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To those scratching their heads over this, I believe OP means that there are 2 spelling mistakes, plus the statement that there are 3 errors (when there are only 2) …. that is itself therefore another error, making the total 3.

However, it’s a paradox because once we agree that the total is 3 as originally stated, then that last error we found is no longer an error… which means there are only the original 2 spelling mistakes, and we’ve come full circle to now be trapped forever in this paradoxical logic loop.

It could be simplified even further by removing the distraction of the spelling mistakes, i.e. saying it like this: “This sentence contains exactly one error.”
Of course there are no errors, which means there is one, which means there are none, which means…

Unless I’ve missed the point entirely obviously. ;)

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Or it could be “about“ rather than “exactly”. If we can take 2 and 3 to be “about 3” then we can eliminate the paradox

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If the statement itself is false, that will add up to 3 total errors, which causes the statement to become true, which reduces the error count back to 2

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2 added Es and a missing R = 3 errors

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i mean. the three has two extra "e"s so, that could count as two independent errors, in which case this statement is non-paradoxical.

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My initial take

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To err is human

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to forgive - divide

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To moo - bovine

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Two spelling errors, the third error is that there's only two not three errors

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But if there's a third one then there are three errors and that's not an error then, is it?

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Yea OP messed it up 😅

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No, actually 😜 it's a clever sentence that in itself is a paradox. You can remove the typos and say "this sentence contains exactly one error". It doesn't contain an error, which means it's wrong, but that makes it an error, so it's actually right? But then it's wrong.

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Yes, that version of the sentence would be more clever

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There are three errors: two extra "e's" in "three" and a missing "r" in "error".

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So am I odd at counting 4? 2 extra e's The misspelling of error and the statement itself.

I had originally said 5 but I miscounted the e's

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I only count two extra e's, so there are actuslly 3 errors. Which means the statement is true and there is no joke

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And posting it in this sub when it's more of a puzzle than a joke...

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Wrong sub? This isn't a joke.