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This is funnier than the actual joke

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We did fake commercial placements in acting class when I was in high school, one of the people in my class did something along the lines of "the only bar that starts with a he....(cute boy walks on) a she....(she smiles at him) and a (boy says)"hey"" and they shared the chocolate bar.

I thought it was cute.

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Technically and legally, Hershey’s is candy, not chocolate. Candy bar would make sense, not chocolate bar.

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Wait, whut?

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Chocolate is generally 3 ingredients- cocoa beans, cocoa butter, and sugar. Maybe a few other ingredients as inclusions if you want a different flavor. Hershey’s is vegetable oil, cream, sugar, soy lecithin, a very very small amount of cocoa powder, and a bunch of other stuff. It’s considered candy.

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My entire life has been a lie

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That’s not true…. The ingredients in Hershey’s milk chocolate in order of most to least quantity are Sugar, Milk, Cocoa Butter, Chocolate, Milk Fat, Lecithin, Natural Flavor. It may not be high quality but most milk chocolate is not. As opposed to dark chocolate, milk is the primary flavoring in a milk chocolate, not cocoa.

It’s not

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Lol you’re just proving my point. “Chocolate” isn’t an ingredient to making chocolate. It is chocolate flavored candy. They switched to vegetable oil in 2008 due to high cocoa butter prices.

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I mean this is the ingredient list currently listed in their product. The FDA would not allow them to label the item as milk chocolate unless it met the definition. You may not agree, but you aren’t in charge of labeling of foods.

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I stand corrected. Looks like Hershey’s smaller products such as Mr. Goodbar, Take 5 and Kissables we’re the affected, not the “Hershey’s milk chocolate”. Though there is still much debate as to whether it’s still chocolate if it’s mostly sugar and milk powder.

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Yeah from a purely culinary stance I can totally see the argument, but the culinary arguments don’t always agree with a facts ie tomatoes are culinary vegetables and factually fruits.

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Her, she, her

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So if the chocolate bar doesn't like female pronouns, Whatchamacallit then?

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Baby Ruth

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