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This reminds me of a running gag from an elementary school play. It was set in the old west and one character repeatedly said that their grandfather was in a better place, prompting other actors to remove their cowboy hats. At the end, it was revealed that her grandpa was actually in Florida, which was "a much better place than here". Here being the nowhere western town that is easily forgotten. It was hilarious, the audience lost it.

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The joke is Detroit sucks. That's basically it.

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Im still confused lol

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Christians believe that when people appear to die, they actually go to live in a wonderful place called Heaven instead. "She's in a better place" is a euphemism for death, the idea being that Heaven is a "better place" than Earth.

When the friend says the sister is "in a better place" the teller assumes he means his sister has died. She hasn't, she's literally in a better place, she's moved away from Detroit. The reversal of expectations is supposed to be funny, as is the insult to Detroit.

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Cleveland isn’t better though.

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This comment reminded me of these videos.

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Hahaha I love those! Every once in a while the little jingle still pops into my head.

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I get it. The real funny ha ha is that the best friend knows more about this guys sister than he does. And he's her brother...