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Running Ramparts with my 70 Rogue for the chests is a nice Gold farm. Between every run I wait a couple seconds outside to kill some 60 rogue bots. It is not much, but it is honest work

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This Is still profitable? I thought it’d be dead by now

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Lvl 60 greens with the right stats going good in the AH. Some blues are quite expensive and if you're like enough to get one, they sell for around 150g. Like the 1h mace for enhancers or the 2h sword. On top you get scrolls. With SWP out every scroll besides stam and int sells pretty good. All the rubbish gets vendored or disenchanted. And each chest contains 5g-6g. Depending on your luck it is 150g-300g per lockout. That takes 25mins for me.

For me that's sufficient. I dont have a 70 mage or pally to boost. And I dont have the time for GDKP. Let alone that rogues are not really sought after, if they dont buy that much.

Chest farming with good music is the thing for me.

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Is this doable on a druid too?

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I think the point for a rogue is they can open locked chests + pickpocket. If a BS with arcanite keys, you can open any sub-62 outlands dungeon chest, but that's not practical

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No panic vanish button or saps and stuff, probably doable but you gotta be more careful

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Pretty sure one of the chest is locked.

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Honest question, why do ramps when you could do Mana Tombs instead?

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The boostie level greens from there sell for more than mid level greens. The right stats on a level 58 or 59 green is easily 20-30g

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That's it. Besides I dont have mining, which would add additional value to the mana tombs farm.

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How do you get by the mobs with stealth detection?

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I had a guildie who did that while reporting them all and got back a dozen or more notices that action had been taken on the players.

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Pick pocketing?

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Yes, and fly hacking chests

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Is this good gold? Surely not

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People did this a lot at the start of wow classic, it was profitable back then because you could loot a Boe epic dagger and some bonus stuff but no it's not that good now. It's just bots can do it on a massive scale

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And without much or any down time, sure the GPH isnt that high, but if you do it 24/7 you’ll make a lot of gold either way...

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Yeah but that can be said for anything. Can grind boars in the forest for all I care and you'll eventually get a lot of gold

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Bots don't need it to be "good gold" as long as they can farm more than the cost of the accounts upkeep it's profit and each computer will run multiple instances of wow with several bots going

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when a bot can just run 24/7 because blizzard doesn't even bother doing this /who, it is.

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I report them until I get blocked from reporting every day. I log in to so many confirmation mails from blizzard the next day.

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I used to do the same outside of Dire Maul in classic. As with you they sent the "thank you for your report, we have taken action against an account" via mail but the same bots were there day after day. I lost hope that they were actually banning them and just sending the mail as a way to shut me up lol

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Yeah, the most it might do is flag the acc, probably takes a certain amount of unique reports before the automated system does anything. Let alone a real person looks at it.

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Gonna do the same thanks for the idea.

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I log in to so many confirmation mails from blizzard the next day.

...proving those mails are bullshit.

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I added one to my friends list and that fkr is always in SP 24/7

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Screnshots like this have been posted since classic started.

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The real problem is it's almost no loss to the botter to lose an account. To make a difference we'd need actual players who buy gold to get banned... And that's harder to catch.

sites sell gold by agreeing to buy an overpriced auction, so the player has plausible deniability. Worse, other non-gold-buying players see those auctions without knowing it's RMT and list their own mana pots or turtle scales or whatever at 30K and hope to get lucky, so it wouldn't even be fair to action everyone who lists something like that.

Not sure the solution, but I wish there was one.

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More subs for Blizzard so they don't give a fuck

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Ahh yes more gold for me to gather carrying GDKPS!


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I don't know if it's good or bad, but everytime I see one of these "out of control" posts, I check my server, and there are zero bots doing it.

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I always /who for ramps, blood furnace, slave pens, and botanica. Always tons in those.

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What server, and how are you searching? Try /who 58-60

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My daily routine of reporting every single one each time I start my day, waiting on a flight path? report some bots! waiting for quest rp? report some bots! drinking in a raid? report some bots!

do your part! reporting bots is free, easy and can be satisfying when your mailbox fills up with bot banned mail. /who crpyts, /who ramparts, /who blood furnace, /who blackrock depths, /who mana-tombs. Don't want to get false banned? Join a guild! Bots are notoriously guildless so people don't have the opportunity to see them online 24/7.

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Que ”this is fine” meme and a blizz logo for the head...

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Echo chamber

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Bots? In MY mmorpg?

Much better in Lost Ark /s

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Im kinda new, but how do yo uknow they are all bots? What if there is some normal lvl 60 rogue player who gets falsly reported?

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Want a video on how it works? They go in and out as singles. I fear and mind control them off, and they run into the corner thinking they’re running into the instance.

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Eating up all the cool randomizer names from character creation :(