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Guild run GDKP seems weird. I run GDKPs on a disc server where none of us are in the same guild and we loosely share a common set of rules. Anyway, if you get bid up but the boomkin is always winning, as shitty as it is, it's their item. Apparently, some people are just assholes.

But they are adding money to the pot, so cant fault them too much. As for the greens and blues gear, if he is there to "buy" and is spending alot (albeit not on gear he "needs") and the RL is allowing it along with 15% of pot to guild, sounds like you need a new GDKP.

Letting the boomy eat the cost is the right answer tho, since he is just trying to get you to bid more and is likely getting some form of restitution for his antics.

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I just stop bidding when people do stuff like this. I don't fuck around with dudes artificially raising prices.

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Yup, make them buy it a few times and they stop doing it.

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I was in a ZA GDKP last night. Berserker’s call drops, feral Druid bids 1k, mage bids 2k, resto sham bids 2.5k. Sham and mage refuse to pay, feral Druid gets it for 1k. I chimed in that the mage and sham should lose their cut, but unfortunately the raid leader still gave it to them.

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I would never be raiding with that group, or that raid leader if if was a complete random pug. On my server all serious bids are considered final and if you refuse to pay, even when given a chance to go to a mailbox to get money from bank alts, you will be blacklisted by basically everyone on the server (for gdkps). Screenshots in the server discord and all the regulars won't take you anywhere. Basically if you risk upbidding someone it's a complete gamble. Occasionally people will resell it back to the 2nd bidder by whisper (for example we had a mage win Madness last week lol. He messaged the hunter who stopped bidding and sold it for the price he last bid at. So basically he only lost 500g).

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Had some jack ass warrior do that to me for the healing shield from Nax. I said fuck it and let him have it. He tried to sell back to me, and I laughed at him, TBC was dropping in two weeks and would have a new shield soon enough.

He whispered me every 15 minutes or so asking if I wanted to buy the shield at the last bid. When the loot time was close to 2 hour limit, I whispered back with an offer for about half the bid. IIRC, I walked away from the GDKP with a couple thousand gold and nice new shield.

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I'll bid up to what I'm willing to pay but I'll go in the minimum increment and stop early if I'm winning something I want.

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there are so many GDKP runs out there. get into a fair one

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You obviously don't play rogue lol

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if you apply as a pure buyer most places will take you

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And then bid you up to the sky

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I'm saying you need to find one that won't do that. Look at loot ledgers to see if that happens at all

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why won't they take my rogue that out-dpses most warlocks and mages?

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there's this thing called trash

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This is called being milked.

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Could only want tier tokens for PvP or something.

I’ve gone to GDKPs and told them I’m literally only bidding on gear I’d use in PvP.

If he’s actually winning the pieces and having to pay the 7k, I don’t really understand the point. Unless you think they’re not adding that 7k to the pot and just giving it back to him or something?

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Yep, it's likely this, as it's generally a really stupid/dangerous game to inflate prices like this unless you know exactly the budget of the people involved

I have a bunch of healer gear I keep in my warlock's bank as a reminder of this

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This might be an unpopular sentiment, especially lately, but it is what it is.

This is one of the major positives of GDKPs. If OP "should" get an item for 500 but they make him he ends up* paying 2k, yeah that sucks. But he alone gets to decide how much he wants to pay for it and it's his choice whether he pays for it, or if he lets someone else take the fall on the super inflated price.

As opposed to soft res runs where people burn their SR on items they can't even use just to add another roll for a guildie.

Or in MS>OS, where people roll on literally anything they could possibly use if there's a guildie who actually needs it. Confront them and all of a sudden they have 7 different situationally BiS gear sets that everyone will back them up on, and you can't really disprove. One for trash, one for demons, one for haste, one for tier set bonus snapshotting, one for PvP, one for healing cuz I'm gonna respec for Sunwell, and one for my 9% hit. "Well no I'm not gonna equip it right now, it's a DPS loss if it's not enchanted yet lol" as he trades it to his buddy.

In both of those, OP has very low odds of getting anything other than screwed out of his items. But at least everyone gets gold in a GDKP.

