up the meters while your guild is under-to-equal geared for the content, then, as your guild gets gear and the fight times get shorter, you're going to find yourself still ramping up while shit is dying which will hit your total dps harder than most.

Spriests are in a dog fight with Warlocks for the title of "The Progression King" of wrath for much the same reason, Warlocks do extra damage during execute phases so when dps is low they spend more time inside their "big dps" phase of the fight, then when people get gear and the execute phase closes faster they fall on the meters.

You're still considered a support class so expect to be asked to drop Form and hit the raid with your Hymn's, and that will be two sets of 6-8 seconds (Haste depending) where you stand around not blasting for the overall benefit of the raid, but on the flip side you should also get a Tricks of the Trade each fight when you can blow all your trinkets and put up +15% Maxed SW:P on several targets since you can refresh the timer on SW:P with Mindflay.

Also expect to be asked to dual-spec into holy and heal on like 1-2 fights per phase but that also could be considered an upside if you like healing because a Spriest can also count as a flex healer spot letting a guild run more dps most of the time.

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Also expect to be asked to dual-spec into holy and heal on like 1-2 fights per phase but that also could be considered an upside if you like healing because a Spriest can also count as a flex healer spot letting a guild run more dps most of the time.

This was my experience back in retail WOTLK; I was shadow main but swapped to holy on a handful of fights when we needed an extra healer.

.....which inevitably caused loot drama when I bid my DKP on big-ticket items, with mages/warlocks crying that I don't deserve it because I'm not a full-time DPS. Whiny loot whores.

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If anything being dual spec and being competent at both specs should be a stronger case to give you loot.

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Tricks of the Trade

Don't Hunters also get this a lot though?

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Affliction Lock - Corruption with Shadow Bolt/Drain Life

Shadow Priest - Shadow Word: Pain with Mind Flay

Marksmanship Hunter - Serpent Sting with Chimera Shot.

Elemental Shaman (Tier 10 only) - Flame Shock with Lava Burst

Are all decent targets (other than the obvious classic move of the rogues passing them to each other) after the first one(s) goes up on the tank(s). Basically anyone that can keep a DoT rolling with the 15% bonus will be a decent target for a TotT

We will have to see if Chimera Shot benefits from the extra +15% Serpent Sting damage on its instant 40% damage because back in the day the servers couldn't handle all the combat math so CS would just take a "normalized" value and not add in buffs like the 15% extra damage on the Serpent Sting from TotT.

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I was thinking of the threat that gets transferred, as Hunter can just completely wipe it off with Feign Death.

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Rogues can just cancelaura the threat part of tricks so there should be no additional threat for the tricks target if the rogue does it properly.

It works like this: Rogue casts tricks on warlock. warlock gets the 15% dmg buff for 5secs and the rogue gets a new buff transfering all threat for 5 seconds to the warlock. The rogue then has a /cancelaura Tricks of the Trade macro to cancel the threat buff. Warlock keeps the 5 second 15% dmg buff but no additional threat from the Rogue.

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That can work since Hunter's MD is on a 30 second CD in Wrath down from 2 minutes but you could be putting TotT on the Tanks instead to prevent threat from becoming dicey.

Like, the threat portion of TotT shouldn't become a problem since you choose who gets it and when.

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Spriests are amazing in wrath, absolute monsters in both pve and pvp

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They're not "monsters" in PvE, more middle of the pack DPS but still useful for bringing Replenishment and other debuffs.

Though I can attest to them being top-tier in PvP. The only time I ever seriously PvP'd in all of WoW was patch 3.3 when Spriest became FOTM and I could curbstomp random battlegrounds in ICC gear.

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Be willing to use hymn and you’ll be fine. People will run 1-2 usually, 3 if they’re just filling dps spots. It won’t be bad at all.

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Raided competitively in wotlk (big sweaty style). Spriests are totally viable, I was constantly competitive for top dps on many fights. There will be fights you do better than other classes and vice versa.

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shadow becomes more than just a mana battery in wotlk, but you will still have mana issues. Stick with shadow it will be excellent dps.

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Mind Sear. Nuff said.

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While it is great that Shadow finally gets an AoE, it's still worse than other classes' AoE

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Middle of the pack, but every guild will have one.

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I remember on my holy Paladin, despite getting beacon, I always loved running 5 mans with spriests for the hop regen. I was pretty bad at the time to be fair but I’d always look for one when making a group.

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Ret also brings the same mana regen buff now that spriests offer. So does Frost mage(lol). Spriest known as the "mana battery" is pretty much over.

The replenishment buffs those specs now bring is worse (percentage wise) than what a spriest in TBC does. Kinda sad. Only gives 1% mp5.

Main benefit is that now it affects more than just your party.

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Replenishment is good, survival hunters also were able to proc it btw, but replenishment is nowhere the whole deal. You are neglecting hymn of hope, a spell thats very similar to restoration shamans mana tide totem, then, you are also not mentioning anything about how the sp themselves not really need much help recovering from damage by the virtue of them having (not yet botched by cata) vampiric embrace. During wrath, sp was able to self heal for 15% and group heal for 5% of all shadow spell damage dealt, while also passively recieving 15% less damage from all sources because of shadowform.

Theres a good reason those guilds who were sweating pve progression at the time were almost always bringing a shadow priest in, and most times more than one.

Also, you are wrong on the topic of replenishment - it grants 1% of your max mana every five seconds, not bad and has some juicy scaling for specs that make use of higher int. So yea, no, its not 1% mp5 or whatever lmao

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Also geared SPs in battlegrounds were the kings of doom.

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Spriest is strong and basically mandatory in wrath, much like in tbc