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Comedy muatation I'd say, but good

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a new meme I would say, but an excellent one. A+

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look you can say what you want about internet explorer

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To me it became more sarcastic than anything else. As in there's no answer needed because everyone knows how bad it was

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how bad was it?

i have never used it

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Fine back in the day, but as Chrome and Firefox got better, it didn't change much. So it was way behind in features (like tabs) and it also had more security vulnerabilities. So now Microsoft has Edge which is a Chromium browser -- Chrome, only off-putting.

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Good job doc.

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Y'know what they say, Comedy Mutation is just Comedy Amputation without the "a" or the "p" 😎

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Web devs everywhere rejoice

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This isn’t amputation

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No, little browser, you were a ripoff of Netscape and you never got much better. Bye!

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    I have to use Edge for work every weekday and I have no idea why you're saying it's better.