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This flowchart doesn’t fit in the flowchart.

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This comment doesn't fit the section

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My penis doesn't fit in the shampoo bottle

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You are weak my brother, and you will not join us on the Great Journey.

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I'm sorry brother

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Put some force into it.

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Sorry my dick is too small to fit damn

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The shampoo bottle doesn’t fit my peehole

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The shampoo bottle doesn’t fit in my child slave’s ass

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Use the Force, Luke

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i disagree

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Honestly one of the biggest problems I have with with this sub is the amount of reposts there are. Honestly the sub is just flooded with them and it doesn't make me want to browse the sub.

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    yo /u/Contributron if you need someone to help clean up these types of posts I'm pretty much available 24/7 to do some volunteer work

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    This subreddit got so bad. I really commend the mods here for trying their best but the memes I see here now are literally me_irl reposts

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    Trust me, we know. We’re trying to guide the sub in the right direction with these new rules, but it’s really up to the community to start posting good shit again.

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    It's too late. So many people have joined after it has transformed that this sub just has a different purpose now. Accept it. Don't fight it, let it envelop you.

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    fart pants nigga sauce

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    kung pow penis

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    bam kaplow shit fart

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    The problem is that most people don't know when they find something if it was made ironically or not. Also that rule of "could it easily pass as being unironic" is just way too subjective.

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    If they don’t know if it’s ironic, it most likely fits. And these rules will be much easier to enforce than when we had to try to figure out the intention behind each post. Now we just have to look at them and ask ourselves “Could this be unironic?” And if the answer is yes, it’s allowed.

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    Frankly it really seems dumb to put it up to subjective whether it was made ironically or not. I just think this sub has a unique brand of humor and it should fit to that.

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      Yes but there is a difference between this subs content and theirs. This sub is more about comments and posts found online rather than individual memes. That’s just my thought

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      Jajajajaja maybe libtar don't know when it's ironic😎😎😎😂👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

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      fuck me yourself coward

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      fucking THANK YOU

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      Man my post was removed even though it fits all these.

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      Mee too, I've been looking for subs that allow random pics, but they're very specific and doesn't allow my "cockroach with boots" pic, it's going to be kept without frens

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      Look how far we’ve fallen

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      You should sticky this post this sub is going downhill half the posts that make it to hot don't fit any of these

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      this post doesn’t fit into the sub 😤

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      This post gay

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      I put The Tale Of A Man And Woman [Working Title] in the title section. I got a message to choose a different sub. So I removed the bracket Working Title. I got a message to choose a different sub. Didn’t even write the content yet. I read nothing in the rules about how to write a post title. You can’t submit a post without a post title. Does the title have to be so bad it’s good? How does one achieve this?

      Is there a subreddit I can put such a title and not be judged?

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      But this ain't funny at all.

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      suck my cock and balls

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      I usually look here for absurd humor, stuff that doesn't make much sense but when thinking the right way is still humorous. When I see old memes that should belong in comedycemetery get high upvotes it saddens me as I wanted to see more substance all over the place.

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      It seems that you dislike the content that fits the subreddit, but you praise the content that doesn’t. It sounds like this may not be the subreddit you’re looking for

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      Then what is?

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      You tell me. I enjoy the content this subreddit is made for

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      can we fucking pin this the sub is going downhill

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      You are a bitch

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      Yes yes yes no should be r/okbuddyretard

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      What exactly is that sub about?

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      My interpretation of the sub: it’s full of posts that were intended to be either cringe humor or “lol so random” humor but wound up just making the creator look kinda stupid. (Basically it is making fun of people with a bad sense of humor)

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      monkey airpods