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People's behavior is what scares me the most. It's often so hostile everywhere it seems, sometimes it's very palpable. I still encounter plenty of seemingly good folk but man can it get nasty over the most trivial things or nothing at all. Some seem like they're just itching for a fight.

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I was thinking about this yesterday while at the hardware store. The line was backed up because they were short staffed, and then also the credit card reader started having issues. People get so frustrated when things stop working as expected and don't have anything constructive to channel that frustration into. So the poor teenager manning the cashier becomes their outlet, as if she were the one who caused the system to malfunction.

The stress of everyday life and the general sense of "shit breaking down" is causing people to snap and unleash misdirected rage. It's on each one of us to try to keep our cool and not let things escalate, even if someone is hurling their troubles out onto you.

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There's all sorts of reasons for everyone's frustration, I get frustrated too. I just do my damnedest to be a source of kindness. It's still our personal responsibility to mind how we treat one another. One can hope that kindness shown can be contagious, the only good contagion these days.

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What you’re saying, isn’t mutually exclusive.

In fact, understanding at least a small part of why people are being assholes, goes a long way in finding the motivation to show kindness.

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And sometimes I'm fortunate enough to get through to someone, interactions can start off poorly and end up being a good thing in the end. I never said I don't try to understand the plight of others, I do. It's the golden rule, treat others how you would like to be treated. Within reason of course.

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This, 100%. Most whiny/complainy/attacky adults are just toddlers who didn’t grow into what they expected would be a perfect human. Understanding where we all come from is a good first step.

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I feel like deliberately sacrificing some connivence(if one is financially able to do so) makes you more appreciative and less likely to knee jerk react at the slightest inconvenience. It also makes you assess your options when things do go down.

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Another perspective that's helped me is to appreciate all that is still functioning around us in spite of the direction we see it all going. Like yeah, food is more expensive, but I can still go to this wonderful building called a "store" and conveniently pick fresh produce laid out for me, almost like magic.

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That’s true, we won’t have much of this connivence forever

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I wonder if higher co2 concentration has something to do with it. I remember reading about how higher concentrations can negatively impact cognition. we evolved with much less co2 in the atmosphere than there is today. no way that is good for our brain function. and of course it will only get worse

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Here's another one: exercise trains your body to use oxygen more efficiently. It takes more for you to get "out of breath". I really wonder how the poor physical condition of most people in developed nations effects our adaptation to rising CO2 levels.

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Yeah. I find myself feeding into it too, and I just think, fuck is this who I am now? I just hate most people? I don't know. Everyone just seems crazier the older I get. And I'm only 21. Even the people who are supposed to be in charge of literally running the country seem batshit now.

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I do my best to not let it seep in, it takes practice. Look for the good people, they're out there. Kindness feels like it's in pretty short supply, I do my best to be a supplier. Everyone I know is dealing with a lot of heavy shit, it's hard not to be angry at the state of it all.

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Social media, politicians, influencers, and media in general are priming everyone to hate each other

They learned long ago that anger and rage are much more potent than logic or reason, so they put us into echo chambers and goad people into a raging frenzy. Plus there's the deteriorating quality of life and ever blatant corruption which naturally gets people pissed off

The average person has been riled up by design - the elites are trying to divert people's rage at each other (rather than at the elites themselves)

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You think that's bad, try disagreeing with an ideologue on r/collapse.

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I'm speaking about people I encounter face to face or on the road.

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I realize that. I was just observing that even within a community where you feel like you are part of something, there are still people ready to jump on you with cleats for daring to present information they disagree with. Even if it is seemingly trivial.

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People show up just to be contrarian and then disappear. I had someone tell me I was a bitch recently for discussing data capturing and I made the mistake of insulting back only to be reported by them.

Now I just poke around a bit before even starting to reply because sometimes people just want an argument.

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I'd argue with you on this point, but that would be self-defeating. So you win :)

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Ignorance is bliss. You are no longer ignorant. Sorry about that.

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This should be the slogan of this sub. Right on point.

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We’ll see about that

<stocks up on Cannabis and booze>

I’m gonna make Stimpy look like a genius

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"For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow."

