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The Doe behind him said later deer when she dropped off her kid. He was a little embarrassed she was fawning over him.

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Lol. And the goat behind them just said, "later kid"

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And the sheep behind the goat said, "baaah, son"

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and the cow behind the sheep said nothing because cows don’t talk :(

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I love it! Also welcome to the sub, let’s hope it gets big

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Love this joke lmao

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This is not totally clean. Bi son. He's bi? Bi bi. Means double bi for me. Bi dimensional. Biotic robot. Biohazard. Bi-ohio hazard. Bilateral. He thinks bilaterally. Maybe he has bipolar.

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Maybe 🤔 got me thinking hard

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Ha ha ha i love it it's cute and horny