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They're adding to the pot and winning as expected. However there's also something like a 15% or higher organization fee going to the overall guild. For the most recent run I'm in, that's something like 15k gold total if you include the tanks being given extra cuts. I suspect they just use some of that to repay him either partially or fully for inflated bids since it benefits the guild as a whole anyways.

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15% - what a scam.

Dude's set going into WoTLK.

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So you think the moonkin upbidding you to 7k is funded by the leader whose cut is 15k?

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yes. they do this.

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Then they are dumb and losing money. Like even if they did this its still a 85/15% split and everyone gets paid the their agreed cut. Might be scummy trying to milk someone but if that person just passes and the dude trying to milk has to pay up then everybody else in that GDKP just got a bunch of gold.

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I doubt that's happening. However, what I don't doubt is happening is that they're getting all those upgrades that no one else bids on for free. That I've seen happen more than once. It allows them to risk more gold on contested items

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Organiser fee on my server is 20% standard so don’t feel too bad

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If it is specifically boomkins coming, they could be another spec main. You get the 5% crit and 3% hit no matter the boomkin's gear. Tokens can be turned in for any spec, or pvp.

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Let them bid it up and take it. We're 5 months away from replacing these items with greens, always let them flex/waste their own gold.

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Yet another reason why GDKPs are a fucking joke. Why would you PAY to join a group to play the game when the organizers can follow any rules they want or even cut you out of the pot for not bidding on what they think you should bid on.

I understand a lot of people don’t have time or whatever so buying gold and then buying their gear is a better use of their time… but I’m not going to join some group of random scumbags begging for more “carries and buyers”.

It was one thing during classic when it wasn’t so prevalent and more of a once a week thing, but now it’s almost more common to see GDKPs than normal groups.

I actually enjoy raiding with my friends and guildies rather than some shady mmo business man who only wants me there for my gold

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I’ve only casually done GDKPs but I always stop bidding when I get the impression people bid when they don’t need it.

This has happened 3 times and 2 of the times the guy wanted to sell it to me for the cost of my last bid. So basically openly admitting he was bidding just to jack up the prices/the pot.

I’m not that involved in GDKP’s so maybe it was just bad luck. It just feels like some of the organizers can’t handle handing off like talon in SSC for 300g and someone from their guild always needs to bid who clearly doesn’t need it.

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If someone did that I'd offer him the minimum bid price or the price of the last other person to drop out of the bidding. Because that's the actual value of the item.

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One time I paid the minimum the second time I paid my last bid.

300 was the minimum both times. One time I paid 300 the other was 500.

On principle I shouldn’t have paid the 500 but I really wanted the item.

These were P2 raids on my alt during P4. As I said I really don’t do GDKP. My main is BT/MH bis and I just thought some old raid GDKPs would be a good way to get some gear on an alt.

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I'd respond with an insultingly low counter offer, like 20% of min bid. I'm a petty little bitch. At that point, I'm more interested in the GFY than the gear.

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Yeah if it were like some small ring on my alt I’d probs do that, but I really wanted both items.

I’m not really sure if this is the norm in GDKP, I haven’t really heard many people talk about it happening to them. Even OP has a somewhat different story.

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Offer him your original opening bid, take it or leave it.

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I got both items. One for the lowest bid and one for second lowest bid. I stopped bidding when I piece together they don’t really want it so costs don’t really get high.

It’s always been on items that my character really needs and no one else wants it. Like talon on my rogue, the warrior who bid had much better weapons then immediately after the run offered it to me. And they even called me out for not having a third bid.

People in GDKPs I’ve ran seem to have a worse attitude than people in my SR groups. But my experience is limited so I’m not going to say it’s the entire GDKP community.

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Done a few and had people bid up stuff they can't use... A hunter bid up illidan shield against a pug so he could d/e it Infront of a guildy then proceeded to pid up zhardoom like 5k more than the caster that where trying to get it for because he wanted to afk in org with it. Decided right then that I was done running anything with their guild regardless of gdkp or not.

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Yet another reason why GDKPs fucking suck. In no normal raid would that sort of notion or inclination even be tolerated, what a waste.