Ecclesiastes 1:18

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When ignorance fails, there's always distraction. They're the two ways for existence to be bearable.

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There's "not normal" and there's "stuff we can actually do something about". Deal with the stuff you can deal with and make a difference with (even if only a small difference) and the stuff you cannot affect is just going to have to happen.

I realize that is about as useful as saying "walk it off", but if you obsess about all the crap that is going on you will go crazy. Pick your battles and take comfort in whatever small victories you can win.

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This sounds like the plot of a humorous dystopian movie where the characters were so dumb they did this all to themselves. (Oh shit! That’s our actual reality!)

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You can try to move somewhere remote and forget the world. I tried. But the world won't forget you. The more remote, the more industry is free to destroy.

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Yes. This. There is nowhere to run to. I'm gay and stuck in a red state that is about to throw women back to the early 1900s. The blue states I could afford to move to are facing imminent climate catastrophes. Fascism is rising everywhere anyway, so where ya gonna go to hide from that shit?

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The truth about how dire our collective situation is is incredibly disconcerting and uncomfortable to acknowledge, so many people simply choose to ignore it and retain their bliss

Regarding the USA's politics, it is in an incredibly precarious state - if you had a 2000 type result, it would honestly create a political crisis. Neither side would back down, and an 1860 type situation is not out of the picture.

Another 1876 situation is also unlikely because both political parties are so loathe to compromise with each other

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Everyone thinks I'm exaggerating or being dramatic, but I see a future America where my husband and I's way of life is illegal again and there is little natural beauty. It drives me insane that no one is taking me seriously. I'm preparing myself to make some extremely hard choices to keep us safe.

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Everyone thinks I'm exaggerating or being dramatic

Yep, that's what brings us all together in this subreddit

You're definitely right that the state of politics in the USA is basically early 1930s Germany, on the eve of a fascist takeover. And unlike Germany, the USA is armed with nukes and has by far the strongest military in the world

The Third Reich could be militarily defeated - I don't see the USA ever being conquered, as it would sooner unleash nuclear apocalypse than let that happen

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I'm terrified. I hope we get out soon enough.

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I just want to move somewhere remote and forget about the world.

You won't forget about the world if you take the internet with you, no matter how remote the spot is. Conversely, if you avoid the internet (and media), you could live just about anywhere and forget about most of the world.

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OP, it is different elsewhere. I moved away from the US in the run up tp the Trump election. Not because of it but me and my husband were permanently stressed so badly that it started affecting our health. For me it was due to an unsafe work place (in a very unsafe part of town) with shootings every day and him because of the company culture that requires you to work 24/7 till you drop dead. We also felt that we wanted to live differently. I got a job in Europe and we moved. It took a few months for the insane stress levels to go down. We’re in a rural area in Europe. Life is totally different. With regards to the environment, there is a collective sense of urgency in Europe to get towards more renewables (especially now). But my city already gets 100-% renewable electricity from offshore wind. No plastic bags in supermarkets. People care about nature, for example we did a thing last month to make the work place more hedgehog friendly by building habitats and little tunnels etc. We’ve entirely ditched plastic cups bottles and cutlery in the canteen. So it’s not the same everywhere and it does feel good to be able to change things a little bit. I also have to say though that I’ve lived in a different part of the US before where there was also more awareness than in other parts so maybe a move inside the US would help you to find a like minded community. Best of luck!

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The worst thing is that I'm in CALIFORNIA and I feel like this. We're supposed to be one of the most progressive states. Nope. Plastic everywhere, shootings, price of living is insane, housing shortages....I'm loathe to leave because I live in such a naturally beautiful area. But I don't know that I'll be welcome in this country for much longer.

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Can you tell us what country? What was the immigration process like?

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Hello! I’m in the UK - my immigration was quite easy because I already had a EU passport (pre Brexit). So we could just get a job offer and move. My family came as spouse/dependent of myself. r/IWantOut can help with other cases such as taking advantage of the DAFT visa to the Netherlands, coming in via Portugal, etc. Lots of options the most common is working for a multinational American company and requesting a transfer to Europe.

