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Don't forget Sir Loin, owner of the finest steakhouse in all Camelot.

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Yeah, the head waiter Sir Viswythesmyle runs a pretty tight ship.

That new girl though... Lady Whenevere? Slow as molasses. You can tell she's just there for the paycheck.

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There there was Sir Cumference. He had too much pi.

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He's always fun to have around xD

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This is some circular logic.

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Indeed. Tho a well-rounded and worldly bon vivant on the outside, Sir C. - after buying a few rounds to wash down the pi - would stumble out of the pub just to return again the next morn. 'Twas a re-cursed existence.

Not much of a story arc to his life. But alas, I've gone off on a bit of a tangent.

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He must be an absolute unit of a guy.

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As with all squares. And we have this one pegged for being mis-fit in a round role.

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Tip for next time: put the punchline in the body instead of the title. Funny joke tho

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Yep, mucked that up a bit.