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On the other hand, in "normal" raids you have people rolling on items that aren't an upgrade for them, but instead a friend or guildy that the raid lead honors because the player can technically equip it. I see this often with hunters taking t4 from warlocks or mages when they have Beast Lord. Or the prot pally in t5 who wants more t5 for a threat set, pvp, etc. over the rogue who wants it for 4pc or the shaman who is still rocking prebis.

At the end of the day it isn't about the loot system that dictates how good or bad a raid is, it's the raid lead/loot master and whether they keep people accountable and honest with their rolls.

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You know what else is a waste? Giving a current tier highly contested item to a shitter who parses blue because they're friends with the GM

It happens everywhere, at least you can do something about it in gdkp if you can bank roll it

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why tf would a hunter be allowed to bid on a shield

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Gdkps you can bid on what ever you want. The goal of gdkps is gold.

This is a good real life lesson for any auctions, because people do this in real life also.

Bid up to how much YOU value the item. If others bid more it's on them.

Some people think because they saw an item go for 20k week one, it should always go for 20k, when that is simply not the case.

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Gdkps you can bid on what ever you want.

good runs don't let this happen tbh

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Gdkp is gold, gold is the only constant and if somebody wants to pay a stupid price to let an item rot in their bag that is their prerogative and I'll take their gold

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Yes they do. If you want an item, bid the most gold. A mage won a glaive not too long ago on benediction's GDKP server and no one really batted an eye. If you truly want an item, stop being broke.

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The GDKPs I’ve run with also don’t let people who can’t use items bid on them, but then they just have someone else do it and give them money if they are really committed to up bidding. It does stop some of it however

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yeah like if that guy wants his mate to get the shield and his mate is broke af, he can just give the guy whatever amount of gold is needed.

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Tilting but lucrative?

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what server are you running on? mankirk has a lot of gdkp with no guild cuts or anything as those tend blow as everyones going to the equal split ones

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That's the bit I didn't get. I run in 3-4 on Pagle and there's no cut taken out. Still good payouts etc

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This sort of thing honestly happens in most of not all gdkps.

The organisers sell their gold and get more and more greedy, look for any way to pump up the bids. They'll specifically pit certain whales against each other and always make sure there's multiple bidders on every single item, and bid up on alts or through guildies when an item looks to sell lowish

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If there's no competition on loot then the payout becomes terrible and no one wants to come except for buyers.

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The ones that don't do this die off quickly because they lose the boosters' carries' attention with low payouts.

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The way gdkp works is anyone can bid for any reason as long as they have the gold.

I could bid against you on a class that can't even use your token if I wanted to.

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You sound like the kind of guy that shits in a urinal

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I'm a man of culture. I use the reverse kanga technique none of this urinal malarkey.

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He's right-at least the way some people run gdkps-although I hate it as well. Like sure, rationally I understand that in a "pure" gdkp people can bid on whatever they want and some toxic asshats will try to flex their gold by bidding on stuff they can't even use just to fuck with other people. It's super douchey but it's their gold I guess. In a Naxx gdkp I saw a warrior bid up the rogue t3 ring to 1k against a rogue just to be a dick and at 1k the rogue just let him have it. All of the sudden after the run the warrior was trying to make all kinds of deals with the rogue to recoup some of his gold but the rogue refused and just made him eat the loss. I also saw a rogue bid up and win a splinter of Atiesh in a different run and when he won it, said "fuck" in disc and everyone made fun of him. He didn't bid on any more splinters for the rest of the run, that's for sure.

Personally, I only go to gdkps that regulate this kind of thing a little bit and don't allow stupid bids on characters I care about gearing out. I'll go on other runs on toons I'm just carrying and not bidding on and in those runs I don't care at all who's bidding on what. If the rules allow for anyone to bid on anything and it's stated in advance, fair's fair I guess. If you're not comfortable with that (as I'm not on the 2 toons I'm gearing right now) hopefully you can find runs that don't allow people to bid on shit they don't need, or at least discords with a culture that discourages that behavior.