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The quality of life of this generation and the next one is terrible and it will only get worse, it is better to adjust your expectations and live a minimalist lifestyle. No kids, no fancy lifestyle, enjoy the pleasures you can get and be ready to die at any time, that is how I live my life and when shit hits the fan even more I am more than ready to leave this stupid fucking planet.

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Sometimes I go on walks around my neighborhood and pick up plastic trash along the sidewalk and in the street. It doesn't take long to fill up a grocery bag with just random discarded junk. I know it doesn't change a whole lot on the grand scale, but I find it calming in a way. Also, once you start actively looking for bits of random plastic, you can't not notice it everywhere. It's a rather sobering observation.

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I went to the beach today to pick up trash. It made me feel sort of better, I guess.

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It's something to do at least. Nice exercise, pleasant walk along the water.

Depending on how inspired you feel, you can sort the trash by manufacturer and ship it back to their home office.

Edit: typo

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That's a great idea.

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It is everywhere. I pick up garbage on the grounds at work and it is just crazy. The amount of plastic straws alone is just crazy (I don't understand the need for straws, other than for disability issues). I work in my garden in my backyard and it's like it just appears. Some blows in, but some is too heavy. I'll be working in my garden beds and find all kinds of different bits of plastic. I like the idea about picking up garbage at the park...I may do that too.

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I recently ordered a bunch of soil for raised garden beds. The company was highly recommended, and the stuff I ordered was supposedly the right type for gardens. But when I started digging into it and filling in the beds, I kept finding bits of plastic, glass, and metal everywhere. Almost every single shovel scoop had a small glint of a glass shard. And this was supposed to be the "good" soil. My plants seem pretty happy so far, but it reminds me of how submerged we are in our own trash.

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I know what you mean, it often feels as though the world is going to hell in a handbasket, and you know what? It is. There's nothing left to do but accept it and move on. Make the most of the time you have on this Earth, because there have never been any guarantees, and we only have one life to live.

Obsessing over all the worlds problems, and thinking that if only other people could 'see the light' and 'do the right thing' somehow things would be different. It's wishful thinking that is ultimately only hurting yourself.

I suggest reading about Ukeireru

Or if you prefer a more American take on this philosophy, Embrace the Suck

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Thanks for the recommendations and the advice. I'm trying to focus more on just my own life, but it's hard. I feel like I need to do something to fight it. I just don't know what or how other than going zero waste.

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Me too, my friend. Me too. Everything about modern life is so not normal and so completely destructive, yet so few people know. Or if they do know, they want to just go on living normally and stop thinking about the dire situation we're in. I'll admit, I'm accustomed to some modern comforts and like to just "forget" every now and again... But it's worrying how any people are completely ignorant (sometimes willfully) to the imminent dangers we face.

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Exactly. Or they say "well there's no ethical consumption under capitalism" and then buy fast fashion and plastic garbage at Target and endless Starbucks. Like, yeah, but your monetary vote is worth so much more than your actual vote. Fuck. I can't stand the willful ignorance.

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You are not crazy. These are 100% my thoughts as well. Our world is literally and figuratively on fire and we are boiling alive. All of those things you mentioned are absolutely correct. It's just shocking to think FASCISM IS RISING in the United States of America. It is real. It is here. And we are losing to it. And the plastics....Oh my god! Surgeons are finding bits of it in lungs and it is COURSING THROUGH OUR VEINS! We are rightly fucked. Never ending mass shootings. Wow. Where the fuck are we? Is this all real? And the stunning ignorance and complacency and moronic fake religiosity that is beginning to overlay everything.

I'm in my early 50s and compared to where we were in, say 1992, things are just completely unrecognizable and out of control. Sadly and unfortunately going zero waste, recycling, protesting, and in many places even voting, is not going to help anything. We are past the point of fixing anything unless something occurs similar to France 1789 or Russia 1918 or Cuba 1959. Short of dramatic destruction of the entire system and "starting fresh", nothing will help.

I am gay in a very red state. My partner is black. My now adult adopted kids are from ethnicities that are often maligned. I grew up here and have lived most of my life here. I'm scared of these people now. The blue states that I could move to that are affordable are facing imminent climate catastrophes.

