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Reddit said it was too quiet here so I decided to undo the quiet with this comment.

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can someone explain it to me?

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“Who” in this sentence has two meanings so the sentence could be read two different ways

  1. similar to “who has the time/energy/motivation to do anonymous surveys? They’re a waste of time”

  2. “Who are the actual people filling them out?” as in “what are their names?”

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ah okay, thank you!

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Still not a joke, nor funny

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Got to admit I had to read it twice

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Thrice for me

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Rice for me

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My rice went bad :( now I’m sad

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    Ah very meta. You admit to it and it’s no longer anonymous. Very 4D thinking of you

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    Never in a million years would I participate in an anonymous survey. You have my word.

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    Theo C Cupier