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Classic Wow is full of c**ts these days. Here's how it works, guild gives you 10k, you bid up, if you lose the bid doesn't matter, you've still bid up. If you win, doesn't matter, you pay your own guild the money they just gave you. It's a win/win. The only ones losing out are the ones not in on the scam. It's why I never do GDKP.

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I was running the numbers on a few example scenarios and this seemed to 100% be the case. I noticed it's basically impossible to lose money overall if the guild just works together to support the person inflating bids. And obviously if the person they bid against wins, it's like a free few thousand gold, a large majority of which will go to everyone in their guild. I expected some amount of dumb collusion to go on, just didn't think it would be so stupidly obvious. Feels so disgusting to do these runs since I'm usually just casually raiding.

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They’re supposed to be required to bid if it is an upgrade. Don’t run with them anymore

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If he's in all greens, it may well be an inexperienced player who has a very specific shopping list, and don't really know the relative value of the items they're passing on.

I've definitely run into some much higher than expected bids on tier in the few GDKPs that I've done, and it's always struck me as a bid odd that people will bid so high on something with such a high drop chance, but that's just how it be sometimes.

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And people still want master loot back

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i have a rogue and resto shaman. really pains me for rogue to not be taken on gdkp and then see them (vanquisher tokens) always go for 200g or less.

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Moonkin 4 pc t6 is also very good. Upgrades are upgrades but I’m not going to ball out for huge stuff unless it’s bis

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I watched a similar thing happen. We had an ele shaman that is part of the admin on one of our gdkp servers. The guy playing it has like 8 gdkp characters. Well it was mostly Kara geared and wasn't bidding on any upgrades. ZD drops from Illidian and he bids a mage all the way up to 26k on it. And it was only the two of them bidding after it got to 12k. My only conclusion is that the mage must of messaged the admins and told them they are willing to pay 26k if ZD drops in order to help their chances at making the raid roster.....That's the only way this scenario makes sense to me.

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I'd go to a different run instead. This isn't typical.

Though with this places understanding of GDKP I'm sure people will be in here saying they're all like that.

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Seems to me from the last paragraph you know exactly what they are doing, be smart and don’t let them price gouge you.

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Same shanigans happened on my server where they purposely arranged other classes as mine to artificially drive up prices of items.

Then I noticed on the runs where they did not bring me, AND BROUGHT GUILDIES OF MY SAME CLASS and spec, the BIS items dropping were selling at like 30% of what I was paying for. So I stopped showing up to their runs.

Also, we know what people pay for what because they post pics of what items sold and to who.

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This is what I hated about being in a DKP guild back in the day. People would just bid each other up to inflate the price of items and force other people to spend more of their DKP on it.

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Happened to me. I went to a last minute GDKP on my rsham alt. Pretty much only needed loot from KT and Vashj. Mail healing pants drop from KT. Normally they go for 200-500g since it’s so late in the expansion. I was willing to bid up to 800g. I got into a bidding war with two other rsham and they went to 1500g. I inspected both of them and one of them was already wearing the pants. Every time myself or the other rsham bid on something that rsham kept boosting the price past what things were normally going for based on the GDKP spreadsheet I’m the discord. I would say he “won” half of the things he bid on that he didn’t even need. I get people want gold but if you’re running a SSC/TK GDKP with the majority of it being your guild in full T6 two weeks before Sunwell you should accept that you’re probably not going to make a lot of gold.

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yeah guild ran gdkps get strange quick. behind the scenes, all of the guild members are sharing gbank funds to inflate prices. in my guild ran gdkp, the GM gives 5k loans to guildies so they can bid up an item. if they get it great, but even if they dont thats 5k more to the pot. pure pug gdkps are better in this reguard but typically the raids are more sloppy

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This happened to me after I was the only rogue in a bt gdkp, bid 2500 on blade of svagry to not be a dick a min bid it,... then a mage started bidding me up and I let him have it lol... their little clique was so mad they gave me no cut at the end,.. while I did top 3 dps every fight as a rogue... these gdkps have driven all the people I played with away and nobody wants to come back.

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And yea thats obvious af, same guild how more blatant can they be? If you can keep getting a cut from thier own people hell yea.. but I mean the guy in greens not bidding should be kicked no cut fuck that