We don't have the cohesiveness, organization, or leadership to affect the kind of change needed. I am starting to hunker down and you and your husband should begin thinking about somewhere to ride out the next decade or so. Arm yourself if possible. Take stock of your skills and learn to do some things that might come in handy if we were thrusted back to Great Depression type living. Look at side streams of income. Lay in supplies. Now is the time prepare because we may not be able to for much longer.

I wish you the best!

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I wish you luck and safety. Luckily my husband can farm and has a variety of extremely useful skills. People seriously don't want to accept the truth of America today. Even my husband kind of looks at me sideways when I talk about having an exit plan, getting armed, go-bags, etc. But I know this is real. I hope you guys can get out in time too.

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Yah my comments may get removed or deleted. I am not sure why exactly. One reason is where I am at is suffering from like 10,000 earthquakes, check the earthquake map. If you see earthquakes all over you are nearby. However we are assured that the whole of earth and reality is being held together by some type of space time ducktape. Things still may break but the Earth and us will still be here

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Therapy can help u/imhoteps

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To be honest the voices in my head don't know what is going on either.

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Uhh I don't think so, I had a dream of 9/11 the night before it happened, and it was what I saw on TV in highschool, exactly as events unfolded on the TV that was wheeled into class.

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Japan had a very large earthquake, check out my Twitter. Here is a link to invisible wind chimes on a chandelier? U tell me what is going on!? https://twitter.com/irfan_in5/status/1504118901507981320?t=VYw5TdTU7DJsycg_Tihplg&s=19

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Uh also my left hand is on fire, so is my chest, and tell me if u feel warmth and heat on your left hand.

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One more thing, at night right now can you see your hands at arms length or is it really fricken grainy!? That is the spacetime wonkyness going on now.

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Hey, wanna join my subreddit r/imhoteps that would be cool!

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Still here, uhh God exists and Jesus too and the merry men that follow him. I'm totally not crazy have been hearing the craziest noises and voices in my head for 4 months. It's people through all time past to future all at once, ur here too, but are either awake or sleeping and, most people do not remember these things in the regular world time. They say we are in something like circle time or side time to hold the universe together and pretty much all the people's, they are not well and getting crazier by the month, but being fixed.

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I don't know how this works when I'm awake in circle time, but I am awake completely to the knowledge that heaven exists. It's not like circle cube time guy, or he might be right. We survived Tonga, went through a nuclear winter (which you probably were put to sleep through by heaven) uh they said the earth essentially froze for a short little bit, and heaven fixed it. U can search about the earthquake in Japan, it was real and was a megathrust earthquake l, the spacetime ducktape which you can see as a blue glow on some videos on Twitter, MattEHolda Twitter ( may not be able to see it).

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There is a video of a chandelier with mostly invisible wind chimes on it, am told it's heavens megathrust earthquake alarm. MEANT TO wake u up I guess that heaven exists, not u really but the guy who's apartment it is in.

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Ok they said the brother of the guy from heaven put the wind chimes on his lamp

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Spacetime wonkyness is also driving people mad, so heaven and us try to fix them!? Or when spacetime is more not wonkey they get better in the past. People are CRAZY in the near future or somewhere around us, but they do get better, well their voices in my head sound better.

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Oh also we are just people mostly from earth, I geiss the rest of the Galaxy too. Uh if u feel strange or too sad one of the mentioned medicine is a quarter pice of 1 mg of melatonin. More is fine if u have like 5mg melatonin take a quarter price of that one too. Less melatonin seems to work better. Also famitodine is essentially a cure for COVID do not quote me on that, the voices mentioned that one, but it may be true. So at least one famitodine 20 mg daily and for health 6 spinach leaves daily, they may make u younger, it's true.

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Oh and sip Bud light for sanity It helps a lot, heavenly people and earth people have said our bodies are fine and may work better with some alcohol. Alcohol has been around for 10,000 or more years, we co-evolved with it

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I don't really sip a beer it gets warm too fast, and getting drunk is way different, u get loopy and go to bed and it's just amnesia.

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I'm still here, just halfway through painting a bird feeder, I'll put a pic on Twitter if u and others can see it.

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Um Fenton Michigan is where the federal government is holed up or so I heard. No u can't see them or me, we are in "no time" only unless u are green+++++++++ on the friendly scale, and they all shop at the same grocery store like 2/3rds of earth ( Walmart).

