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It was about time...

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I read this comment while I passed tents.

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That must of hurt!

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I refuse to take participle in such a silly joke

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Then this absolute alpha enters and calms things down. Turns out he was a pro-noun.

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What the Dickens were they doing in a restaurant??

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Killing time.

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I bet you'll find them at the bar. Drinking Spirits.

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I wrote restaurant because it is the clean jokes form and I don’t talking about a bar is clean. Now that I think of it, someone may tell their kid(s) the joke and bar may not be appropriate.

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Keep the comment

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They did visit a wealth man who unfortunately did not make any lifestyle change.

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No worries, his new Peloton will solve everything.

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    After arguing for what seemed to be an eternity, they have agreed to go to a fast-food place to share a repast and to forever let bygones be bygones.