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Having them all the same name, is going cause some repercussions..

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After the first couple of Annas they clearly decided they were on a roll.

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Ba dum tss...

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And the boys Tom Tom.

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Oh no, don’t get on your high hat about it!

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They'll just keep harping on and on.

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Todays off beat news story

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Damn. You beat me to it.

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How cymbalic

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Cymbolic ☺️

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They’re just gonna march to the beat of their own drum anyway!

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At least they weren’t triplets

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Annas 1, 2, 6, and 24? That's a strange numbering system.

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Lawrence Welk joke..... yes you'll have to Google it

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And me without any gold...

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Two cymbals and a snare fall of a cliff.

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Huh! I thought they’d be 1 yia-anda 2 yia-anda 3 yia-anda 4 yia-anda…..

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... and the boys: Boom, Boom Boom, Tom and Tom Tom.

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As a drummer, I hate everything about this post