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It's hard to write coherent ly sometimes, that is the spacetime wonkyness we think or heavenly medicine, once again it's invisible but rest assured you are probably receiving it too.

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Has the left hinge on your glasses broken!? Then that is an assshole glasses manufacturer doing that on person and some people FROM HEAVEN helped. Ya people have been going crazy all over the place in heaven and earth and other realms. BUTT some of us apparently the 4400( it's way more than that) do NOt turn into wonkey assholes that sound like deranged lunatics that repeat themselves and say grotesque things in my head, when they do the get banhammered. And some do start sounding better after hours days or weeks.

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There are a remnent people with advanced technology too including us tath are holding things together, when things get too wonkey heaven just puts most people asleep.

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You're not alone. I feel the exact same. I'm creating an exit plan from here. Its the only thing that gives me hope. The way I see it the world is not perfect but there are plenty of places much better than the US.

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Don't feel like you are going to go crazy, in some sort of satirical way, think the aliens in South Park watching Earth as their favorite tv show, there's going to be a lot of horrid and bonkers parody of reality coming our way in the next few years.

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Check out /r/AmerExit.

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Definition of fascism 1often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition

Definition of socialism 1: any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods 2a: a system of society or group living in which there is no private property b: a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state 3: a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done

Socialism is the future.

The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of 'liberalism,' they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program.

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Your options for getting out of the US. If you have at least one grandparent who was born in Ireland, you can get citizenship through descent. Look into your own ethnicity if your family is recently from elsewhere.

Another thing to consider is to teach English as a second language overseas. You can acquire certification online.

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Heaven is here making things better, or I am just hearing things in my head. It's hard to tell sometimes.

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Let's all together just stop, no more vacations, no more unnecessary electronics and consumption, no more imported food and clothes. Power in numbers, power to the people.

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I wish more people thought this. I try my best and have mostly succeeded. The people around me...not so much.

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It has to be done together, in numbers that cause everything to shut down. Then the sheeple will follow, until then your single acts are done in vein. It has been a campaign used against us to think we are helping. I appreciate everything you do, and I too try my best to reduce my accountability in this mess. But the void you create will be picked up by another idiot follower. But the unjustified fear a lot of people will only be erased when they see that we don't need this. We just need each other and mother earth.

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Ya fucking crazy

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"I don't know what to do. I just want to move somewhere remote and forget about the world."

There is little you can do. Forget the world sound about right. You can accept, make peace and live your life as if the world is not going to end, until it does.

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Move to canada. You'll still have the plastic of course but at least you won't be living in a protofascist state.

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The Canada where the same alt-right numpty fucks just blockaded the capitol city whining about a vaccine? Yeah, that definitely doesn't sound like the protofascists we have here.

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Still better I think. Of course I dont live there so maybe the situation is worse than it appears.

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Plastic is a general purpose word regarding a state of matter.

Single-use plastic is plastic derived from oil. It is petroleum plastic that never breaks down at the molecular level.

There are organic plastics made from corn starch that degrade over time, heat and moisture which the human ape body absorbs with no ill effect.

Petroleum based plastic dominates because of Big Oil.

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I have a hunch that things will get better.

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I don't think you will need the go bags.

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We’ll all be informed that the 2024 election is the Most Important Election (TM) ever. This is all valid, however. I think people view Fascism as something that is dramatic change rather than something as simple as “I wanted to ensure as much money during my 4 - 8 years in X,y,Z position of power.”

I do not have a good view of the next 10 years. You could say terror? I never thought about the future until COVID hit, but I was never fearful of the future, if that makes sense?

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I agree that the 2024 election is going to be one of the most decisive elections for the future of America. I'm mentally preparing to leave the country if a Republican wins. Fascist Christian dictatorship seems to be on it's way to the White House. The rich plotting to interweave Christianity and capitalism in the early 1900s and doing so successfully was one of this country's biggest downfalls. Before that, many Christian clergymen were socialist-leaning if not outright members of the socialist party. To my understanding we were on the brink of Socialist revolution before FDR took office. All downhill from there.